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Some interesting stuff on how Luna’s Eclipse works

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Luna’s ultimate…

1. The damage of Eclipse is dependent on the level of Lucent beam

2. If you have Eclipse yet did not put one single level on Lucent beam, the Eclipse will not produce any damage at all, just a pretty lightshow.

3. Many enemies would mean the beams will be distributed almost evenly.

4. If a single Hero is in your Eclipse’s AOE range he will not receive all of the beams only the maximum, depending on the level of eclipse (Ex. level 3 has a maximum of 4 eclipse)

5. Aghanims will increase the number of Lucent beams and the maximum beams that would hit the target. (Ex. level 3 would have 12 beams and a maximum of 5 beams hitting a single target.)


If you have a level 2 Eclipse it is better to cast it against 2 heroes. Cast it on 3 heroes when you reach level 3 Eclipse so as not to waste the extra beams.

Some Buffs and Negative Buffs Purge can Purge Off

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Note: I may have missed some^^. So feel free to add anything I missed.

Purge can purge off:

God strength, Insatiable Hunger, Cyclone, Stuns, Rabid, Overpower, Enrage, Repel, Guardian Angel, Amplify Damage, Bloodrage, Strygwyr’s Thirst, Some slow effects that don’t do damage like Skadi’s frost.

Special fact about purge:

Medusa’s purge goes through avatar while diffusion blade’s purge can’t.

Information about Doom and the 2 Heroes that Counter it.

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Lucifer’s Doom is the ultimate silence, since it silences a lot more than just your clickable spells and your inventory items.

It stops/removes…

1. Orb effects
2. Buffs (But not all, Insatiable Hunger is one of them and you can still lifesteal)
3. Magic immunity (Note: The hero is still in avatar mode but is still silenced and taking damage)
4. Lifesteal
5. Bash
6. Critical Strikes

The 2 heroes that stop/lessens the time of Doom


1. Kraken Shell lessens the time Doom takes effects.


1. If one of your allies was cast with Doom just cast aphotic shield on him/her to remove doom.

2. If you are the one being cast with Doom, don’t worry since borrowed time will remove Doom once it activates when your life reaches 400 below.

GG Games Client

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

If Hamachi and Battlenet are giving you a hard time, check out the GG Games Client.

I was a bit skeptical at first when fellow blogger Nidoking suggested it to me. Well, suffice to say that I was wrong.

1. First, register an account here.

2. Next, download and install the GG Games Client software.

3. After installation, double-click on the GGclient shortcut found in your desktop.


Experimental Stuff while Playing DoTA

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

These are fun stuff I do when I get bored playing DOTA. I experiment on items that can or may suit a specific hero. I laugh at it or never thought that it can be possible.

King Leoric - Have you ever thought of a free and reuseable Aegis of the Immortal without even buying the item? Try using a Refresher Orb on him and voila.. you get an Aegis that’s reuseable.

Zeus - While trying 6.35b, I remember Zeus’ Static Field was nerfed to 1000 AOE. We all know that with this spell, he can kill heroes more effectively. Buy the Maelstrom and Hyperstone. These are items you probably won’t waste your gold on with Zeus, but given the time and perseverance (I mean real perseverance not Void Stone + Ring of Health), and what do you know, you get free chain lightning that activates static field every time!

Getting IceFrog

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Here’s a cool video on how to get the hidden boss IceFrog in Dota Allstars 6.29: