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Wiz – “NOOB KA BA?” DOTA Tournament

Posted by polar on January 28th, 2008 |

Press Release

Wiz – “NOOB KA BA?” DOTA Tournament

5v5 DOTA Tournament
a dota Tournament brought to you by wiz

When: FEBRUARY 24, 2008 (SUNDAY)
Where: Pacific Suites Internet Cafe, Dapitan-UST

CALL TIME: exactly 1:00PM

Prizes: (subjet to change, depends on number of participating teams)
1st Place: TBA

“Noob Ka Ba?!” Nakakaasar siguro kung masabihan ka ng ganyan ng ibang dota players noh? Well if you don’t want to be addressed by those words then join the February edition of WIZ’s 5v5 DOTA Tournament.

Tournament will only be open to a maximum of 16 Teams. “Buyback Option” granted to all teams.

How to Join:

Tournament will only allow a maximum of 16 teams to join.

Step 1: Contact Tournament Organizer by sending a PM to wiz via CLANWARS forum or by sending a message through my YM ID (fitzroid18). Interested teams may also contact me through my mobile number – 09178655896

Step 2: Wait for tournament organizer’s reply to get next Instructions.

Step 3: Monitor this thread and wait for further updates from wiz.

*Registration Fee: Php 1,000.00 per Team
(to be collected during tournament date)

Tournament Format

The 16 teams will be divided into two (2) brackets, each bracket consisting of 8 teams.

Bracketing will be done by doing drawlots. Team captains will be asked to draw Bracket/Team Numbers

Bracket-A Bracket-B
Team A1 Team B1
Team A2 Team B2
Team A3 Team B3
Team A4 Team B4
Team A5 Team B5
Team A6 Team B6
Team A7 Team B7
Team A8 Team B8

“Buyback” Option explained:
The tournament will observe the Single Elimination Rule but will grant all teams the “Buyback” option. Once a team loses a single match, the T.O. will ask them if they want to BuyBack their chance of winning the tournament by paying the same amount of registration fee and do a rematch against the team who beat them. Opposing team will have no right to refuse the rematch. In case the team who used the BuyBack option wins the rematch, the same “Buyback” option will be granted to the Rematch’s Losing Team. Teams will be allowed to use the “Buyback” option only once per round of the tournament.

1st Round
Single Elimination(16 teams)

All teams will play 1 match during the 1st round and matchups will be paired as:
1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, and 4vs5 for both brackets.

A total of 8 Winning Teams from Bracket-A and Bracket-B will advance to the 2nd round of the tournament.

2nd Round – single elimination (8 teams)
A drawlot will be accomplished to assign new and random matchups for the 8 remaining teams.

From the 8 remaining teams, 4 Team Captains will randomly be selected to draw and randomly pick their 2nd round matchup.

4 Winning Teams will advance to the Semi-Final round.

winning team A1 winning team A3
winning team A2 winning team A4

Semi-Final Round – Single Elimination (4 teams)

Drawlots will again be done to pair matchups for the Semi-Final Round. 2 Team Captains will randomly be selected to draw and randomly pick their respective semi-final match.

2 Winning Teams will advance to the Final Round of the tournament.

Championship – Single Elimination (2 teams)
Finalist 1 vs Finalist 2

1 Winning Team will be declared Tournament Champion.

Tournament/Game Rules & Settings

Game Method:
5 v 5

Game Version:

DOTA Map Version:

All games will be played over Pacific Suites Internet Cafe’s Local Area Network

Match Winner:
The team who destroys the opponent’s throne/world tree first, or if the opponent surrenders

Match Length:
No Time Limit for all Matches. Match will end until a Match Winner is declared.

Game mode:
-XL (Draft heroes first and then type –ap in game)

Hero Drafting::

Coin Toss> Winner will choose between
[1] Choose Side First or
[2] Ban and then Pick first or
[3] Pick second

If Coin Toss Winner chooses [1], then opposing team can either do [2] or [3]
If Coin Toss Winner chooses [2], then opposing team can either do [1] or [3]
If Coin Toss Winner chooses [3], then opposing team can either do [1] or [2]

Both Teams will be allowed to Ban 3 Heroes each in this order (6 heroes in total):
Team A bans 1st Hero
Team B bans 2nd Hero
Team A bans 3rd Hero
Team B bans 4th Hero
Team A bans 5th Hero
Team B bans 6th Hero

Teams will now pick heroes to use in the match, and will follow this order:
Team A picks 1st Hero
Team B picks 1st & 2nd Hero
Team A picks 2nd & 3rd Hero
Team B picks 3rd & 4th Hero
Team A picks 4th & 5th Hero
Team B picks 5th Hero

*All hero drafting are to be completed before starting the match

Gameplay Guidelines::

- Any form of backdoor is allowed
- Trapping enemies in trees is allowed
- Creep slowing and pulling is allowed
- Creep blocking is not allowed
(i.e blocking entire base entrance by using dominated creeps)
- No item restrictions
- Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese cannot be passed on to teammates once a player gets it; that item is considered yours (same to DLST Rule)
- When a Gem of True Sight is dropped by a hero (resulting from death), enemy heroes can either pick up or destroy the Gem; allied heroes of the player who previously own the Gem only have the option to destroy the dropped Gem
- Gem of True Sight cannot be passed on to teammates once a player gets it, only that player will be allowed to wear it
- No Allied Controls
- No Pooling of any sort is allowed (You can use flasks only to heal your teammates but you cannot pass it to other teammates)
- Passing items to enemy heroes to form a new item is not allowed
(i.e. QoP is currently holding Perseverance and 2 Mythril Hammers, an enemy team by all means passes on a Claymore to intentionally build a useless Battle Fury on QoP)
- Abuse of any unknown/new bug is not allowed
- A maximum of 2 Extra team members (6th man and 7th man only) will be allowed per team and must be registered as a member of the team before the tournament starts. “A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 players per team”. Only registered members of a team can play and represent his team during the tournament. “No other players may play for a team”. A minimum of 5 members is required per team, and if a team is not able to meet this requirement, they won’t be allowed to continue playing in the tournament.

*Violation against any of these Guidelines will result into an automatic loss for a team

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