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Dota 6.60 – general implications

Posted by The DS Prince on June 15th, 2009 |

6.60 and most of the succeeding versions that reflect 6.60 will bring with it some implications that will affect pub and leagues quite differently.

For pub, the greatest implication is a heavy tilt towards heroes of DPS potential. Remakes of Razor, Troll Warlord and Sniper, the most popular pub heroes; buffs on several others like  Spiritbreaker, Phantom Assassin, Ursa Warrior and Windrunner; and important item remakes (Manta Style, Diffusal Blade, Aghanim) that have indirectly buffed heroes like Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Riki, Nightstalker and Chaos Knight, this version’s DPS assassins pack a heavy punch to annihilate all that defy them. Furthermore with the presence of Quelling Blade, most of the above heroes may scale their peak much faster. Sheer and brutal devastation has never been easier.

Furthermore, the presence of some defensive items that protect against spell damage, like Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight, can be easily interpreted by pubbies as a sign of the frog’s disapproval of spells. Granted, this may not be the case, but what matters a lot in Dota is perception.


In leagues, the end result may turn out to be different from what the frog desires – more DPS participation. In fact leaguers may very well ignore the signs and continue on the path of spell devastation as was common in 6.59. However, this time the attention will probably be more on spells that can deal % HP instead of a fixed amount. Ironically version 6.60 may also be termed The Tauren Chieftain’s Map, because his aura that can remove base spell resistance and the ultimate that removes %HP will surely feature heavily, if nothing much is done to change his skills.

Thus I expect that in addition to TC, some old 6.59 powerhouses like Enigma, Necrolyte and Undying will probably take on this map just as easily. Expect much of the situation in the house to be pretty much the same – you won’t be seeing the trio (plus TC) so much like in 6.59 (ban ban ban).  Along the lines of %HP removal, leaguers might also throw in heroes that can play along and zap dying souls who managed to escape the pangs of mortality. Thus Zeus, the longest reigning God of leaguers will be comfortably entrenched in his position, as will heroes that have the same potential (who will they be?). Heroes that depend a little too much on spell damage, like Tinker (think BKB that cannot be rearmed), Tormented Soul, Queen of Pain and so on will probably not make it, unless room is made whereby they can take advantage of the situation described above.

Another less noticed tell-tale sign is the displacement combo as I related in the Batrider post. This group of heroes – Pudge, Vengeful, Batrider, Bloodseeker, Keeper of the Light, Omniknight – could also become popular (and rightly so), with buffs and the addition of the Force Staff.


In summary, I’m not very sure if the changes of 6.60 and the following versions will produce results that the frog wants. I hope it does, because change is embraced not forced.

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  2. folechno Says:

    I agree that the Frog is tilting DotA towards a faster paced, more carry oriented metagame, which is unfortunate since it is messing with the INt/STR/AGI balance, Int heroes dominate early game, Agi dominate late game, Str fulfill various roles throughout the game

    but changing things like the gold and exp system, as well as remaking carry heroes to be able to carry earlier is condensing the Early Game timeframe and making the Late Game timeframe come earlier, taking away dominance from Int and giving it to Agi

    you could argue that the hero remakes are making the dps carry into a more caster based carry, and yes this is true, but this caster is nothing like a ganker NA or Lina, as the casting is really a mid-late game casting (yes spells have uses in early game or in chasing, but does Razor have enough hp to towerdive at 6 to try and kill?), so they are still late game carry heroes but they can now carry earlier

    and while I do not advocate reverting to the 6.52b days of whoever farms more wins, I am not liking where the current metagame has been heading for the past few versions (well everything except the increased presence of ganking)

  3. quale Says:

    dota 6.60 can be every heroes game. usually, its AGI (sometimes STR) heroes play as carry late game (heroes with DPS or killer-tank caliber), while INT heroes will do whatever it takes to prevent them to do so from early game. but if its true that there’s this new trend of caster type carry, that’ll be awesome. %HP damage > fixed amount damage.

  4. NoobyIsCute Says:

    Whoa so many blogs about 6.60

  5. Tovalyn Says:

    Int heros will always have a place on teams as they are among the best gankers and also being the least reliant on having to farm creeps to do well. That being said, Icefrog is striving for a hero balance where all heros are to be utilized instead of seeing the same heros every game, which is why the same bans + picks were common in leagues etc. Is the game becoming less stable and unbalanced? Yes, but mostly due to heros such as TC and Razor which may have been overtoned. Other such changes to heros such as sniper, lina, sven, viper are well merited imo. While some can argue that late game could be arriving much faster in games now, the methods of ganking/teamwork/disabling are there to counteract carry heros.

  6. mat_timekiller Says:

    Guys, i don’t know what happens in leagues, but these changes turn the tides a lot in playing dota. As a pubbie but serious dota player, i can say that these changes can cause a lot of balance issues.

    As an example, Poor Man’s shield and quelling blade make laning for melee heroes a lot more comfortable. Is this balanced?? I think it’s not really…

  7. kaito kiddo Says:

    I think we should check this out and made some AI with this map for further evaluation. Erroneous making of this map will follow then we can make another adjustments..

  8. Dota 6.60 Says:

    The latest update made the game even harder for those newbies, while giving much more strategies to pros. Items such as force staff can be very hard to use, but it can be very useful in the hands of pros. And yes, the game became much faster, because the latest update mostly improved heroes such as viper and razor. The addition of two new heroes added even more fun, since both of them require a very perceptive play. Conclusion, DotA is becoming harder for newbies to catch up, while for pros, it offers a lot of strategies to finish the game faster.

  9. Cairne Bloodhoof Says:

    Well, i for one like the 6.60 map only because of the TC. I don’t have any problems with his 1,2 and ultimate skills. the one that hurts the most is his 3rd skill. in the next version, i would really like to see this skill nerfed. in 6.60, i think the level 4 of that skill is(forgot skill name) 100% reduc? forgot.

    Also, the batrider is really fun to play with. Frog made the game much fun and at the same time, much, much more complicated. 6.59 to 6.60 was like a baby learning to run rather than walking first.

    *TC is cool when you have Battlefury, shiva’s, lothars, and a quick left hand. ^^
    *Batrider+Venge = total dragg(get it? haha)

  10. mat_timekiller Says:

    Lothar’s on TC?? Why on earth Lothar’s??? Try madness, bf, tarrasque and you ‘re gonna bless the day you read my post!!!! :P
    I loved this hero from the first day he was released! He is a GOD!! Respect to Cairne Bloodhoof!!! Errgh… the hero not you… :P haha…

    Anyway… i’m not back here for that. I would like to point that we are in the middle of big changes. Don’t you feel it too?? Icefrog definitely has a purpose with these changes, but i believe he hasn’t yet reached the wanted result. And i say this because the new items so far cause some balance issues.
    Am i right, or am i the only one who thinks so??? Just think of it: All melee heroes will now have a better time when laning or jungling with QB + PM-Shield and you can easily counter a team of nukers just by buying that Pipe of Insight!!
    Until now, no item or ability had a specific purpose and was not specialized in anything. But now, QB, the Pipe, the Ghost Scepter, they all have a very specific purpose! And that’s a really big change!! That’s not the DotA we know. I can’t tell what icefrog’s purpose is, i only hope that the general playstyle will remain the same.
    And I hate the fact that we are in the middle of changes. I just want this to finish as quickly as possible and the frog apply his full plan fast. Though, i believe this will not happen until v6.55……

    BTW, don’t u agree that TC needs some nerfing?? The damage given from his spirit is way too much!!! I pawn every time i play with him!!!:P And maybe increase ulti’s cd a bit…

  11. James Says:

    I think the great thing about6.60 is that.. there is actually a vast amount of room on changing the tides of the battle. although carry heroes are involved earlier on.. new items have provided a counter to these nasty heroes. the use of Ghost staff, talisman of evasionbs(finally you dont have to buy the whole butterfly…) and also the availability of the new improved blademail(pure damage return.. awesome!!), this gamje packs lots of possibility, and to stereotype this as imbalanced…. personally i feel dota ahs just began to become a more balanced game.. albeit more complicated in vast terms

  12. Crazed_chen Says:

    I think this map still little unbalance,

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