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Bone Clinkz - The Bone Fletcher

Bone Clinkz - The Bone Fletcher
Bone Clinkz - The Bone Fletcher
Range: 600 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: AGI
Str: 15 + 1.6 | Agi: 22 + 3 | Int: 16 + 1.55
Damage: 37 – 43 | HP: 435 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.7 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 0.72 | Armor: 2
An elvish archer in life; a nightmare in death. With only his arrows left of his past life, he exists now only to perfect his archery. He moves like the wind, shooting his flaming arrows just as fast, and isn't above sacrificing the Scourge`s own soldiers for his purposes.
Strafe Strafe (T)
Fire a large number of arrows in a short time period.
Level 1 - 90% increased attack speed. Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 2 - 90% increased attack speed. Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 - 90% increased attack speed. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 4 - 90% increased attack speed. Lasts 10 seconds.
• Bone Fletcher will get an animation on him for the duration of the spell, showing that it's currently active.
Mana Cost: 90
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30

Searing Arrows Searing Arrows (R)
Increases the damage of the Hero's attack by adding fire. Bonus damage works on buildings.
Level 1 - 20 bonus damage.
Level 2 - 30 bonus damage.
Level 3 - 40 bonus damage.
Level 4 - 50 bonus damage.
• Searing Arrows is an orb effect. non buff placer.
• Searing Arrows deal damage to structures.
• Casting range: 600
Mana Cost: 8
Cooldown: 2/0/0/0
Wind Walk Wind Walk (W)
Turn invisible for a period of time, increasing movement speed.
Level 1 - 10% increased movement speed, lasts for 20 seconds.
Level 2 - 20% increased movement speed, lasts for 25 seconds.
Level 3 - 30% increased movement speed, lasts for 30 seconds.
Level 4 - 40% increased movement speed, lasts for 35 seconds.
• Bone Fletcher can go through units when under the effects of Wind Walk.
• Will not break most channeling of spells or items upon activation.
• When attacking, invisibility is broken before the projectile reaches the target.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 20
Death Pact Death Pact (E)
Kills a target unit and gains bonus damage and HP capacity based on that target's current health when killed. Bonuses last for 35 seconds.
Level 1 - Gains 50% HP and 4% damage of the killed unit's HP
Level 2 - Gains 60% HP and 6% damage of the killed unit's HP
Level 3 - Gains 70% HP and 8% damage of the killed unit's HP
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 45
• If the target is an enemy or neutral unit, it will give the Clinkz the correct gold and experience bounty.
• Bone Fletcher gains HP capacity based on the HP of the target. Increases his current and max HP by a certain amount.
• When the duration ends, the max HP returns to normal, but the current HP remains the same.
• Bonus damage is also a percentage of the killed unit's HP.

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730 By KNiteman 2012-07-02

I have seen this guy in a few recent comp games, and with the new Orchid, he is a beast. He realy is strong early to mid-game and even with a gem he still gets exceptional ms which allows him to escape. His orb just rapes early with Death Pact.

729 By SLS_Rogue 2012-02-24

Orchid of Malevolence
Black King Bar
Monkey King Bar
The Butterfly
The Eye of Skadi
Boots of Travel

You're in for one hell of a ride

728 By Nefera 2011-12-21

2 lord of the ring name.

lifestealer - gollum
Keeper of the light - gandalf

very funny..haha

727 By neimi 2011-12-21

thats his fun name.

just like:

razor - gillete
zeus - merlini
nevermore - yaphets
kunka - coco
batrider - turtle slayer

and many more. i forgot most of them :S

726 By Nefera 2011-12-21

he is not bone clinkz.
his full name is clinkz eastwood.

725 By neimi 2011-11-23

since when is being ranged a limitation?
its an advantage. so yes horror movie. being ranged means u get better position in battles. having wind walk also means the same thing. so yes horror movie.

i can make heros such as CM, techies, enigma, chen etc... turn the game into a horror movie with those items u posted.

724 By EIOX 2011-11-23

he is ranged and he has some limitations no horror movie....u can say it may be a suspense thriler movie and if opponents also farmed enough then it will be a comedy

723 By The Ronin 2011-10-18

When clinkz have an orchid, Black king Bar, Buriza, Eye of Skadi and a Divine Rapier; he can turn the game into a horror movie

722 By Pro-con 2011-10-03

All ya need is PT(Str) and a smart playing style. His ulti gives him a lot of tankiness... You only usualy go into battle once you have consumed a creep. Paired with invis you should hardly die. The aim is not to die early, farm a bit then get orchid and start killing...

721 By xiujk 2011-09-26

clinkz can stand on his own, its just that he is too paper, which needs to be fixed.
- power threads str
- 2 bracers
- poor man shield
thats the core item. Get mkb, buriza or butterfly as yr next item. I would go for buriza as crystalys is cheap and have decent dps. Just my two cents!

720 By The Ronin 2011-09-21

what do you mean by "get ganked"? Are we talking about the same hero?

719 By manolo1243 2011-09-20

This guy hurts but early game is shit when you get ganked all the time...

718 By T3ROor 2011-08-01

Boots of travel
Heart of Tarasque

717 By Pro-con 2011-06-19

MKB is situational...

716 By Pro-con 2011-06-19

My build:
- PT(Str)
- Hand of Midas
- Orchid
- Skadi
- Butterfly
- (Sell Midas)Heart

715 By longing4faith 2011-05-29

ulti a Centaur and see your damage.
How is he NOT a semi-carry ganker?XD

Still need alot of regen though, orchid does the trick.

714 By carnage07 2011-05-29

Blergh. Clinkz isn't the classic "rice till fed and wtfpwn" carry anymore. True, he still needs a shitton of farm to be effective, but he's like those ganker to semi-carry transitions because he can take out squishies really fast. He needs to farm creeps yes, but when there's a chance for a gank you take it.

713 By longing4faith 2011-05-29

I agree with noob, it also depends on his role.
But i don't really think he's a reliable carry, cuz he doesn't have any best. ( like PA best crit, DR best dmg)
But he's good for a secondary carry,just make sure u hv a tank or another carry else they'll aim u 1st.

712 By nooblet_pwner 2011-05-29

I guess it depends on your team composition, but if it's an organized game, clinkz is most likely going to be either primary or secondary carry, meaning he gets loads of farm and MUST participate in teamfights when they occur.
Because of this, BKB will be needed. If the enemy stays together (probably gonna happen if there's a clinkz MIA in the game) you're not going to get any solo kills.
Skadi is a nice item not only because of the slow, but because it just makes him nearly invincible. The STR lets you take more hits, AGI/INT lets you whack harder/with more fire, and the slow is just icing on the cake so enemies can't run. He is in desperate need of just raw HP after MKB+BKB so he can trade hits with the enemy carry(ies) without dying.

711 By sparklynne 2011-05-25

wat is d bezt build f0r b0ne? Is ac is g0od f0r hlm?

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