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Mortred - The Phantom Assassin

Mortred - The Phantom Assassin
Mortred - The Phantom Assassin
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 310
Primary: AGI
Str: 20 + 1.85 | Agi: 23 + 3.15 | Int: 13 + 1
Damage: 46 48 | HP: 530 | Mana: 169
HP Regen: 0.85 | Mana Regen: 0.53
Attack Speed: 0.72 | Armor: 4
Born into the reclusive Night Elf order known as the Wardens and shunned by mainstream Night Elf society, Mortred pledged allegiance to the Scourge to take revenge. A perfect blend of strength and speed, the years spent alone in the forests of Ashenvale allowed her to blend into the terrain, appearing phantomlike at times and striking when you least expect it. The deadly precision with which she carries out her attacks have made her a valuable member of the Scourge, and it is clear why she is known as the Phantom Assassin.
Stifling Dagger Stifling Dagger (D)
Hurls a dagger which deals minor pure damage and slows the unit's movement speed for a short duration. Deals half damage to heroes.
Level 1 - Deals 40 damage, slows for 50%, lasts 1 second.
Level 2 - Deals 80 damage, slows for 50%, lasts 2 second.
Level 3 - Deals 120 damage, slows for 50%, lasts 3 second.
Level 4 - Deals 160 damage, slows for 50%, lasts 4 second.
Damage type: pure
The projectile can't be dodged by blinking.
Casting range: 1200
Mana Cost: 30/25/20/15
Cooldown: 8

Phantom Strike Phantom Strike (B)
Teleports to a unit and attacks it. Gains 100% attack speed for 3 seconds while attacking that same target. Maximum of 4 attacks.
Level 1 - Teleports to the target unit, and recieves increased attack speed.
Level 2 - Teleports to the target unit, and recieves increased attack speed.
Level 3 - Teleports to the target unit, and recieves increased attack speed.
Level 4 - Teleports to the target unit, and recieves increased attack speed.
Casting range: 700/800/900/1000
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 20/15/10/5
Blur Blur (R)
The Phantom Assassin becomes hard to see by blurring her body. Some enemy attacks miss.
Level 1 - 20% dodge/25% Transparency.
Level 2 - 25% dodge/50% Transparency.
Level 3 - 30% dodge/75% Transparency.
Level 4 - 35% dodge/100% Transparency.
Does not stack with evasion from Butterfly.
Mortred becomes increasingly transparent as Blur is leveled.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Coup de Grace Coup de Grace (C)
Mortred has refined her hero-killing skills to a high degree.
Level 1 - 15% chance to 2.5x critical.
Level 2 - 15% chance to 3.25x critical.
Level 3 - 15% chance to 4.0x critical.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

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2014 By Hyperion1O1 2012-03-21

Well you didn't consider timelock scaling into late game with your @2006 post.
Just pointed it out for ya.

2013 By RangedHeroProb 2012-03-21

Because @2010 question marked me...

2012 By neimi 2012-03-21

Its not the dmg the bash that makes him a great late game hero anyways.

So y would u care about it anyway???

2011 By RangedHeroProb 2012-03-21

I mean the bonus damage per triggered bash isn't good at late game. The stun is still good.

2010 By Hyperion1O1 2012-03-21

25% chance to proc a bash is not beneficial in late game?

2009 By neimi 2012-03-20

other heros(sf, alch, furion).

A hero can also be. Aa semi carry due to his pushing potential or map control( tinker, furion, potm)

A semi carry or carry can be a hero who shuts down other carries. These are ursa, BH, riki, etcm...

A hard carry is a hero ,that if by any chance reaches his potential, will probably rambo a team by himself.

2008 By neimi 2012-03-20

When introducing lycan into the mix u can't specify if he's a hard or semi. You use a scaaale of 1 to 3 with 1 being the strongest.

For example, void, PL, and mort are tier 1 carries where as lycan, SK are tier 1.5, nevermore, clinkz, sniper, carry silencer are tier 2, potm, furion. Are tier 3

A semi carry is anything of tier 2 and above, a carry is 1.5 and a hard carry is 1.
A semicarry usually reaches a. High potential with a small amount of farm or they can farm their items faster than...

2007 By crazyjane 2012-03-20

70 dmg isnt that much late game but bash is HUGE lategame. Bash is the whole reason void can out-carry most other carries lategame...

2006 By RangedHeroProb 2012-03-20

Look at Clinkz's page for the 'secondary carry' thing and look at comments then you will see what I mean.

Well, what I consider is timelock doesn't scale into late game. 70 damage per triggered bash isn't that much at late game.

2005 By KNiteman 2012-03-20

Lycan is a hard cary. He needs items to make the most of Lycanthropy and Shapeshift which give him a chance to crit. He is just able to farm what he needs faster than most carries, which makes him great early to late.

2004 By Hyperion1O1 2012-03-20

For a simpler explanation:
Hard carries are usually the ones who have an ability or two that will scale until late game(i.e. Void and his timelock, Mort and her Crit) while semi carries are those who don't have much reliance in items because their abilities are sufficient although they still need items to be effective.
Lycan ain't a hard carry? I believe he is a hard carry. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

2003 By vincent1993 2012-03-19

I believe your so called secondary carry means me, a semi carry means a hero that can carry yet has a lot higher potential in earlier stage of the game. Such heroes includes potm and shadow fiend. Usually, such heroes can also fit into other role : potm & tinker(gank/carry), skeleton king & sven(tank/carry), lycan & prophet (push/carry). Such heroes are stronger in earlier stage of the game then real carry, but weaker then them in very late stage with full item.

2002 By RangedHeroProb 2012-03-19

Someone tell me who are the hard carry? 'Cause I've seen ppl saying that: x heroes are just carry and not hard carry 'cause x heroes doesn't have any best skill(like mortred(this hero)who has 4x critical), so are they saying that Mortred is the best hard carry?

I also saw someone said this: clinkz isn't good for primary carry but he's good at secondary carry 'cause he doesnt have best skill and blahblah... So what is the meaning of secondary carry? I thought a good team only consists 1 carry...

2001 By [Pro]ExTreAM 2012-01-11

Why Mom?...waste
Why Yasha..?.....waste
where is b.f.?..

2000 By dippa 2012-01-09

this is a great character. I used


1999 By maxoc 2011-12-27

guys...the one that works is

Monkey King Bar
Fury x2
a boot(treads or travel boots or tranquil boots)


1998 By starwars1000 2011-10-26

vanguard +bkb+power treads+radiance

vanguard for early game survivability
bkb for surviving ganks plus pt and radiance for damage output and creep farming is an owning core item build for pa.

1997 By budekyo 2011-10-09

battle fury

u make dis hero complicated have dis item and u will surely win...

1996 By neimi 2011-05-11

battlefury + BKB + pt + helm + butterfly/MKB/devine/(insertdmg item here)

1995 By carnage07 2011-05-11

MKB damn it!

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