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Yurnero - The Juggernaut

Yurnero - The Juggernaut
Yurnero - The Juggernaut
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 305
Primary: AGI
Str: 20 + 1.9 | Agi: 20 + 2.85 | Int: 14 + 1.4
Damage: 44 48 | HP: 530 | Mana: 182
HP Regen: 1.35 | Mana Regen: 0.57
Attack Speed: 0.71 | Armor: 4
Slicing through armor with the greatest of ease. Whirling, dancing like a dervish, swiping foes with a flick of the wrist. Poetry in motion, slashing enemy upon enemy in the blink of an eye. Yurnero seeks perfection. Seeks to become one with his blade. All to fulfill his destiny as the unstoppable Juggernaut.
Blade Fury Blade Fury (F)
Causes a bladestorm of destructive force of 200 AoE around Yurnero, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units and buildings. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 80 damage per second.
Level 2 - Deals 100 damage per second.
Level 3 - Deals 120 damage per second.
Level 4 - Deals 140 damage per second.
This skill won't affect mechanical units.
You can use items (including TP Scroll/ Boots of Travel) during Blade Fury.
If a unit is not being affected by Blade Fury, Yurnero can perform normal attacks against this unit.
Mana Cost: 110
Cooldown: 30/28/26/24 Seconds

Healing Ward Healing Ward (G)
Summons a Healing Ward that heals units` within 500 AoE. Ward can move slowly, has 5 HP and 0 medium armor. Lasts 25 seconds.
Level 1 - Heals 2% of hit points per second.
Level 2 - Heals 3% of hit points per second.
Level 3 - Heals 4% of hit points per second.
Level 4 - Heals 5% of hit points per second.
You can order the Healing Ward to move (movespeed 300).
If a unit is affected by two Healing Wards only one will work.
The ward won't heal mechanical units.
Mana Cost: 80/100/120/140
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Blade Dance Blade Dance (C)
Yurnero`s cunning blade gives him a chance to deal double damage on each attack.
Level 1 - 15% chance.
Level 2 - 20% chance.
Level 3 - 25% chance.
Level 4 - 35% chance.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Omnislash Omnislash (E)
Yurnero moves around the battlefield, slashing many enemies. Yurnero becomes invulnerable while Omnislashing. The search area is 450.
Level 1 - Unleash 3 (5*) blink strikes.
Level 2 - Unleash 5 (7*) link strikes.
Level 3 - Unleash 8 (10*) blink strikes.
Mana Cost: 200/ 275/ 350
Cooldown: 130/120/110 (110/100/90 with Scepter)
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
Interrupts channeling skills of the primary target.
Each slash deals 150 - 250 damage, with an interval of 0.4 seconds.
With enough attack speed, Yurnero can attack with his own attack strength while jumping around, in these attacks Yurnero can place buffs and trigger chance effects.
The slashes can't be avoided by evasion. The normal attacks, however, can.
You can use items while using Omnislash.

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1081 By frost-viper 2013-05-29

Phase Boot
Magic Wand

1080 By lotuskcs 2013-02-10

Get phase, Armlet, MoM and Aghahim, you will own.

1079 By RangedHeroProb 2012-04-01

Actually Mjo is good on Jugger. 80% aspd isn't a small number. Plus you have a chance to trigger a lot of lightnings.

Attack modifier works when Omnislash, right? My other build would be MoM+Basher. Yay. With MoM activates, you will get bonus attack during Omni easily. Plus basher that will trigger during Omni. You can even upgrade Basher into Abyssal.

1078 By neimi 2012-04-01

Difussial is situational and btw, u won't mana burn when slashing with ulti. Only the attacks inbetween slashes Mana burn.

Mjol sucks too

Don't know why, but I'm in love with troll builds on this hero.
Rush BoT oor blink ftw!!!!

1077 By ripguns21 2012-04-01

Also, Build a Battlefury between Diffusal and Manta, helps immensly for farming obviously, although you have a Blade Fury, you do want the Splash when you max that Crit.

1076 By KNiteman 2012-04-01

@1075 Thanks for the advice, never thought of using Diff on him during BF, I always rellied on Phase for that boost but Purge seems much better and convenient on him.

1075 By ripguns21 2012-04-01

Seriously am I the only one that goes the Mass Manaburn build with Diffusal Blade as core after Treads/Phase (situational), PMS and Aquila? It works awesome. First, you can catch one hero in the Blade Fury for the FULL DURATION if you purge them. Second, Mana will be burnt every time you strike someone with Omnislash, plus the Mana being burnt by your Illusions while you are basically invulnerable. You also have great late game potential with this build.

1074 By Hyperion1O1 2012-04-01

My build:
Rush Maelstrom
Vlads(if I'm the only melee in team)
Magic Wand
If I have a good team, its possible to stop at mael and end it right there. If game drags then,

Upgrade to Mjol
Butter>DPS increase
Mkb>Evasion heroes
Orchid Malevolence

1073 By KNiteman 2012-03-31

@1072 Try Phase Boots, it works great with Blade Fury.

1072 By RangedHeroProb 2012-03-31

PMS -> replacing Butter
MKB/TP/aegis/*insert damage or HP item here*

My build :).This build Works well whether in pubs or comps.

Early game, hunt for FB by maxing 1st skill (aka gank). Can be used for farming.

Mid game, you should have Aghanim. Finish the game before late game if possible.

1071 By sandrikos 2011-10-29

heroes with wind walk do well and blinkers very good as well just blink away once he tries to ult you or spin
you can go either magina and be annoying or go for akasha and destroy him from the early stages

1070 By Hyperion1O1 2011-10-28

1v1? Pick Pugna and screw his early game via spam. Dodge his ult by 2nd skill and nullify his 1st by running(you have a higher base ms). Other heroes can do better like cent or panda.

1069 By MN121MN 2011-10-26

How to beat Yurnero? My friend always use this, so it's predictable...

1068 By neimi 2011-06-27

then i dont want to see your nick in this site for a zouple of weeks.
dont do the same mistake i did.
i failed acc 3 times and i cant repeat it cause of playing around with gf,dota,lol,hon,etc...
i have to change major. i lost 1 year of my life due to this.

1067 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-06-27

For sometime now I've been having net problems. Plus I gotta clear my Chem exam in a few weeks and that subject is my eternal nemesis.

1066 By neimi 2011-06-27

why arent you active in the forum posts anymore dude??

1065 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-06-27

*sees power tHreads*
*revives to tell 1062 to replace SnY and HoT with Mjollnir and Ahganim's*

1064 By Fa1th 2011-06-27

@1062 you'll definitely want Aghanim's

1063 By Pro-con 2011-03-22


1062 By d3viLMaYcRy 2011-03-21

i usually go for .
power threads
S n Y

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