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Dota 6.60 – Tauren Chieftain

Posted by The DS Prince on June 5th, 2009 |

As the Sith emperor is making plans to conquer the world busy, in the meantime I’ll do some blogging in his stead. As some of you know, I have a personal dotablog at What Matters in Dota. So my style of blogging is exactly going to be the same here.

I think it’s no secret how the new map is going to look like, thanks to the beta-testers who leaked it. 2 totally new heroes, some old ones that are practically new, and some tweaked a bit. If you have read my blog before I said that I feel (emphasis on that personal note) all these changes are meant for only one purpose – to merge the pub and league worlds into one.

The trend of rushing changes and churning out new versions like there’s no tomorrow is not without reason. For some reason, the frog wishes leaguers to be more comfortable with using more heroes. To a certain degree he has already succeeded. You can check out all the “competitive” dota news to verify what I say. In another way, he also wants the style of pub players to be better incorporated into the league gaming style. In this aspect he may still have a long way to go.

The Tauren Chieftain is, plainly put, nothing more than another hero that fits quite nicely into the 1st purpose, while still lacking in the 2nd. This is perhaps the third such hero that the frog has introduced to Dota already, the first being Clockwerk Goblin and the second Admiral. However, unlike the two, the frog has learned some lessons about not giving too much power to a single hero, to the point of being burdened with too much nerfs in the later versions.

Hence, if you notice, the 1-second delay in the Great Stomp skill, the immense difficulty of getting that Ancestor to where you want it to be, and an even greater delay in the execution of Earth Splitter. Natural Order is perhaps what makes the TC a bit more special, reducing armor and spell resistance. In the world of leaguers where spell damage is predominant, giving even more spell damage can be intriguing. Combine that with a flawless execution of Earth Splitter and Great Stomp, and you have quite the punch that can make it into leagues.

Pub-wise, perhaps this hero in the initial periods after the introduction of 6.60 would command quite a lot of attention for a while, because people would need to get used to it. Standard operating procedure. After that while? Hopefully your ancestors would guide you.

Skill set for hero:
Despite a less-than-average first impression, TC has a more interesting skill set that can be varied a bit depending on the circumstances. Great Stomp is probably the skill that would be maxed first (ie by level 7), followed by Ancestral Charge and Earth Splitter. The Ancestor can be used for long-range harassment if targeted properly, and Earth Splitter provides for yet more damage and slow (it doesn’t stun in beta 54). However, Natural Order could be leveled earlier if some lineups demand it, especially those with heavy spell damage and stun. Doesn’t this sound just like the current 6.59 league lineups? :P

Items for hero:
Complementing his skill set, TC can have some variety in his inventory like:

  1. Blink Dagger – to position Great Stomp
  2. Heart – to take extra amounts of beating when next to enemies (to trigger Natural Order)
  3. Shivas – the armor and slow helps spell and aura execution
  4. BKB, Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight – the latter, if it makes it into the real version, will help TC tank a LOT more spells.
  5. Dagon – say lulz if you want, but when you can remove spell resistance from people, what happens? You get more laser, silly!

I’ll end it here with a quote by a commentor.


I’ve tried TAUREN CHIEFTAIN in the leatest beta and he is really interesting. I have some very important stuff to add about his skills, so if you’re interested, read:

- His stunning ability is channeling (for about 1 sec) and if interrupted will not take effect. Has a fairly good AOE, about 400-450 at least.

– That ghost ability creates a ghost that moves the opposite way Tauren does, and except the damage it inflicts to enemies it touches, it also does something else, something really cool: When Tauren uses his stun, the ghost will perform the stun too, and it won’t be fake!!!!!!

– His ulti has a large AOE, but is difficult to use effectively. He makes the ground in front of him start cracking. The ground crack expands farward and gradually reaches a long distance. It then explodes damaging and stunning enemies.

Needless to say, this hero is for experienced players and such heroes have major capabilities! If you are a pro, you can do amazing stuff with Tauren, but if you ‘re noob or newbie, you ‘ll do almost nothing. Just like with Admiral…

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  1. Shadowinks Says:

    o.O The upcoming version of DotA will change the way we play DotA indeed. I’m looking forward to testing this new hero. The spirit sounds hard to use……..’opposite direction’……..

  2. Bloodseek Says:

    One trick you can use with TC is to use his ulti as a suprise attack from the woods. Since this has a pretty crazy range to it, and since it destroys trees, you can drop the earth splitter aimed for your target and try to hit them with it just neart the end of its range. It’ll do it’s thing and the trees will be gone and give you plenty of time to run in and cause some damage, not to mention using ancestral charge if they try to escape afterwards. Overall a very good hero IMO.

  3. e2e Says:

    a pro player shouldn’t hav problem playing dis hero

    btw, i hate batrider skills that can fly over cliff and trees.

    so imba. 100% un-chase-able =.=

  4. DimPapa Says:

    Damn.. Guess Tauren isn’t made for me.

  5. SkyGlacier Says:

    Tauren Chieftain packs a LOT of punches in his set of skills.
    The drawback is the skills need proper placing…like the Ancestral Charge, which moves like TC in a mirror.
    However, with skill and good allies, such as stunners like ES, placing his combo will prove to be a lot easier.

  6. Downz Says:

    Im so excited for the new version to be released and i want to use the new heroes guess it would be hard becuz everyone is picking the new heroes ^^.
    And by the way this map is so long to be finished players should get what they expected to this version.

  7. shadow_dancer Says:

    icefrog is so slow
    that aura seems extremely welll
    and ultimate is kinda like fissure?

  8. Varun Says:

    To the guy who commented on Batrider: his firefly burns down the trees so you can easily follow him as long as its not through unpassable terrain; and besides I am sure that skill will be modified to prevent usage of Teleport to the home fountain in combo with the ultimate skill!

    As far as TC goes, I dont see how he will be any tougher to use than any of the last few released heroes (Invoker, Windrunner, Proudmoore), and ya I agree the pubbies will go crazy on him even without playing him against AI first..

  9. .bLNk Says:

    TC is really a great hero!!!
    His skills is a must in 4v4,5v5 games
    Imagine this combo in 4v4
    3.Tauren Chieftain
    Earthshaker and Tauren will hurt you but how ’bout the other two?

  10. Udder-Chaos Says:

    hey then could you just use the ghost ability, dont move at all, and use your stun??? wouldnt that mean 2wice the damage of your stun, or if u move a bit, twice the aoe too???

  11. whyy Says:

    no the image from the ghost ability is a fake image like storm spirit.

  12. mat_timekiller Says:

    Fisrt of all, i want to thank caspian for quoting my comment.

    When you use the ghost skill, you target the ground and the ghost will appear at this position. But there is a minimum casting distance, which is far enough to not let you “expand” the AOE of the stun by not moving at all. You’ll have to move a bit in order to achieve that.
    Additionally, i believe that the damage dealt from both stuns stacks, but i’m not entirely sure about that…

  13. InFecTorZ Says:

    shyt man…6.60 dota map came out! so excited!! finally…=)

  14. Dark Slayer RX Says:

    This one is like a copy / Raigor, only swap the ulti. w/ 1st skill

  15. Mike Says:

    @Dark Slayer RX

    I wouldn’t say he’s a copy of ES. Though his stomp and ulti resemble ES skills, his ghost ability adds a different level of strategy. So far every 6.6 game I’ve played someone gets this guy, and so far they’ve sucked it up lol. Not saying I could do any better. But maybe he fits certain players more so than others, love the new razor and medua finally. Since Medusa in mythology turns you to stone, its nice to see that acctually employed to fit her name lol.

  16. kobemaze Says:

    one thing is for sure the more creeps and more hero that your ghost past through the more it hurt when the ghost come back to you at level 1 120 damage plus 5 creeps and 1 hero in your lane (damage per creep at level 1 in your ghost 3) and (one hero 10) OMG!

  17. chitorable Says:

    i love the bonus damage and movement speed the ancestor spirit gives you when it merges back. Does it also add damage when it passes through allied heroes?

  18. chitorable Says:

    plus, it would’ve been a bit more fun if they added more damage to the stomp and less “knockout”, so if you cast the ancestor right next to you, and the enemy’s in between, he’d be damaged a lot more. It may not sound that practical, but i think it’d look kinda cool….just giving saying my opinion.

  19. palyno Says:

    I would like to correct some stuff mentioned here. First of all, when ghost perform stun, it does just a half of the dmg. This stun has 2 dmg types, 80 physical dmg from hero and 80 magic dmg from the gost. If u use stun it does both of them, however if u use your ghost at distance, he will perform his magical dmg and hero will do his physical.
    About equip – i think dagger is waste of gold (not definitely, but u can spend it better).
    I would better use mask of madness. imagine situation: 5 heroes pushing with maybe 15 creeps. u use your ghost, than stun, than ulty and u run forward. When your ghost reaches u it gives u HUGE dmg (40 for every hero, 12 for every creep it collides with!!!!) and than ulty gives its dmg and slow. Now u trigger mask of madness and u kill them 1 by 1.
    This hero is AWESOME and i am pretty sure, that he will be nerfed.
    BTW:ancestral charge is his best spell, max it first. dmg for stun is not changed by levels (just duration grows), so i put 1 into stun and than i max ghost and aura (of course ulty on lvl 6).
    items: battle fury, mask of madness, heart of tarasq
    trust me, i’ve played few pubs allready, i had in 4 games of 5 tripple kill.

  20. Vatiz Says:

    Natrual Order also nullifies the effect of physical damage reduction? isn’t that kind of over powerd? you got heroes like Nether swapper with -5 arm in some sort of a howl and you give the tauren freaking Magical and Armor Nullifier? wtf man? IMBA

    - Upcomming version should nerf it to ONLY Magical Nullifier aura!

  21. Lolopo Says:

    He is soooo imba ult deals lota dmg….. 35percent of BASE HP AOE DMG WITH %) PERCENT SLOW COMPARED TO HUSKAR HE IS SOOOOO IMBA!!!! huskar deals 40 percent dmg to current hp and dmgs self too its not aoe.

  22. sopas111 Says:

    some one! make a guide xD

  23. LLOYD Says:

    i think Guinsoo and Refresher is a good choice for Tauren. I’ve tried it and it got me Ultra Kill in one combo with Rooftrellen and Centaur in the 4 that died. Its really cool if you try it.

  24. LLOYD Says:

    and btw, the ancestral spirit have the Natural Order Buff. so there is no need for you to jump in the middle of the battle. you can just have phase boots and attack the hero you’re angry at Lol.

  25. sekigah Says:

    Tauren is impossibly imba. First off, his ulti takes 35% of base HP, AOE, Slow and a huge range. Second his Ghost form. You can essentially throw it for a HUGE distance stun. Not to mention if you can drop his ghost into a huge group of creeps and enemy heroes you will essentially have a Divine Rapier.

    Considering in group fights all you need to do is Ulti >Toss your shadow in > Start Stunning > run in and beat them down, its pretty much completely imba. Before you even get a chance to run in you probably already got them down a HUGE amount and adding to the fact that you probably now have +185 to +300 damage you will probably 2 shot AGI’s and INTs and have STR running back to heal.

    TC needs a nerf. Like decrease the range on his ulti or have it do a solid number instead of % and lower the multiplier of the damage you gain from his shadow. If you are able to throw a stun at that range for up to 5 seconds, it should take at least 5 seconds to channel. Thats like giving Alch a 1 second channel to drop a 5 second stun.

  26. LLoyd Says:

    i dont thnk so. TC is not so imba. because only pros can use hm effectively. and if your not a pro, you need a lane partner with holds like rylai.

  27. ta3dominant Says:

    TC’s ulti is so hard to target because it releases a crack first before the damage in the slow comes

  28. LolZerO Says:

    I am a huge fan of TC i mean seriously. lvl 7 and u render almost any hero incapasatated for 4 seconds and u deal a straight up 60-75% of max hp depleted by using spells alone. if well itemd up u can get another ghost and stun up shutting up your foe np. best items for this hero is a refresher, phase boots, a force staff and if you want to c fun get a purge stick. Big LOLZ

  29. carlo Says:

    TC is a strong hero and a support hero,because he can be the jack of all trades in early to late games.the best item can be suited to him is this:
    2.heart of tarrasque
    3.assaut cuirass
    6.bottle or battle fury

    NOTE:when you have a bottle type TC in the game,you can cast the 2nd skill many times,but be sure to have a courier.
    in battle fury mode,TC attack speed will come a little faster and enhance TC mana regeneration.

    TC is a cool but awesome hero!if you want to challenge me i’ll be around in philippine dota room 99 in any version of warcraft.

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