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Moo Moo Generation X : WC3

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Moo Moo Generation X : WC3

The New Moo Moo Generation X

This game is a classic Hero Defense that requires a very strategic gameplay. As a defender, your task is to defend Moo Moo, the King of the Town Thunderbluff.

There are 25/35 levels(Depends on the mode you used). In Normal mode, almost each level spawns 3 different types of enemy creeps, except for the boss wave. For every 5 levels is a boss level; pretty hard and needs strategic play to defeat the bosses. After you finish defending the waves, will appear many bosses, some optional, witch will grant very good items to defeat the final boss Centaur in the end.

After each level the player has a timer of 60 seconds, to buy what they need.


In this map, the players may find numerous secrets, obvious ones, that will make the game faster, and more captivating and interesting. eg. tectonic, moo t-shirt, power up etc...

While defending Moo Moo, players can do side-quests. The side-quests gives more items or gold.

More than 64 different heroes:
All the Players must control a hero to defend Moo Moo. The heroes are divided into 4 taverns + The Secret Hero Tavern (which is very easy to find )

-Try to find all the secrets.
-Don't choose only tanks, or only damagers, cause the game will be more difficult.
-Don't be selfish with the creeps cause the gold will be divided to all the players.

- Mapmakers: x3pt, hunter_demon Red|Beef, Firelord(flord22), BlueSlayer([MD]Suzaku).

Download : Moo Moo Generation X Links???
-To download current version, trusted, and secured map just go to our site: www.MooPortal.com

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lol we play this at DS room at garena.. anyways..
Credits to Skylordz for such an awesome sig. :bd

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:| I played this with my friend, and after like, 2 hours, we finished the waves of creeps and the annoying spawning areas. [since, like, it was SKIRMISH mode and it was just the two of us.]

So we decided to make use of the bunch of evil and good souls which we dont need [we dont make soul reaver], to make our names and stuff 8D
Took pictures of it and yeah.
Very fun day.

2 hours later, we beat every other boss, finished the picture taking, and killed centaur WITHOUT the use of Tidehunter boss' imba item which makes illusions.
Don't think too much on the situation. Just take the most plausable kill then leave.

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