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Girl Gamer: Rea Lynne “Rheadoo” Aguinaldo of Pacific

Posted by polar on September 20th, 2007 |

Rea (rightmost) with friends

Tomorrow, September 21, Rea Lynne “rheadoo” L. Aguinaldo celebrates her 19th birthday. Why, you ask, are we doing a feature on her? Because she’s a gamer, that’s why. Rheadoo, a fourth year student at the University of Sto. Tomas major in Medical Technology, is part of Team Pacific. Her favorite heroes are Lich, Viper, Sven, and Nevermore.

Rea’s first love, however, is not gaming, but dancing. When she was a freshman at UST, she was part of UST’s famed Salinggawi Dance Troupe. However, adjusting to the Philippine setting (she was born and raised in Doha, Qatar) and her hectic schedule as a dancer made her academics suffer. Thus, she had to quit the dance troupe. During this hiatus, she became close to the “UST YJ’s,” the school’s drummers. Most of the groups members were boys who regularly hung out at a computer shop. These boys taught her how to play DotA. Not long after that, Rea became addicted to the game.

Because she found the game to be challenging, Rea continued playing the game. She explains that in DotA, “there is always a stimulus and you have to respond very quickly to achieve your goal, you play with different people with different ideas and strategies making it not monotonous.” She also wanted to become better and enjoyed the game immensely so she played the game regularly.

Rea researches online to complement her playing experiences so she could acquire new skills. She would also use a specific hero for a period of time so she would master how to use that hero. She also observes how other people play, and try to emulate how they do it. Rea also makes it a habit to listen to her teammates and her friends from other clans when they brainstorm on strategies.

On DotA Lessons
Rheadoo attributes her ability to multi-task to DotA, “it has sharpened my ability to balance studies, dancing, my boyfriend and other stuff that girls normally do. It has also helped sharpen my decision making skills.” She also believes that DotA has honed her quick thinking.

She also shares that DotA has forged in her the value of teamwork. She sees DotA as a way of bonding with her teammates and meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life. She zeroes in on lack of camaraderie as the worst mistake a newbie team can commit.

And what about the worst mistake a newbie player can commit? She answers, “be a self-proclaimed star.” She explains that one vital thing she has learned from the “pros” is humility. Rheadoo advises other players and teams to just enjoy the game and the company of their teammates, and to maintain strong effective communication when in play.

Rheadoo says that DotA can be very addicting. She, however, thinks that it has not taken over her life. Some of her female friends have advised her to quit playing DotA, but she does not see that happening anytime soon. Her parents, who are based in Qatar, do not restrict her from playing but always remind her to be safe and to ask other people to accompany her in going home. She is thankful that her Kuya Roro and Mark of Mineski, and Dix usually bring her to her house after games.


On Being a Female Gamer
Rheadoo does not think that there is a remarkable difference between male and female gamers:

I don’t think that there is a difference in gameplay because females can do what most males can with some practice. I think the difference lie on the player’s reactions in the situations, some people may be aggressive, and some may be easy go lucky for example.

She does not believe that just because girl gamers are outnumbers by their male counterparts that being female is a disadvantage in gaming. The only advantage of being a girl gamer she can share are “instances when the guy is attracted with his girl opponent that he might take it easy on her. Haha!”

On Team Pacific
After learning DotA, Rheadoo became a regular in a shop named “Live and Wired” at the Pacific Suites. She related how she became a Team Pacific member:

One summer, due to my friends, Kate and Toby’s bickering, I clearly remember setting a 4v4 game for an acquaintance in the old computer shop I came from and my friends from the new shop I frequent. My friend from the old shop came with 3 people and told me that they would have a practice game first, so they did. Afterwards he asked to wait and shocked me by coming back with 4 other people I didn’t know and told me that they were the ones to play. They were very good, so good in fact that I had to go watch them play. My friends lost 2 times. Some days passed and then I noticed that the 4 that challenged my friends before started frequenting Pacific and brought more great players. I soon befriended them and eventually became close to them who I all call kuya’s: Kuya Ruin, Popoy, James, Abet, Shobe and the twins, Ray and Ralph; these people became the members of Team Pacific and one of their barkada, Nat Mallari ultimately became my boyfriend.

Rheadoo enjoys the feeling of being part of the Pacific family. In their team, the team’s victory is everyone’s victory. And even if they lose and squabble about it, they still go back to being a family afterwards. She also attributes their team’s camaraderie to their shop’s owner, Ate Vangie, who is very kind to them. She also enjoys that other players and other clans visit their shop often adding more fun into their crowd.

On Other Teams and Players
Among the other teams, Rheadoo admires of course her teammates in Team Pacific because of their “never give up” mentality. She also admires the unexplainable greatness of Teams Mineski, Papi, Ninja, and Alchemy. Among other players, she idolizes her Kuya Roro (mski.scofield) for his undeniable pro skills (even though he’s a trashtalker), and Khen (khenmineski) because he is “so imba, imba sa baet, imba sa galing.” She also cites her Kuya Bru of Flow because of his support skills, and her Kuya Rejz of Ninja/Alchemy because of his “imba Viper and other moves.”

On Pro Gaming in the Philippines
Rheadoo asserts that part of DotA’s popularity is due to the efforts of tournament organizers and sponsors. This is proof, she believes, that pro-gaming is growing and thriving in the country. She cites the recently-concluded Asian Cyber Games 2007 where Team Philippines (Flow) garnered a bronze medal. For pro-gaming to further succeed in the country, she thinks that sponsors, organizers, and gamers should unite and work together to make the industry flourish.

Rheadoo’s gaming philosophy? “Do unto your enemies, what you don’t want the enemies to do unto you.”

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  1. HelloKitty Says:

    Wwow, awesome.

  2. roro Says:

    gogogogo rheadoooooooooooo

  3. khenny Says:

    IMBA post!!!happy birthday rheadude hahaha kc gabi na eh hahahaha :D mas addict pa to sakin dati eh hehehehe pero imba to hehehe :D imba sven never hahaha

  4. vaneknok Says:

    hayop! lolz.. GG=girl gamer :)

  5. vaneknok Says:

    good job rheadoo, sinama mo pics nten.. wahaha! :D

  6. nice Says:

    happy bday !! lols … @_@

    btw noob to c rhea haha! ay joke lang bday mo pala…

  7. Khen Says:

    happy birthday!!! IMBA!!!! PH GAMER TO SI RHEA!!!! IMBA LAH!!!!! hahahaha…..

    BKT WALA DYAN SI L _ T _ N ????? hahahaha HULI!!!!!! hahahaha =p MARKY BEAR!!!!! =)
    =p hahahahhaa


  8. Romeo Says:

    idol! :D

  9. rheadoo Says:

    noob pala ha. pero may naalala ako dati may napunit ng lich ko ah . . . nice ata name. MAGALING KA PALA HA =))

  10. Holyman Says:

    Team Pacific and one of their barkada, Nat Mallari ultimately became my boyfriend.

    MARKY MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ryann Says:

    hahahah! asteeeg! viper ka ngaaa.. haha! isang beses pln kita nakklaro natalo pa tau amps, di ko pa nakikita pagkaIMBAness m hehehe! ingats! :D

  12. roylsgh Says:

    ayus ah. happy birthday po. naexperience ko narin ma-GG ng babae eh! 3on3 :)

  13. ERROL Says:

    wwhhoawwww…gamer nah naun ah…certified dotah adiwk..lufet tlga,nywayz..apee burtday ulit…t.c lagiy…^_^..adwik…

  14. rheadoo Says:

    lol. kuya khen. i heart you tlga! pero dahil sa pinost mo sasapakin kita next time magkita tau . . . bwahahaha!!! KHENMINESKI=IMBALAH!!!

  15. rheadoo Says:

    si marky di na ako lab :( kailangan lasingin ulit. di na ako pinapansin. LOLS!!! pis.

  16. rhon Says:

    girl pro gamer! ASTIG! sana dumami pa kayo!

  17. khenny Says:

    hahahaha MARKY BEAR!!! tampo kc si markymark hahaha :D

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  19. d Says:

    awts.. my team pacific pla! haha

    regular din kami jan w/ my commerce blockmates! haha dami na din girl gamers dun! haha anggagaling din.. ^^ iba tlga USTe! hahaha

  20. rheadoo Says:

    @ d, hehe. pag nasa pacific ka sigaw ka lang . . . rheadoo!!! hehe.

  21. The-FallenAngel Says:

    Oh look its an all girls team who would have thought…

  22. aNg tAga BigAy! Says:

    wow! belated happy b-day,,, female gamer! sbi nya “3 years nang noob” waaaaahhhh! hahaha! hanep mga female gamers!

    basta pag gusto ate, bigyan mo!

  23. BitcHunter Says:

    Lol Punk Bitch! Got pwned on GG ahahah

  24. rusty Says:

    lol sa newbie mistake… tama ka dun… gaya nung mga tga mindanao na dumayo sa ACG elim.. self-proclaimed starts.. pagdating d2 1st round EXIT :D…. ahaha ngaun nakikipagplastikan nalang kac owned sa mga tga maynila, kunwari tanggap pag ka noob nila pero hanggang ngaun “newbie mistke” pa rin…

  25. polar Says:

    @rusty, GANUN?! Those guys from Mindanao are my friends. Di po sila nakikipag-plastikan. They know they were wrong and they accept that they are noobs when compared to the Manila teams. Bakit parang bitter ka???

  26. khenmineski Says:

    @ rusty, those Mindanao team that went here in manila are not noobs… flow ang nakalaban nila nung WCG. parang kayang kaya mo lumaban sa flow or any top teams ah… lakas magsalita…. lol =) at least tumagal laban nila sa flow nung wcg. chaka dito sa manila competitive kasi tlga halos lahat ng teams not like in Mindanao konti lng ung teams na nakakatalo sa pinaka top nila like them. kaya hindi nachachallenge ung top team dun. pero kapag nandito siguro sila sa manila.. and nasanay sila sa mga laro dito… they could get more experience and strategies here and eventually pwede sila maging top teams dito sa manila. Dahil magagaling ang individual skills nila…

  27. rusty Says:

    ganun talaga cla.. kung magaling cla sa mga mahihina, grabe mkatrashtalk.. sobrang feeling pro talaga, kahit na mga top teams ng manila nung d pa cla nkadayo grabe feeling nila kayang2 nila…”little knowledge kills” ganun talaga, maangas– pano makakatulong sa gaming ng pinas un? eh kung 3rd world country tau,umaasa tau na marami sponsor para sa gaming pano pa ma eencourage ang sponsor eh ultimong average gamer o mga pub gamers ng pinas at mga possible spectators d mka appreciate sa gaming kac sa mga ginagawa ng tulad ng team na un?maapreciate nila ang pagkmyabang,bastos,arogante,mapagmata?un pala makukuha sa gaming?saka ang nakakatawa nga d nga cla solid na top team sa pinas.. bka pg consistent na cla manalo ng mga big torneys nationwide o ksali mga top teams ng manila baka my sumaludo pa sa kanila…tulad ng flow kahit maangas my pg aangasan naman… pero bad image pa rin ang pagyayabang… wala taung mapapalang approval ratings jan galing sa ibang “non-egaming” industry…

  28. schneider Says:

    sino original na team pacific?

  29. furryfish Says:

    Hi Rheadoo, i’m from a Singapore competitive dota female team, and am interested in getting to know you better. please visit the website link to view our temporary blog. and do leave a Tag!
    or do visit us in IRC galaxynet in #asterisk* or #X3M
    hope to speak with you soon.

  30. sid Says:

    awww. go rheadoo! go ALL girls team ng pacific! huhuhu. miss ko na kayo! :)

  31. ai Says:

    Ya sid… all girls ng pacific :( miss you guys too…. hai goo rheadoooo!!! good luck psmki founder ka pla :D

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