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Dota Allstars 6.64 Map Download Updates

Posted by drew on October 7th, 2009 |

IceFrog has begun working on the Dota 6.64 map update about two weeks ago, and in a recent statement he said that the 6.64 update will focus on balance improvements. In an older article dated September 23rd, he mentioned a bug with Phase Boots:

However, we found out that there is a technical issue with Phase Boots. They seem to prevent procs like crits, bashes, etc while phased. It was never as apparent before because it was not coupled with attack speed. This makes the Phase Boots a bit anti-synergetic.

A workaround was underway and he is playing around with different versions of Phase Boots and Power Treads:

Phase Boots:
Boots of Speed (500)
2x Blades of Attack (1000)
Recipe (none)
Total: 1500

+70 Movement Speed
+26 Damage
Phase (Active)

Power Treads:
Boots of Speed (500)
Boots of Elvenskin or Belt of Giant Strength or Robe of the Magi (450)
Gloves of Haste (500)
Recipe (none)
Total: 1450

+60 MS
+10 Any Attribute
+30 IAS

While he notes:

While there may be workarounds for that bug, most would probably come at the cost of some functionality. So while still keeping with the primary no armor concept, I am exploring a new buildup for Phase Boots and Power Treads. Keep in mind that numbers are still at an early stage and this change is by no means final, but I’d like to share one version of what we are experimenting with.

While Dota 6.64 will contain mostly fixes, IceFrog hinted new remakes and heroes in version 6.65.

23 Responses to “Dota Allstars 6.64 Map Download Updates”

  1. killerz1191 Says:

    Old treads is back, plus its cheaper ^^

  2. Ghost Says:

    and so phase was returned to its wonderful position as the caster boots of choice.

  3. paulo Says:

    plsss i want to download this map

  4. DaMan Says:

    @Ghost well not really. The damage is pretty useless for heroes like SS, Lion, Enigma. The armor was the second most importantpart of Phase boots imo. taking that away drastically reduced EHP. The old Phase and Treads was the perfect balanace.

  5. MARWIN Says:


  6. Tesca Says:

    @ghost – ofcourse lol.. but that’s because phase and treads both got nerfed.. imo.. I prefer the old phase… casters won’t need too much damage.. they love some armor though :(

  7. J!mM@$kO$ Says:

    whatever killerz says…

  8. Phoenix Says:

    OMG! I don’t even believe this was posted here. After reading those quality posts from Caspian, we’ll read what? update news on this blog! No way there is an endless list of blogs for that…
    bad.. very bad. :x

  9. Vakma Says:

    These phase boots are not good for anyone….casters will get it only cose its cheap and gives pretty much ms….

  10. Stealth Says:

    Dude calm down…wow spaz much….

    Not really. Most casters dont need the damage boost.What they needed was armour…

  11. SK Says:

    Good Phase, and I used to like the old treads. Will be downloading this map in the first nick of time

  12. anthdx Says:

    i only started buying phase after 6.63

    before that i was only using the normal boots..

  13. DotaWord Says:

    plss.. help me how to to dl this map..

  14. DAMN Says:

    Treads now has 60movement speed only ==

  15. Varun Shenoy G Says:

    @Dotaword: Its still in the testing phase, so wait till its released!

  16. Captain Kid| Says:

    WTF!… frog just return it to d old phase boots… casters nid much armor and not the damage.. :D

  17. [CoLi] clan Says:

    great old treads is no need to confused anyore wheter to use treads or phase..^^

  18. knightmare002 Says:

    yeah its bak but the phase boots is the problem casters nid more armor not the damage:)

  19. pukimakk Says:

    dOta is very easy to playy
    no skill!!!!
    my name is vIgOss (pukimak )

  20. Maxen Says:

    wtf lu…
    u say easy??
    come la fight dota with me..
    s*ck u..

  21. killler Says:


  22. pedro paulo Says:

    E mesmo e muito facil basta treiAR GALERINHA!!!!

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