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GG-Game Asia DotA Championship 07

Posted by polar on September 12th, 2007 |


DotA Allstars’ popularity and E-Sports scene in Asia will be brought to greater heights!

GG Game is proud to announce its own DotA tournament: GG Game Asia DotA Championship 2007 (ADC ’07).

Top teams from 10 nations and regions in Asia will compete for the throne, the cash prize and for their nation’s pride and honor! ADC’07 is a professional league for known teams as well as new breeds to show off their skills and strengths. With media coverage from GG Game and our partners, we will provide game news and analysis, replays, battle reports, highlight VoDs and GGTV LIVE BROADCAST throughout the regular season and the season finale games – this will be a festival that will be enjoyed not only by players but by all DotA fans!

The 10 participating Nation/Regions are:
Chinese Taipei

Prize Distribution: $4350 USD to be won
Champion: $1,200
Runner-up: $800
2nd Runner-up: $600
4th Place: $400
5th Place: $350
6th Place: $300
7th Place: $250
8th Place: $200
9th Place: $150
10th Place: $100

Tournament Structure

ADC’07 is divided into 3 phases.
Phase 1: Qualifier Period. Qualifier will be held in the above 10 regions. All teams can participate in this largest Asia DotA online tournament. We will open 32 slots for registration in each country. Registration will be open on Sep 16th. Qualifier period will be from September 29th to October 28th

Phase 2: Regular Season Period. The best team from each country will proceed to the Regular Season Period. In total there will be 10 teams for the regular season. Regular Season will be round robin mode, each clan must play 9 matches against the representatives from other nations, 1 match per week. Regular Season will be from October 29th to January 9th

Phase 3: Season Finale. Top 4 teams will qualify for the season finale. Which team is the best in Asia!

Registration will be open on September 16th in the above 10 nations and regions. Gather your team and get ready!

Asia DotA Championship 2007, where the best meets the best! More details will be updated on soon.

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  1. kaizer Says:

    want to make a team DS?

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  3. ratko Says:


  4. FxR [thairnal] Says:

    play DoTa5-5supa

  5. FxR [thairnal] Says:

    are you rady play dota 5-5 come

  6. power Says:

    hi i am power .my shop game cyber dota only

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