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DotA Allstars 6.60 Map Download

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

DotA Allstars 6.60 is out!

Download the map here.

Download the changelog here.

Discussion are ongoing. Tell me what you think about it by commenting below or join the forum thread here.

Key discussions:

Cairne Bloodhoof – Tauren Chieftain
Jin’zakk – Batrider
Razor – The Lightning Revenant

Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight
Magic Stick
Talisman of Evasion
Ghost Scepter
Force Staff
Quelling Blade
Poor Man’s Shield
Aghanim’s Scepter

Dota 6.60 – Tauren Chieftain

Friday, June 5th, 2009

As the Sith emperor is making plans to conquer the world busy, in the meantime I’ll do some blogging in his stead. As some of you know, I have a personal dotablog at What Matters in Dota. So my style of blogging is exactly going to be the same here.

I think it’s no secret how the new map is going to look like, thanks to the beta-testers who leaked it. 2 totally new heroes, some old ones that are practically new, and some tweaked a bit. If you have read my blog before I said that I feel (emphasis on that personal note) all these changes are meant for only one purpose – to merge the pub and league worlds into one.

The trend of rushing changes and churning out new versions like there’s no tomorrow is not without reason. For some reason, the frog wishes leaguers to be more comfortable with using more heroes. To a certain degree he has already succeeded. You can check out all the “competitive” dota news to verify what I say. In another way, he also wants the style of pub players to be better incorporated into the league gaming style. In this aspect he may still have a long way to go.

The Tauren Chieftain is, plainly put, nothing more than another hero that fits quite nicely into the 1st purpose, while still lacking in the 2nd. This is perhaps the third such hero that the frog has introduced to Dota already, the first being Clockwerk Goblin and the second Admiral. However, unlike the two, the frog has learned some lessons about not giving too much power to a single hero, to the point of being burdened with too much nerfs in the later versions.

Hence, if you notice, the 1-second delay in the Great Stomp skill, the immense difficulty of getting that Ancestor to where you want it to be, and an even greater delay in the execution of Earth Splitter. Natural Order is perhaps what makes the TC a bit more special, reducing armor and spell resistance. In the world of leaguers where spell damage is predominant, giving even more spell damage can be intriguing. Combine that with a flawless execution of Earth Splitter and Great Stomp, and you have quite the punch that can make it into leagues.

Pub-wise, perhaps this hero in the initial periods after the introduction of 6.60 would command quite a lot of attention for a while, because people would need to get used to it. Standard operating procedure. After that while? Hopefully your ancestors would guide you.

Day of the Drew

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Supreme Overlord!

Bow down to the Dark Lord of the Sith, mortals!

DotA 6.60 Map Leaks and Eventual Release

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Icefrog announced a couple of days ago that version 6.60 of Dota will be released early June 2009. Based on my estimates that could occur in 2-7 days from now. What is *really* getting me pumped are the sweeping changes Icefrog mentioned in his blog post:

Here is a list of a few of the things to expect in 6.60. There will be many new items (at least 5) and improvements or remakes to current items. You can also expect lots of ability changes on old heroes, a couple hero remakes and a new hero or two. A new regeneration system for structures will be active only when they are attacked without creeps/corpses nearby (more detailed infomation on the mechanics for this in the changelog).

Let’s put that into perspective. So we’re going to have *at least* 5 new items. That’s a LOT, really. I’ve been reading around other sites on what these items *could* be (based on the leaked maps), and this is what I found out:

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Monday, June 1st, 2009

I’m putting my Twitter account to good use by posting the latest updates from our site and news about the general DotA landscape. If you’ve been living under rock (which I doubt coz it would be tough reading this), Twitter is a microblogging site where users post ‘tweets’ or short messages that are made up of (well, at most) 140 characters. Users ‘follow’ other users so that they can view their updates from their account page. Freckin’ Ashton Kutcher is close to having 2 million followers! Now, I’m not aiming anywhere near that number, but it sure would be cool to know that some of my members are following me.

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