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6.67b – What WE think, what you think

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

If you haven’t downloaded the latest map yet, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW!

As usual frogs tend to blabber a lot whenever something changes. The blabberlog is too lengthy to be all discussed here, but We’ll single out the most pertinent for focus:


Dota 6.66 changelogs – with some of my comments

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The omg version is finally here. Changelogs below, with my comments inserted. Discussion in the comment box below.

666 Changelogs (copied from


- Flaming Lasso cooldown decreased from 130/90/50 to 90/70/50

We say: Yes the buff is definitely welcome. We think that 130 sec for a level 1 ultimate that disables only 1 person without any damage is simply too poor a meal for bats.


6.65 – Our initial thoughts (UPDATED with Murloc & AA)

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Was in a holidaying mood yesterday and was quite (pleasantly) surprised to find out about the frog’s Christmas gift. Who wouldn’t find it cool to see chickens, raccoons, penguins, vultures, Pudges, the Techies, the giant Rosh et al wearing Santa hats? :lol:

But beyond the Christmas spirit, here are some of our initial thoughts about the new map. Mind you this is initial – it isn’t meant to be conclusive. We can’t say anything definitive until later, most probably after the New Year, when we can make enough sense of all these Christmas goodies. For now:


Leagues and Pubs – Carry Heroes

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Once again we have an insightful thread made by our very own CounterForce[x] this time we are looking at the difference between the worlds of pub games and leagues when it comes to picking a carry hero.

view the original thread here

Due to random popping of carry threads recently which are mainly comparing league carries against public carries, and because I am involved with a program starting tomorrow, I decided to make this thread based on the one of the leaguer’s topcarry; Boush the Tinker. He will be the main comparing example.

First, let us start with the definition of a carry. A carry hero is a hero who ultimately wins most of the game for his team. This can be achieved through 2 ways, which is to establish total dominance or by accumulate sufficient firepower to bring down the tree/throne before your opponents do. A naturalcarry hero will usually have skills relegated on fulfilling these 2 purposes. Whether he does that via his inventories or skills, that don’t matter, but it does determine how good he is as a carry.

Let’s take a very classic example; a Mortred with 2 battle furies, BKB, Butterfly, Treads and Satanic is a strong carry; there’s no way a tinker can beat her. But can she get all that faster than a Tinker could get a Shiva-Guinsoo which would give him the capacity to end a game? The strength of a hero as a carry is related to his/her skillset and attributes; a strong carry have more than just potential; he CAN achieve it.

Leaguers define a good carry from a 3-point evaluation; survival, control and true potential. Heroes that can survive and deal damage(Krobelus, Morphling, Raijin), heroes that grants control(Visage, Slardar, Specter) and heroes that have the truepotential(Dirge, Ursa, Sniper).

So back to Tinker, why is he a carry hero is a class way ahead of Mortred/Void/Troll? First of all, Tinker have a solid early game; he is likely to be a liability to any team as he is very strong in ganks with his Laser+Rocket combo and he’s indefinitely mobile once he gets his boots. All these are very important criteria in pre-determining whethera hero is a strong carry or not. Most of a game’s outcome is determined in the first 20 minutes. Mortred/Void/Troll is unlikely to be as contributing to the team as aTinker is. This gives him an advantage as a carry as he can help his team secure early dominance.

Second, let’s look at his farming capability. Tinker with Travels is undoubtedly the most mobile and dynamic hero in the game. He’s almost impossible to gank and can easily reload his HP/MP using rearm. This gives him durability and opportunity; he can farm, push and gank safely.Tinker ’s March is also a strong farming skill; one may agree if viewed from a single spell-perspective, but the combination of Travels + Rearm + March givesTinker immense farming efficiency when compared to Mortred/Troll. You can’t counter his farm unlike how you could when against Troll using wards. Needless to say, aTinker will always be richer than a Troll in an all-player competent game.

Third, let’s view them from item build perspective. Carries like Void/Mortred will revolve their build around damage first before going to survivability. In this progression, there will likely be drawbacks; physical is a very weak method of damage dealing unless you acquired the mechanism to establish the maneuver(BKB in this case) whereasTinker carries his team with pushing power and high capacity disables which will never be undefined; that is the real thing you need to win a game.

Fourth, a hero with huge physical damage output are more vulnerable as they have to be in close range compared to a carry that relies on spells. This is simplified as spatial advantage and effective control over variables. You will always be the aim of ganks, enemies in clashes and disables. This further mitigates yourcarry potential as you have to work far harder.

In a nutshell, a Mortred, Troll, Void or almost any DPS carries that needs to farm up will never be as strong as a carry like Tinker or Morph. You should never evaluate a carry’s strength on pulling out kills after 40 minutes of free farming; rather, view a hero as a whole.

Unfortunately this does not mean that you are better of picking Tinker as a carry in a pub game. In leagues, there is communication between team-mates, not just “bot m2″ (if there is any communication at all) but real communication. Leaguers use VoIP so that they can discuss strategy in real time without taking a break from microing their hero and get raped by a waiting Pudge. At the same time, they plan out their picks to ensure that they have a balanced team capable of covering their individual weaknesses.

This may have seemed a little off topic, but bear with it just a little longer. While heroes make a very important part of the game (it would be nothing without them) the real thing that makes a good player, and more importantly, a good team team (there are very few gamebreaking players out there) is strategy and communication. And if that means blasting Mortred to oblivion with a Laser+Rocket combo, so be it.

A Comeback for Bristleback?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This post is a direct rip from this thread.

Thanks to CounterForce[x] for taking the time to write another insightful wall of text.

Definitely worth reading and then cashing in on in your next pub game :P


“In the 6.63 version, Rigwarl received notable changes both directly and indirectly. His ulti was changed from IAS to damage buff, the nerf/change to phase directly improves all of his skillset, the improvements given to some items(radiance, heart) and the fact that 6.64 is a ‘ganker’ oriented map gave him more usability then he used to have. While it is insufficient to bring him back to the scene(comparable with his 6.48 era), I honestly believe that Rigwarl is a strong pick and deserves more mention, just as the Prince thought he should be.


Dota 6.64 – Tangible signs of a DPSgeddon

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Previously, you read here that:

The next versions of Dota will be so DPS heavy, it will be a case of picking just one or even two DPS heroes and witness an Armageddon taking place.

This Armageddon, which we have since come to know as DPSgeddon, and fittingly so, are seeing very tangible signs of a prophecy being fulfilled, in the very version of 6.64.


Dota in the future – DPSgeddon?

Saturday, October 10th, 2009


In case you didn’t know, I got massive support for the RAL post, even warranting a separate coverage in Playdota. For that, thanks a lot to the people who read it and made it more viral. Your support goes a long way towards maintaining the supremacy of DS in the Dota blogosphere :D


I believe that more people are going to blog here, so you will not be just hearing from me. In fact, you’ll be hearing from them quite soon, so support them as you did royalty. Of course, first preferences to royalty. :P


In the RAL post I made a brief mention of the term DPSgeddon and made some brief allusions. Here, I will explain what I had alluded to.


6.63b – The Really Atrocious Lineup

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I note with an amount of sadness that some of the followers of my old blog were disappointed that I was no longer writing there. Rest assured that I myself must suffer the greatest pain of not being able to write with a full amount of freedom, and that I am highly grateful to Drew and the rest of the staff that at least I can still have a lease of blogging life even though I no longer write on my own.

On that old blog, I issued a challenge 4 versions ago – 6.59 – that Dota-ers should prove to the frog that certain buffed heroes back then would really make it into the league. And I myself predicted that one such hero would be highly used (and banned) by leaguers – even though, I can tell you, I have no s**t amount of league experience at all. My crystal ball of looking into the future is my own gut instinct, and common sense.


Dota 6.63b – my thoughts & possible implications

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

It’s a joy to write this post as I take some time to reflect on the new version. In fact, the new version gives me a lot of encouragement to write this very post.


DotaStrategy is in Tweetown!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

As part of our efforts to be more hands-on with you people, we have an official Twitter page at:

So what does Twitter do that will make DS more hands-on? Well, unlike Facebook and blogs (including this one), Twitter allows people to post short, simple, but relevant messages fast and in real-time. Meaning I could be at some DotA scrim and I wanna ask questions but I hate having to wait for a long while waiting for a reply to my thread (which is usually the case for many people)

Or I got something real interesting about Dota but that’s not long enough for a blog post or announcement, or I’m just plain lazy to post it. :P

Did I also mention that I prefer keeping it short and sweet?

Or maybe one of the mods are attending some big Dota event and they want to post updates real quick.

This is where Tweetown steps in, by

  1. being free of charge
  2. simpler to use than Facebook
  3. faster in updates than anything short of IRC
  4. keeping it short and sweet at 140 characters
  5. addictively fun

I highly encourage you to register for an account at Twitter’s official website and follow us to get real-time updates, hints, and your Dota questions answered asap. Since some of our staff aren’t very good with twitting, that implies I’ll be there most of the time. So I hope you guys keep it real at

*Driving to Tweetown now*