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Vol`Jin - The Witch Doctor

Vol`Jin - The Witch Doctor
Vol`Jin - The Witch Doctor
Range: 600 | Move Speed: 305
Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 1.8 | Agi: 13 + 1.4 | Int: 24 + 2.9
Damage: 51-61 | HP: 454 | Mana: 312
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.97
Attack Speed: 0.66 | Armor: 1
Vol'Jin is a risk-taker. Anyone who has ever crossed paths with him can tell you that. As a voodoo priest, you need a certain degree of it. It's too bad he never learned the value of discretion. Vol'Jin's experiments in jungle magic yielded brilliant results- the ability to mend wounds, casks filled with paralyzing combinations of herbs that could scatter for miles, and even a curse capable of stripping the life force from a living being. Of course, no amount of power gained goes without notice. As Vol'Jin's experiments became more and more unstable and destructive, the Lich King made his move.
Paralyzing Cask Paralyzing Cask (C)
Vol'jin launches a cask of paralyzing powder that bounces between foes, stunning those affected for a short period of time (1 sec on Hero, 5 on creeps). Deals damage per bounce to non-hero units. First impact lasts 1.5 seconds.
Level 1 - 2 bounces, 75 damage to units, 50 damage to heroes.
Level 2 - 4 bounces, 100 damage to units, 50 damage to heroes.
Level 3 - 6 bounces, 125 damage to units, 50 damage to heroes.
Level 4 - 8 bounces, 150 damage to units, 50 damage to heroes.
Damage type: magical
Targets can be hit multiple times, as long as another unit is struck in between the bounces.
Casting range: 700
Bouncing Range: 600
Mana Cost: 110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Voodoo Restoration Voodoo Restoration (V)
Vol'jin focuses his voodoo magic to heal nearby allied units.
Level 1 - Restores 16 hp/sec.
Level 2 - Restores 24 hp/sec.
Level 3 - Restores 32 hp/sec.
Level 4 - Restores 40 hp/sec.
Heal is applied in 0.33 second intervals.
Can heal magic immune units.
Area of Effect: 340
Mana Cost: 25/50/75/100 initial + 8/14/20/26 per sec
Cooldown: 0
Maledict Maledict (E)
Targets an area with an ancient voodoo curse. Cursed heroes will not only take damage over time, but they will be dealt bonus damage every 4 seconds based on how much hp they lost since the beginning of the curse. Lasts 12 seconds
Level 1 - Enemies lose 5 hp/sec, 10 bonus damage for every 100 hp lost during curse.
Level 2 - Enemies lose 10 hp/sec, 20 bonus damage for every 100 hp lost during curse.
Level 3 - Enemies lose 15 hp/sec, 30 bonus damage for every 100 hp lost during curse.
Level 4 - Enemies lose 20 hp/sec, 40 bonus damage for every 100 hp lost during curse.
Damage type: magical
Damage is based on the difference between the HP values currently and when Maledict was cast.
Casting range: 400
Area of Effect: 165
Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 35
Death Ward Death Ward (D)
Summons a deadly ward to attack enemy heroes. Lasts for 8 seconds and is a channeling spell.
Level 1 - 60 (90*) Chaos Damage
Level 2 - 90 Chaos Damage (120 Chaos Damage, bounces once*)
Level 3 - 120 Chaos Damage, bounces once (150 Chaos Damage, hits 3 targets at once*)
Mana Cost: 200
Cooldown: 90 seconds
The Death Ward is invulnerable, and can only be destroyed if its duration expires or if Vol'Jin is interrupted.
The Death Ward can be controlled and made to attack a specific target.
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
The Death Ward has a 700 attack range and attacks every 0.3 seconds.
Casting range: 300/350/400

Strategy Guides:

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Witch Doctor write up by Capt.Planet posted by capt.planet on 2008-08-21


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285 By mawhpawh 2011-06-03

Big No To refresher.

284 By Sumanchandra 2011-06-03

Urn+maledict+dagon or ulti = kill. Urn is really a good item on him. Somebody said 2 ultimates are insane for him. How about refresher orb. It will solve the cd probs when u need that skill. Comments plz :)

283 By Cantubia 2011-06-01

Try Urn of Shadows.

282 By nooblet_pwner 2011-06-01

Hmm... I know he might not lack the mana himself, but for supporting purposes, how would a soul ring be for this guy? This is pure theorycrafting.

Soul ring, heal it all back within 10 secs, heal anyone nearby in the 10 secs also. Comments?

281 By manolo1243 2011-05-14

Every disable hurts....... specially for channeling dudes......

280 By simplujupan 2011-05-14

if you have ghost scepter will it disable the ward if you cast it after you put down the ward??

279 By noobita88 2011-01-23

urn is a cheaper and early version of dagon,maledict plus urn charge on enemy and a few shots is a definite kill..i can assure you..after you can go either for a bkb or lothar,this depends greatly on set of enemies, i also would go for shiva first before agha since the guy needs a lot of armor and aoe

278 By noobita88 2011-01-23

everytime i would use this guy, i wouldnt go mid lane,since i would be going for an urn,2 gauntlets, urn recipe and clarity. or sometimes excluding clarity to purchase sobi mask faster.. the logic? this guy doesnt need any tango he has a skill to heal himself, why need it? set a gud gank with ur team to kill and charge urn, afterwards you stand independently and would rule that lane,level 1 cask is enough,then maledict,then voddo restore,maledict,vr,maledict, at lvl 6 i dont go for wards

277 By Pro-con 2011-01-01

Maledict does more damage than his ulti does. All Im saying is he has two ulti's. Just a bitjie imbalanced...

276 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-01-01

Yeah Maledict is OP. But the pathetic cast range plus the large cooldown kind of makes up for it.

275 By BlueThunder 2011-01-01

@RAC1ST if you order WD to move, attack or anything then the channel break but it won't break if you target the ward to attack any enemy heroes

274 By Pro-con 2011-01-01

0 seconds: -Cast-
1 seconds: 20 dmg + [100 external damage]
2 seconds: 20 dmg
3 seconds: 20 dmg
4 seconds: 20 dmg. Poof(40 dmg)
5 seconds: 20 dmg
6 seconds: 20 dmg
7 seconds: 20 dmg
8 seconds: 20 dmg. Poof(120 dmg)
9 seconds: 20 dmg
10 seconds: 20 dmg
11 seconds: 20 dmg
12 seconds: 20 dmg. Poof (200)
Maledicts Total dmg: 720!! = ONLY 100 EXTERNAL DMG... Nuff said...
And the more damage that is done THE MORE IT STACKS!!!! And as Reigarde said with lvl 5 dagon it does over 1.5k dmg

273 By Pro-con 2011-01-01

Maledict is way too imba!! It needs to be nerfed or made into his ulti...
Level 4 maledict
0 seconds: -Cast-
1 seconds: 20 dmg
2 seconds: 20 dmg
3 seconds: 20 dmg
4 seconds: 20 dmg. Poof(0 dmg)
5 seconds: 20 dmg
6 seconds: 20 dmg
7 seconds: 20 dmg
8 seconds: 20 dmg. Poof(40 dmg)
9 seconds: 20 dmg
10 seconds: 20 dmg
11 seconds: 20 dmg
12 seconds: 20 dmg Poof (80)
Maledicts Total dmg: 360 = WITHOUT EXTERNAL DAMAGE

272 By RAC1ST 2010-08-25

So to control the death ward do you activate it and then click the death ward it self to target heroes? Will that mess up channeling? I didnt know you coulod do that ever befroe lol

271 By DanielJDragonflame 2010-08-25

I combined Steve-O's starting build and Capt.Planet's Anti builds together.

Note: if people tell me to get something else other than the ones that are asterisk (like guinsoos), i'll get it.

Seriously, dude. You are not helping....

270 By dohyun99 2010-08-17


thanks, done

269 By SlayerX 2010-08-05

Lol fix the text

"Level 3 - 20 Chaos Damage"

20? WTF

268 By Reigarde 2010-08-03

of course if youre god enough a dagon would do wonders .. although upgrade or not depends on how fat you are . if you are fat, maledict + lv5 dagon = well over 1.5k damage . @TalkToFrank, no dagon isnt good for just lv1 if you can play him properly, cd's too long. @jtone, maledict + dagon = heavy nuke, dont save it for just escaping heroes . use it on a team's carry/nuker .

267 By CoacheN 2010-08-03


Excellent build!
2 Nulls

Lothars is ofc used to get that perfect ulti, stealth mode. But can be used to escape 2.

266 By lgt_0104 2010-07-14

i would've thought that it stopped the channelling.
but now that makes perfect sense.

but with that, would there be any point in getting a BKB.
of course it would be handy anyway....

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