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6.61b – The Harry Potters

Posted by The DS Prince on July 24th, 2009 |

If by any chance you watched the recent not-very-blockbuster release of JK Rowling’s work, then you probably have an inkling as to what I will say here. If not, you’ll still have an idea as long as you played the recent versions of Dota. If you don’t then you will – after reading this.

Or will you? :P

There’s been some rants going on for a while which talked about magic wands the like of which Hogwarts apprentices use. And since I did address this magic wand thingy some time ago in my old blog, I thought maybe do some copy-pasta to earn some attention and traffic as well.

The general, but incorrect (IMO), consensus in DS the Muggle world is that it is a somewhat silly item that is only useful against spammers. It’s not very useful – too little life and mana replenished, too many charges, lalalalalalalala. Reading the recent magic wand threads, I was amused and seriously chuckled for a bit. You wanna know why?

Because that is what the frog wants you to think. He wants YOU to assume the flawed premise that magic wands are useless, that Harry Potter is a persona non grata in Dota. This he does by making it seem that magic wands are too cheap to be useful, and needs too many spams to be useful. He’s putting wand suppliers out of business. And to a certain degree, he has succeeded in deceiving the Muggles with this purposeful smackdown price monopoly.

My purpose is to advise you in a gesture of goodwill, as part of the elite who thinks pureblood rule, to be a little more smart and read (or see) between the lines. I mean, even if Muggles know nuts about magic, they should have some common sense don’t they? :P

Who said that wands were only meant to heal the bearer?

Even if so, saving you ONCE from brink of death is well worth the 200 gold investment. In the magic world, anyone that dies ONCE loses well over 200 gold anyway, so why not invest soundly and make that 200 gold work for you? Work that stick over and over again and make it satisfy you many times over (read: save you), then you won’t say it’s useless anymore.

Read more about magic economics muggle BOYS. :P

Or muggle girls for reverse traps.

Who said that it was necessary only against spam wizards?

How about fat butchers who couldn’t care less to use their work knifes and prefer to hook like fishermen instead? Everytime these lazy bums plunge into the open only to bring back empty air, your stick lights up, warning you of a foul presence awaiting in the dark. Or dark-skinned, camouflaging priestesses who boast of divine arrows that beat magic wands anytime. How terribly surprising it must be for them, when they find Voldemort’s curses more powerful. Or bugs and bounty hunters that try to backstab and think no one will notice. I say bah! – bow down to the Sectum Sempra of the Half-Blood Prince.

I could quote more examples, but know that these are enough for Muggles who do not know much about wizards in the first place. The frog obviously is a wizard himself, or has the help of some powerful sorceror who knows how to charm Muggles with deceit. If you are:

  1. a Muggle
  2. easily charmed
  3. don’t know about wands

Then prepare to be taken in for a cozy ride through magic lalaland. A free trip to death fully sponsored by the Frog, Inc.

Don’t say the elites have not warned you. I know I did. :P

PS: To Vins – if you still feel I talk in magical terms, that is because I must. Muggles aren’t supposed to understand all this. :lol:

18 Responses to “6.61b – The Harry Potters”

  1. Varun Shenoy G Says:

    Even though I am an amateur magician, I felt you need a meeting with the Whomping Willow for that blog post: Expect a lot of “Wut??” as responses..

  2. LR Says:

    i lol´d when you said let the magic wand please you, girls
    and imho the original article was better lol

  3. quale Says:

    it seems the half-blood prince has an enchanting effect on your blog-writing skill. this post is mystically great.

  4. rambol Says:

    I concur.

  5. wHyy Says:

    i am the half-blood prince

  6. Shadowinks Says:

    Caspian’s posts are always nice reads. You forgot to talk about kunkka- he can be screwed by magic stick.

  7. The DS Pureblood Prince Says:


    Yeah right :P

  8. Ghost Says:

    it all makes sense now.

    I take offence to being called a reverse trap

  9. noobsalvation Says:

    So the moral of the post is…?

  10. The DS Pureblood Prince Says:


    Oops, are you a Muggle? :lol:

  11. [Mineski]ZoHaN Says:

    Hey! what about the next harry potter pls blod here

  12. noobsalvation Says:

    ohh i think i got it. Correct me if i’m wrong, this post is about what people perceive on magic wands. the item that gives 15 health every time and opponent cast a spell??

    Please don’t attack me. Help me instead.

  13. polar Says:

    Magic Stick :P

  14. melting-pot Says:

    funny to read

    on a scale of 0 to ten stars it would get an hexdecimal E :D

  15. wHyy Says:

    @ noobsalvation
    yes it is about the item magic stick, and he refers to muggles as the people who do not c the use in magic stick, which is like 90% of the dota population.

    when snape says that i was like WTF? i thot the evil boss guy was the half blood prince

    how caspian writes is a bit confusing ^^ but fun to read

  16. battousai Says:

    first of all the stick is 200 the wand is 200+125+(53×3) and i believe that is more than 200 however i do agree to some point that the wand is good but only for the beginnin half of the game, waht happens when seer bacstabs and all the health u regain is gone with 1 crit ,u may hav the mana but what good is it if u are dead? i do agree that the wand can help but there comes a time when it is useless and a waste of a slot so when that time comes sell it and move on to better items

  17. Uyuyuy Says:

    Oh no you said the name of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

  18. No0baholic Says:

    This is dota or harry poter fans club?

    Btw stick not help anything.better use tango n clarity n it save much than stick

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