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Dota 6.60 – Batrider

Posted by The DS Prince on June 12th, 2009 |

The Batrider along with Tauren Chieftain are the official new additions to 6.60. It’s interesting to note that at the time of this writing neither Dota-Allstars not Dota Portal has yet updated their databases to reflect the two additions. While the DS database is in a haywire itself (OMG look at the new taverns), I’m happy to say we have at least two newer things to be happy about. :D

I’m sure by now most of you will have played a game or two involving the Batrider. What I’m not sure about, is how do players especially leaguers react to the new hero’s skills. Like TC, I have mixed feelings about Jin’zakk.

From the looks of it, Jin’zakk has been designed to be heavily aligned with fire, even more so than Lina the Slayer. The hero has some AoE, an interesting hovering flight skill and yet another skill that can actually displace a single target. The implication for Dota is that Jin’zakk has reinforced a certain style of playing that involves forced movement, and that kind of style fits in well with some oldies, among them Admiral, Keeper of the Light, Bloodseeker, Vengeful Spirit and Butcher.

Perhaps, that is the frog’s true intention for introducing Batrider. It is part of the masterplan, along with some items like Force Staff,  to make this kind of play popular, especially in leagues. Some hero unleashes a fury that punishes an enemy for movement, then some other hero forcibly executes the punishment by forcing it to move. If you understand what I say then you get the picture. :P

What’s even more intriguing is that Flaming Lasso is an ultimate, thus it can override magical immunity – meaning even Black King Bar cannot ever counter the forced displacement. Is it any coincidence that Nether Swap and Dismember, ultimates of the Vengeful Spirit and Butcher respectively, are ultimates too? You see the link now? Who cares about Omniknight’s Repel or Naix’a Rage? Just bring them over as sacrificial offerings!

How successful is this masterplan, however, depends very much on the reciprocity of the leaguers. Are they prepared to abandon the Blink-Stun strategy for this one? Will they be willing to sacrifice Area-of-Effect damage for pin-point target assassination? These are serious questions both the frog and the leaguers must sit down and debate before reforms such as this can be taken seriously. Until then we shall just amuse ourselves with the Batriders’ antics.

Haha, sounds good to me mon’!

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  1. whyy Says:

    1st comment XD ummm bat rider is not as strong as TC in teamclashes IMO

  2. ic4three778 Says:

    gold blog post is gold.

    it didnt occur to me that icefrog’s trying to replace blink stun strategy, but i kinda saw the displacement strategy coming.

    isolating a hero and killing him leading to a 4v5 game is a really good strategy, thats what im expecting to see in future games.

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  4. deathover Says:

    i hate it when every one rush bat and taurn at the pick .

  5. Nobody Says:

    Propably i was one of the first ppl that did Beyond godlike with this hero,i mostly thing he a little OP..he is a mix of mirana(missile skill ftw?)storm(ulti pulling ftw?) and storms ulti(hovering in the air leaving dps fire behind)

    a good combo is doing hovering then forcing to pull the other on your dps fire with your ulti

    ofc its a good escape mechanism too,if someone hunts u just open these hover to cliffs or just let them follow u and die from dps fire..

  6. shadow_dancer Says:

    make another one explaining skill builds description and item builds pleaxse

  7. Ill be Jamman Says:

    I see great synergy with Batrider and Bloodseeker (they both start with a b, coincidence?)

  8. BratPAQ Says:

    I wonder what will happen if Batrider lasso an enemy hero, just as the lasso engages, Bloodseeker cast Rapture on the captured hero, does the hero suffer from the displacement? And near the end of lasso, Batrider will cast force on him thus moving the poor hero further, will the Rapture again damage the poor hero from further displacement?

    also a strategy i can think of, 2 heros with force staff each, one of hero is disabler, cast force then after the hero moves forward, 2nd hero cast again, moving the enemy closer or past the tower, then a disabler will disable the enemy while beside the tower, chances are the creeps are not near the tower yet so the tower will concentrate on the enemy. does this mean early kills?

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  10. Frostknight Says:

    @ Ill be Jamman
    Ends with and “r” also… xP

    and bat rider’z a cool hero not like dos borin nukin intel heroes….
    gank is the way imo… blink or windwalk’z cool (prefer windwalk) to pull the victim to ur mates or to a convenient location aka bomb field… im not sure but windwalk doesnt break lasso i believe…

  11. Bu5iDo SpiRiT Says:

    my build


  12. kevin Says:

    hey this is all item of batrider….

  13. raimund Says:

    my build ^^

    phase boots – add speed movement and damage..
    vanguard – hp ,regen to make him tanky type..
    linken sphere – regen mana and hp..
    dagger – blink the grab opponents with flamming lasso
    raidiance – fire fly with raidiance can make a massive damage on clush
    town portal

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