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Anub`arak - The Nerubian Assassin

Anub`arak - The Nerubian Assassin
Anub`arak - The Nerubian Assassin
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: AGI
Str: 18 + 2 | Agi: 19 + 2.2 | Int: 18 + 2.1
Damage: 49 – 53 | HP: 492 | Mana: 234
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.73
Attack Speed: 0.70 | Armor: 4
Anub'arak was once the greatest champion of the Nerubians, but fell in the Second War of the Spider. He was resurrected by the Lich King Ner'zhul, who promised him eternal undeath in exchange for his unswerving loyalty. His layers of spiked armor are nearly impregnable, causing severe damage to attackers. When threatened, he shoots these spikes through enemies maiming and disorienting them. He channels his dark powers into a bolt of disarming negative energy, and those who witness him blending into the shadows of the frozen tundra have never lived to tell the tale.
Impale Impale (E)
Slams the ground with massive claws, shooting spiked tendrils out in a straight line, dealing damage and hurling enemy ground units into the air in their wake.
Level 1 - 80 damage, .75 second stun.
Level 2 - 140 damage, 1.25 second stun.
Level 3 - 200 damage, 1.75 second stun.
Level 4 - 260 damage, 2.25 second stun.
• Damage type: magical
• The wave of tendrils moves at 1600 units per second.
• Hit units will fly for 0.52 seconds before the real stun is applied.
• Casting range: 500
• Area of Effect: 150
Mana Cost: 95/115/135/155
Cooldown: 11

Mana Burn Mana Burn (R)
Sends a bolt of negative energy that burns a target enemy unit's mana based on its Intelligence. Burned mana combusts, dealing damage to the target equal to the amount of mana burned.
Level 1 - Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target's Intelligence.
Level 2 - Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target's Intelligence.
Level 3 - Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target's Intelligence.
Level 4 - Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target's Intelligence.
• Damage type: magical
• Damage dealt is proportional to mana lost
• Casting range: 600
Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150
Cooldown: 35/25/15/5
Urna Swarm Urna Swarm (W)
Raises a Scarab from a corpse. The Scarab can burrow to hide itself, or use Infestation to silence and deal damage over time in an AoE.
Level 1 - Maximum of 2 Scarabs.
Level 2 - Maximum of 3 Scarabs.
Level 3 - Maximum of 4 Scarabs.
Level 4 - Maximum of 5 Scarabs.
• Scarabs have 450 movement speed, 200 HP, 6 armor, 1400/1400 normal vision, 400/400 burrowed vision, and 26-38 bounty.
• Scarabs are immune to magic.
• Infestation silences and deals 40 non-stacking damage per second in a 300 AoE for 3 seconds.
• Burrowed Scarabs are invisible and immobile.
• If you order infestation to be cast while having multiple Scarabs selected, only one will cast instead of all of them.
• Casting range: 900
Mana Cost: 40/30/20/10
Cooldown: 26/19/12/5 Seconds
Vendetta Vendetta (V)
The Nerubian Assassin turns invisible for a short period of time, and can break his invisibility with an incredibly damaging attack.
Level 1 - Deals 225 backstab damage, 10% movement speed, lasts for 20 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 375 backstab damage, 15% movement speed, lasts for 35 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 525 backstab damage, 20% movement speed, lasts for 50 seconds.
Mana Cost: 160/210/260
Cooldown: 90/75/60
• Damage type: normal
• If Nerubian Assassin's invisibility expires, the bonus damage will not be dealt to the next target.
• Nerubian Assasin is revealed when he damages the target, not at the beginning of his attack.

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491 By neimi 2012-07-18

NA snt flexible. its either assasin or nothing. he cant support, carry, tank, etc...

he roams and ganks well. thats it.

490 By eboyzzz 2012-07-16

NA is flexible heroes. he can be carry, suport, mobile, depends on who is the oponent.

489 By neimi 2011-12-20

any good carry with half of NA's items will beat him*

488 By neimi 2011-12-20

you do know that a mort with about 15K items will beat a fully farmed furion right?
pt, fury, helm, BKB will be enough to beat a fully stacked furion.
furion is a carry in the sense that he is a very fast farmer, has a good primary stat growth, is ranged, has global farming, has good attack speed.
NA is melee, has a crappy main attribute stat growth, an avg agi growth(below avg for carries or agi heros for that matter)
so carry NA is kinda useless
an good carry with half his times will beat him

487 By Padayappa 2011-12-20

*sniff* Absolutely true

486 By EIOX 2011-12-20

485 By silentzero 2011-12-19

Simplifying/in lay mans terms:
Furion will gank and beat the crap out of mort.
Furion won't allow her to reach her full potential.
A fully farmed furion cannot outdps/ outcarry a fully farmed mortred.

As if these things aren't pointed out already. Now do I have to repeat those points for a/an nth time again?

meh, I will not allow such illogical arguments go unnoticed. Now I do know that my arrogance is getting the best of me, but please do bear with me here.

484 By silentzero 2011-12-19

*sigh* Yes, as if you haven't read already I already know that logically the game is over blah blah blah furion will beat mort due to all that stuff as if it was not frigging obvious enough. Why can't you just goddamn accept the fact that a 30k mort, or any other farmed carry, will beat a farmed furion? that's all that I was fucking trying to point out, now was that so hard? I know it's goddamn obvious that Furion won't let her reach that point, ugh. For god's sake.

483 By Padayappa 2011-12-19

since EIOX stated that would be his last post i would reply.

DUDE IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! for mortred to farm 30k items the game whudve ended and a furion with 30k items WOULD SERIOUSLY NOT LET A MORTRED FARM LIK TAT.
AND THE ONLY LOGIC IS NO ONE WOULD BE DUM ENUF (maybe some people?) TO FIT A 1v1 WIT MORTY WHO FARMED 30k items In a 5v5 game.

If you want to say smthing plz dont reply here again cos tis post is abt NA and nt abt wat we think. PM if u hav a problem or anything to say.

482 By silentzero 2011-12-19

Are you blind or something? read the 480th comment. I'm stating this again, Furion will beat Mortred due to his mid-game potential and will strive to prevent her from achieving her full potential. With that in mind, if by ever so chance that Mortred has farmed the 30k same amount as Furion, due to her skillset & stats, will OBVIOUSLY, LOGICALLY, REASONABLY, defeat Furion. Oh, and Good Job finally realizing the importance of guinsoo *eyeroll*

again, theoretically. Logic pl0x.

481 By EIOX 2011-12-19

i think this discussion goes weired.... So this is my last post.....
U said in ur 1 hour talk (lol) that ifff mort manage to farm that much gold..... Dear i m asking u question can u clarify how she manage to farm that much... Iff she pawned several times in early games (that mean opponent get gold and mort get minus gold), i bet u, even the biggest player of dota cant manage to do this (only posible by hacks lol) if he ganked by opponent in early game...... And according to u iff for the sake of arguement i accept that mort manage to farmed that much (that doesnt mean she become invulnerable lol).... Then also one guinsoo is enough to kill her.....thats why i told to consider farming skills of heros becoz no matter if u agree or not but TIME one wait until mort fully farm .....

480 By silentzero 2011-12-19

As if it's not obvious enough, Furion who has an obvious midgame potential will obviously beat mortred. I'm stating that a full dps furion cannot and will not defeat a mortred with a similar cost items.

Furion can also achieve his potential than mortred due to ganking and his skillset. Now do tell me, can mort be able to gank as much as Furion can and still be successful and effective? I doubt that. Does mortred getting dagon, refresher, eb, help achieve her potential? ditto.

479 By Down2000 2011-12-19

I think what 474 is saying that Furion can farm faster than Mortred, and get better item first hence Furion can rape her. eq. Furion can farm 30k gold items in 30 minutes while Mortred does that in what minutes? not to mention Furion can gank her at early-mid therefore Furion can get better item.

and no, I also don't think that's a retarded comparison. Everyone has its own opinion. Any heroes can use different build although I would agree that this hero should be played as caster.

478 By silentzero 2011-12-19

Just clearing this up, I'm not exactly limiting a hero to one build, I'm just elaborating how it's illogical to make a certain pubstomp build without a certain logic sense behind it. At least somewhere along a PT, Dagon 5, Refresher, EB, Orchid, Guinsoo or somewhere along those lines that actually makes sense. Heck, even a Hybrid DPS/Nuke build works.

477 By silentzero 2011-12-19

Mjo, HoT, Blademail for CM, yeah you're goddamn tanky, Goodluck farming that AND CONTRIBUTE to the goddamn team. Not to mention she's gonna have mana problems, and eventually waste her awesome skillset farming those items RATHER THAN WARDING/ROAMING/GANKING.

DPS dirge has what? 10 base agi along with a 0.8 agi gain? No DPS oriented skillset? Right, that will surely goddamn overpower Ursa/Void/Lycan if they actually have the same items.

476 By silentzero 2011-12-19

For god's sake, stop with the retarded comparison.

Ever heard of hybrids? e.g. furion, windrunner, and the likes could play a different roles but the problem is they can't EXCEL at any role. Sure furion can rape mort easily due to his role as a ganker and all those stuff and eventually farm his 30k items, but what if mort manages to farm 30k items too and those two eventually confront. Who'll win? obvious answer is obvious no? Furions' farm for 30k items eventually gone to waste. Good job!

475 By EIOX 2011-12-19

anyone can tell what is the hp regen rate in base?

474 By EIOX 2011-12-19

@472 dude u r correct in ur point thats why i was considering about farming skills too.... As #473 says about furion.....he is one of the fastest farmer in game so he can get his carry items/dps items as early as no one can... For example u can consider an instance in a game with furion and a opponent mort... I want to ask u Who wil get his dps items first and rape badly the other...? Ofcourse furion he can rape a mort easily with a stygian and a vanguard while mort only hav pt and mask at that instance..... So this mean that considering farming skil of a hero is also a important factor......

473 By Padayappa 2011-12-19

@472 Dude i knw people try to focus on what their good at, but im just saying it is actually quite possible. Any1 can play another rold as long as thy can farm.

i.e Furion is a int hero wit a lot of support/pushing skills yet wen a furion farms he gets manta, mkb, HotD. Its because he farms he does this.

I'm just saying its possible. A hero is never limited to the role he plays.

472 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-12-19

But that's the point, right? Who's gonna farm 12k and buy items when you can help your team so much better with cheap items? Any hero with a heart and blademail is hard to kill. Any hero with MKB, Buriza, AC and Troll's ulti can kill. Look at a hero's skillset and stats and see what that hero does best and play to their strengths.

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