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Dota 6.60 – The Medusa Scandal

Posted by The DS Prince on June 12th, 2009 |

Medusa is one of the heroes who received a slight tweak in skill set while retaining the old theme, and very possibly done under the peer pressure of making her sound more relevant to her namesake. If you have studied the history of Dota (if ever there was such a subject :P), Medusa is one hero who has always courted controversy throughout her career. The new Medusa is no exception. Maybe that’s the way of nagas to popularize their sexiness.

Why do I say that Medusa is controversial both old and new? The old Medusa often had the trouble of choosing between the skill set of Chain Lightning and Mana Shield in early game. While most players preferred Chain Lightning, most leaguers opted for Mana Shield. Both have valid reasons and that is why the argument about Medusa (henceforth called the Medusa Scandal) in most Dota forums including DS never ends. If not for the existence of the Bliderberg Club moderators, Medusa scandal threads would have turned into a fascist rant long ago.

The  Medusa Scandal also extends to whether Medusa should amass hitpoint, or damage, or both. Most male (presumably), hot-blooded players who don’t like to be seen as sissies would tell you they absolutely want damage. A minority suggests absolute tankage ie. HP for their own reasons. Some male (or female) players who stand their own ground (but are not soft) would tell you it’s good to take both, thus risking a blast from the extreme left or right for their centric views.

Now, after Medusa has been remade with the Mystic Snake skill that steals mana and deals damage in the same fashion as Furion the Prophet’s Wrath of Nature it seems the Medusa Scandal has not abated. Obviously the frog has been trying to simmer the Medusa Scandal with this remake. This seems to be the case until you notice that he’s remade Purge as well (oh), renaming it Stone Gaze and giving it a very very high cooldown to compensate for the AoE effect, it seems. In one side the frog appears to try to solve the Medusa Scandal, only to reignite it in another side. Thus the Scandal never ends (for now) and I believe threads have already risen in the forum as a reaction to the Medusa Scandal.

Morale of the story – Nagas should never be allowed a roleplay, especially age-old, nearly worn-out Nagas that constantly seek attention like the Gorgon. Scandals are fun, especially one called the Medusa Scandal. Bilderbergers watch in from above, relishing all the fun and fascist name-calling in the threads before stepping in to hammerwack undesirable targets.

Real morale of the story – the frog should seriously decide what sort of role Medusa is supposed to play in Dota. If she’s supposed to tank then tank only. If damage then damage only. If AoE then AoE only. Unadulterated. Don’t mix in all the stuff and create the biggest scandal that’s ever discussed in the hero taverns – the Medusa Scandal. Why even Queen of Pain with all her stories of seducing stupid men pales in comparison.

19 Responses to “Dota 6.60 – The Medusa Scandal”

  1. anthdx Says:

    you’re very good in english arent you?

    well…i’ve only played medusa for like..three times now and i think that mana shield is very important in early games because of her low hp..

    i’ll try the new medusa later..

  2. caspian Says:

    Medusa is good in conjuring scandals, and I’m good in spicing up scandals. :P

  3. Threads Says:

    in fairness he has made it a lot easier to pick now.

    pure damage via stats + mystic snake
    or hybrid by snake and shield.

    the old stats + sheild build pales in comparison to the harassing and mana retribution from the mystic snake (from level 5 onwards)
    but i guess this is for a lane against 2 heroes.

  4. pwndzor Says:

    well how bout u caspian if i may ask
    which side are u on?
    is it on the damage side or in the tank side?

    i was about to try the new medusa so now i know what to expect… :)

  5. Banokles Says:

    I do not agree with you on the role issue. In dota, player should choose what he wants from hero if the hero offers different roles (tanking/ aoe / dps). And with medusa you can do it, and that way you can apply ure game style according to the opposing heroes and ure team heroes (for example if tank is needed).

  6. caspian Says:

    I’d like the frog to make it more explicit what sort of role the frog would like Medusa to play. Until then I don’t think I will really play Medusa often.

    My, my, look at the comments. See, see. The name Medusa is synonymous with scandal. The mere mentioning of her name generates factions and discord in the community. More than petrifying people she sows discord among people. :P

    Viva Medusa Scandal! :D

  7. cyan Says:

    i like medusa scandal^^

  8. KingV Says:

    I don’t remember any medusa scandals :O

  9. PudgesPancakes Says:

    I think it is pointless not to play a character because of their versatility. The point of medusa is that she is a versatile character who can fit into the team where needed.

  10. sibak Says:

    the 2nd skill is ok,but u didnt have to change the was one of the best ss in the game.

  11. Varun Says:

    I personally am playing better with the new Gorgon than ever before: Maybe its a scandal in the leagues, but since I play for fun- I say bring her on!

  12. caspian Says:

    The 2nd day and my scandalous post still beats Amplirage’s one by nearly 200 views. This shows how the word “scandal” can draw so much attention. Blog trap? Yessss!~~~ :D

  13. Yukino Silvermaine Says:

    *shakes fists*

    Darn you, prince! Here I was, thinking that you posted some NSFW stuff of the gorgon!!

  14. caspian Says:

    OMG Yukino-chan you just gave me even more ideas of a scandal! :D :D :D

  15. Varun Says:

    You red guys are crazy! Poor Amp’s post is certainly more significant but hey- marketing changes the world..

  16. Dark_3 Says:

    Didn’t know about the Medusa Scandal..

    And definitely loled at caspian saying that he can spice up scandal…



  17. haeduz21 Says:

    wow caspian, remember me? nice one with your MEDUSCANDAL…

  18. caspian Says:

    Yes I remember you haeduz. You know what? I seriously thought of renaming my post to Meduscandal but then I was like WTH just leave it. And now the 3rd day and Meduscandal still never fails to capture attention. :lol:

  19. Jokerstuff Says:

    I Like the new Medusa :) But her Ulti(stone Gaze) suxs>>itz efective in team clash as well as escapeing 4m a gank but itz Imba cooldown is not worth itz effect:(

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