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Mineski is Team Philippines in GGC Asian DotA Championships

Posted by polar on October 28th, 2007 |

Team Mineski is now the country’s official representative to the GG-Game Asian DotA Championship (ADC). Team Papi went into the Philippine Qualifiers Finals without any loses, while Mineski suffered one lose against UPlay in the semi-finals.

Game 1
Papi got first pick and first ban, and Mineski chose to be on the Sentinel side.

Bans: Sandking (Papi), Bristleback (Mineski), Beastmaster (Papi), Spectre (Mineski), TerrorBlade (Papi), Silencer (Mineski)

Picks (In order):
Papi: Shadow Fiend, Nerubian Assassin, Skel King, Holy Knight, PotM
Mineski: QoP, Rogue Knight, Warlock, Slayer, Viper



Game 2
Mineski chose to be on the Sentinel side, while Papi got first pick and first ban.

Bans: Sandking (Papi), Bristleback (Mineski), TerrorBlade (Papi), Spectre (Mineski), Beastmaster (Papi), Magnataur (Mineski)

Picks (In order):
Papi: Shadow Fiend, Warlock, Zeus, PotM, Lightning Reverant
Mineski: QoP, Rogue Knight, Viper, Slayer, Nerub Assassin



Congratulations to Team Mineski aka Team Philippines! GLHF! :D

Information provided by Jan Frederic “Scooby” Chiong of GG-Game.

Replays are available at our Premium DotA Replays Center. To access the downloads, register at our forums or log-in if you are already registered.

26 Responses to “Mineski is Team Philippines in GGC Asian DotA Championships”

  1. chian Says:

    wtf??!?!? CHIONG… O.O chiong….

  2. DOTA-Pr!nce Says:

    Good luck to Mineski and a job well done for Papi ^_^

  3. scoopy06 Says:

    pano mag gawa ng account d2?
    nka.gawa na ako pero wala pa rin..
    rply nmn dyan oh…

  4. scoopy06 Says:

    gusto ko kc manuod ng mga replay…

  5. darksage.. Says:

    Next na WCG…………….Good Luck sa inyo…………..lalo na kay memelcut3

  6. fHer,, Says:

    Lolz,,Lakas talaga Minesky..

  7. asdf Says:

    panu makanuod ng replay?? meron ba??

    idol minesky

  8. fGg.|marki3 Says:

    idol mineski pano manood ng replay game nio ?? aiaw kasi sa GG ehhhh
    gg ka sir paPI

  9. cRotela Says:

    iu mga idol na tealm pls mag lagay pa kayu ng astig na video para magaya at line up din tnxt!

  10. baddddddd Says:

    mineksi dont have any talent playing in dota ,i watch all the game they played .

  11. hash Says:

    hmff!!!!galing !!!
    gux2 ku mapanood ung video…
    pde pa pasa sa email ku tnx

  12. tgpkira1968 Says:

    mineski is the man .. !

    nu b requirements pra maging mineski .. ?

    more power ..

  13. unnamed Says:

    mineski pde ma try galing niu?
    tagal ku na kasi gusto kau makalaban ee ..
    if ok lng nmn ..

    eto name ku sa GG

    cyberroad2 <<yan po
    pm me nlng try lng nmn ee

  14. {Qpt.} Says:

    Ano ba requirement pra mka sali sa mski?

  15. heartstoper24 Says:

    pde po ask ano po pass ng mineski gus2 ko ksi m try ung rum

  16. pakyu mineski Says:

    …. kami na lang labanan nyo… puro weak type mga trip nyo ah……

    hahahahah…… 09351610058
    pustahan….. 10,000

  17. pakyu mineski Says:

    10k isang tao ah….

  18. lawrence Says:

    weak kayo mga weak!

  19. lawrence Says:

    joke lang poh! pro nga kayo eh

  20. rOwnell Says:

    wOw niCe One….,pde kaU nmn pUnta d2 sa lUgar nmen,,kame nmn pa try..hehehe!!..cOngra…

  21. Lloyd Says:

    san po pwede manood ng mga game ng team mineski?

  22. Lloyd Says:

    team mineski. kilala nyo po ba c 10commandments?

  23. NixZues Says:

    hmmMM………gaLingAn nyo Mga Mineski ^_^


  24. crime dude Says:


  25. julius hatamosa Says:

    wow idol ko talaga ang mineski ilove u

  26. easy2bite Says:

    galing nyo tlga

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