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Boush - The Tinker

Boush - The Tinker
Boush - The Tinker
Range: 500 | Move Speed: 305
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 2 | Agi: 13 + 1.2 | Int: 27 + 2.2
Damage: 49 - 55 | HP: 473 | Mana: 351
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 1.09
Attack Speed: 0.66 | Armor: 4
Goblin engineering was always innovative, but Boush brought it to such extreme that most refuse to believe that his powers lie in machines and rather think that he fights with magic. He can shoot focused light and homing projectiles as powerful and as flashy as most destructive Elven Arcane spells. It is said that not even best Necromancers can raise armies comparable to seemingly endless amount of clockwork goblins that Boush can easily summon. And while some refuse to believe in his machinery skills and other call him the master artist of engineering, none can deny the destructive force of this goblin.
Laser Laser (E)
Fires an intense beam of light at a target, blinding it for 2 seconds causing it to miss all of its attacks. Deals precise damage.
Level 1 - 80 damage, 100% miss.
Level 2 - 160 damage, 100% miss.
Level 3 - 240 damage, 100% miss.
Level 4 - 320 damage, 100% miss.
• Damage type: pure
• The damage is dealt immediately while the miss effect is delayed until the projectile hits.
Mana Cost: 95/120/145/170
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Heat Seeking Missile Heat Seeking Missile (T)
The Tinker fires a rocket at the nearest visible enemy hero. Range of 2500.
Level 1 - 100 damage, 2 targets
Level 2 - 175 damage, 2 targets
Level 3 - 250 damage, 2 targets.
Level 4 - 325 damage, 2 targets.
• Damage type: magical
• Does not hit ethereal units (such as targets of Pugna's Decrepify or heroes who use a Ghost Scepter).
Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180
Cooldown: 25 seconds
March of the Machines March of the Machines (C)
Calls in hordes of robotic goblins to destroy your enemies.
Level 1 - 16 damage/goblin.
Level 2 - 24 damage/goblin.
Level 3 - 32 damage/goblin.
Level 4 - 40 damage/goblin.
Mana Cost: 145/150/165/190
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Rearm Rearm (R)
Instantly reloads the Tinker`s weapons.
Level 1 - 3 seconds to rearm.
Level 2 - 2 seconds to rearm.
Level 3 - 1 second to rearm.
Mana Cost: 150/250/350
Cooldown: 0
• Rearm works on all items except Black King Bar, Arcane Ring, Helm of the Dominator, Hand of Midas, Refresher Orb, and Necronomicon.
• This spell uses mana when cast, but will not refresh abilities until finished casting. This means interrupting Rearm while it is casting will waste mana but have no effect on ability cooldowns.

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530 By neimi 2012-06-04

here comes lina/lion's ulti.
here comes zeus's spells coupled with his op static field


he actually isnt the biggest nuker EVER!!!!

you never go MoM on him...

wheres the hex, shivas, forcestaff, blink, (insert activatable item here)...

op build is boots, bottle, wand, BoT, shivas, hex, manta, manta, and more mantas!!!!!

6 illusions up all the time are no joke
but if u dont want an illusion build then forcestaff and blink are nice items to have.
also, check rjay01's guide

529 By KNiteman 2012-06-04

Games biggest nuke ever? NEVER

528 By GuriPSYCO 2012-06-04

EIOX, you troll!

527 By A-Gain 2012-06-04


526 By GuriPSYCO 2012-06-04

Do my eyes lie to me or did you actually said REFRESHER ON TINKER!?

525 By A-Gain 2012-06-04

tinker with his abilities are awsome...the combo of laser and MoM with ulti and refresher are the games biggest nuke ever, i think the biggest tank would also come down to his knee in front of tinker.......he is the power nuker...the biggest thing abut him is his ability to damage the magic immune unit and that makes him a carry...but the problem is u hav to press button so fast but with precisely....

524 By KNiteman 2012-06-04

Soul Ring, Travels, Bottle, Dagon, Guinsoo, Dagger - Soul Ring works quite well with Rearm and Travels. I miss the old Tinker that when using BKB turned into like a robot or something.

523 By GuriPSYCO 2012-06-04

There's a finger breaker hero with the potential of 10 actives at once.
I used to go:

Max laser and missiles.

Can you guys give me some builds for him? Been a long time since I last played him.

522 By AlphaX 2012-03-14

521 By licaruz 2011-07-03

have anyone here tried travel hex shivas euls linken manta?

I mean 2 disables which can be four with 1 rearm,

520 By licaruz 2011-07-03

i like how 503 looks like hes really annoyed or sumting...

In more serious games, people often get shivas first then hex, after travel of course, becoz they can just tp march shivas all the time like theyre robots doing the same thing over and over again, which works well since you can be pushing 3 lanes at the same time and harassing heroes at the same time,i like how 503 looks like hes really annoyed or sumting...

In more serious games, people often get shivas first then hex, after tr

519 By manolo1243 2011-04-20


I ment what will happen to the target.

Laser says miss all of it's attacks
Deactivated MKB says to never miss. HELp

518 By mawhpawh 2011-04-20

Laser hits target.

517 By manolo1243 2011-04-20

I am still very noob.plz help

What happens when tinker uses laser to an enemy with a deactivated MKB?
both says 100%

516 By ragnadiktus 2011-03-12

@515 :
You will also see how better it is to get survivability items than dagon. :)

515 By douhvballz 2011-03-11

you will see how good the dagon is in early

514 By STGDS 2011-02-21

i just find it more worthwhile getting a hex instead of blink cause you can hex, frost, 1st, 2nd, ream, (repeat) hex, frost, 1st, 2nd :P and blink isn't really worthwhile in my oppinion cause its low cd, and you got travel that tp's you but id get it after all my items

513 By huangjh 2011-02-18

Its a nice feeling able to blink non-stop.

Some people like getting manta style too, so cool with so many illusions.

I think guinsoo most important, cos hex is nice but with high cooldown, which tinker can take out using rearm.

512 By sewingmachine 2011-02-18


get it late game n u'll see how useful it is.dun get it early game.its a luxury item.

511 By TehNoobie 2011-02-18

Tinker needs dagger...? Well that's new...

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