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Bradwarden - The Centaur Warchief

Bradwarden - The Centaur Warchief
Bradwarden - The Centaur Warchief
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 305
Primary: STR
Str: 23 + 2.6 | Agi: 15 + 2 | Int: 15 + 1.6
Damage: 55 57 | HP: 587 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.94 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 0.68 | Armor: 3
Gifted with a tremendous body and an ever-growing fortitude, Bradwarden's courage is only matched by the size of his heart. Prophesized as a savior by the oracles of his tribe, Bradwarden is the living token of the allegiance of the centaurs to the Sentinel. He swings his axe with massive force, sometimes even hurting himself when doing so. The ground trembles every time he slams his hoof and his reflexes are impossible to surpass; allowing him to retaliate just after being attacked. Bradwarden is decided to fulfill his destiny, and he knows that the upcoming battle will become his ultimate challenge.
Hoof Stomp Hoof Stomp (F)
Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units.
Level 1 - 100 damage, 2.00 second stun.
Level 2 - 150 damage, 2.25 second stun.
Level 3 - 200 damage, 2.50 second stun.
Level 4 - 250 damage, 2.75 second stun.
Area of Effect: 315
Mana Cost: 85/100/115/130
Cooldown: 13 Seconds

Double Edge Double Edge (D)
The Centaur summons a tremendous amount of inner strength and releases a very powerful attack. It can only be done at 200 range, and it damages both the Warchief and the enemy unit.
Level 1 - Deals 175 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 250 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 325 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 400 damage.
The Warchief's HP will drop to 1 if his HP before he used Double Edge is lower than the amount the he can damage himself.
Double Edge interrupts channeling spells and items.
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Return Return ()
icon for syllabear's bear
Level 1 -
Level 2 -
Level 3 -
Mana Cost:
Great Fortitude Great Fortitude (G)
The Centaur Warchief`s mammoth body is capable of absorbing great amounts of punishment.
Level 1 - Adds +12 Strength.
Level 2 - Adds +24 Strength.
Level 3 - Adds +36 Strength.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

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572 By skatopsaro7 2013-11-27


571 By GuriPSYCO 2012-06-04

I'd like his casting animation were made a little faster. And the CD balance too.

570 By KNiteman 2012-06-04

Centaur is a great early game ganker with double edge! The only thing I would want is if the cooldown on Hoof Stomp was reduced to maybe 10 or 11s when dealing just to have some type of synergy with DE.

569 By Zxcvbnm11592 2012-06-04


568 By A-Gain 2012-06-04

i dont know

567 By CyberXDragon 2012-06-04

Is A-Gain EIOX's newest ID............

566 By A-Gain 2012-06-04

ohhk, that was sarcasm....sorry cant identify,....hehehe

565 By Hyperion1O1 2012-06-04

Make a thread and we'll discuss about it.

564 By starwars1000 2012-06-04

there is such a role as tanker?

563 By ntts 2012-04-02

Like it would matter where neimi is from.Have some respect,boy!

562 By Bitingshoe 2012-04-02

PT Blink Heart Radiance Blademail For last item: Vang/HoD depending on their main source of damage. or heart if its overand u wna have fun

561 By Nefera 2012-01-19

with 2 heart, there's three hero can kill him..

it is Naix, Ursa and necrolyte..

560 By naimm 2012-01-18

the best items :
power treads
heart again
no fuckin hero will ever kill you

559 By neimi 2011-11-23

someone doesnt get sarcasm...

558 By EIOX 2011-11-22

all strength carry....lola
wisp tank....??
all agi carries ??? Omg

dude we can say that most strength are tank and most agi are carries but we cant say all
remember lycan he is imba carry...being in strength
remember medusa she is great tank being in agi....
Dude niemi could i know from where u r..??

557 By neimi 2011-11-22


but the skill u like (return) doesnt dmg the hero depending on the amount of dmg u take. so armor is welcomed on this guy.

all STR heros (including wisp) are tanks.
just like all AGI (including NA) are carries...

556 By silentzero 2011-11-22


on a more serious note: cost efficiency, he's already a great strength hero as you say, so why not help on something he lacks?

guinsoo provides another disable which also helps land your stun and fix your mana puddle. Necro provides both strength and int, helpful summons that helps against spellcasters, and a handy dandy true sight, shiva helps you tank and have more of an AoE presence. like really, logic pl0x

555 By EIOX 2011-11-17

dumb fuck asses......using a great strength hero as a inti hero....from where they got the idea of making guinsoo, necro, shva guard...,.shit peoples.....

554 By SeeMyFace 2011-07-30

Hmm I made a gg a few hours ago with cent
first Urn of Shadows then boots
after this rush dagger and then i bought a
blademail cause i also got gem ( enemy had riki, BH and roof ) so i was focused a lot. i always carried a tp scrowl with me. for the other tings ( rad HoT ) i had not enought mony but it was nice my end statistic was
5 kills
4 Death
38 assists
xD really really nice

553 By SATHE 2011-06-18


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