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Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemist

Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemist
Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemist
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: STR
Str: 25 + 1.8 | Agi: 11 + 1.2 | Int: 25 + 1.8
Damage: 49 - 58 | HP: 625 | Mana: 325
HP Regen: 1 | Mana Regen: 1.01
Attack Speed: 0.65 | Armor: 1
Having enlisted under the ranks of the Sentinel for mere personal gain, the Alchemist's quest for amassing wealth to fund his research is a tireless and relentless one. Both sadistic and cruel in his methods, this heartless Goblin cares not for the means he must resort to for a sizeable bounty. Whether he chooses to paralyze his foes with toxic concoctions or drench them in corrosive acids, Razzil Darkbrew remains steadfast in his calm, calculated approach, despite their constant wails of agony. Though notoriously famed to be inhumane and savage in his actions, he succeeds in crippling the mighty Scourge with the vilest of elixirs.
Acid Spray Acid Spray (D)
Sprays high-pressure acid across a target area. Hostile units who step across the contaminated terrain take physical damage per second and have their armor reduced. Lasts for 16 seconds.
Level 1 - 8 damage per second, reduces armor by 3.
Level 2 - 16 damage per second, reduces armor by 4.
Level 3 - 24 damage per second, reduces armor by 5.
Level 4 - 32 damage per second, reduces armor by 6.
Damage type: mixed
This ability can hit magic immune units.
The actual AoE of this ability is significantly larger than the visual effect.
Casting range: 900
Area of Effect: 775
Mana Cost: 160
Cooldown: 22

Unstable Concoction Unstable Concoction (E)
Razzil brews up an unstable concoction that he can throw at an enemy hero, to stun and deal damage. Razzil can brew for up to 5 seconds, each second increases the potency of the concoction. After the 5 seconds, there is a small buffer window. If Razzil does not throw the concoction soon after it will blow up and Razzil himself will suffer as if he was hit by the concoction. Concoction can blow up mid air if fired too late.
Level 1 - Up to 120 damage and 1.75 second stun
Level 2 - Up to 180 damage and 2.5 second stun
Level 3 - Up to 240 damage and 3.25 second stun
Level 4 - Up to 300 damage and 4 second stun
Casting range: 775
Duration: 5 seconds
Can only target enemy heroes
Damage type: physical
While brewing the concoction, Alchemist can still move around and take action. He will flash red while the concoction is brewing
A timer above Alchemist's head will indicate the remaining brew time on the concoction
Before launching the concoction, it will blow up if channeled for more than 7 seconds, checking at 0.5 second intervals (allows up to 7.5 seconds brew time)
After launching the concoction, it will blow up 7 seconds after brewing started, checking every 0.02 seconds
The concoction moves at 900 speed, and provides 400/400 sight range
If the concoction explodes mid air, it will affect an enemy unit within 200 AoE around its position
Unstable Concoction is blocked by Linken's Sphere

Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 16
Goblin`s Greed Goblin`s Greed (G)
The Goblin converts the creep's corpse into gold. You get more gold for every extra creep you killed in the last 18 seconds.
Level 1 - 2 bonus gold per enemy.
Level 2 - 4 bonus gold per enemy.
Level 3 - 6 bonus gold per enemy.
Level 4 - 8 bonus gold per enemy.
There is a cap of 26 bonus gold.
Also works on hero kills.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Chemical Rage Chemical Rage (R)
The Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage reducing base attack cooldown and increasing hitpoints and regeneration. Slightly improves movement speed. Lasts for 25 seconds.
Level 1 - 1.45 BAT, 300 Bonus HP, and 15 HP/3 Mana Bonus Regeneration, +30 Movespeed
Level 2 - 1.30 BAT, 600 Bonus HP, and 30 HP/7.5 Mana Bonus Regeneration, +40 Movespeed
Level 3 - 1.15 BAT, 900 Bonus HP, and 60 HP/12 Mana Bonus Regeneration, +60 Movespeed
Mana Cost: 50/100/150
Cooldown: 45 Seconds
Has a 0.35 second transformation time.
You can dodge stuns while transforming.

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488 By Yamie66 2013-04-23

Power Treads (early) Boots Of travel (Late or Mid Game)
Maelstrom to Mjolnir
Sange & Yasha or Basher
Butterfly Or
Heart Of Tarasque

487 By Yamie66 2013-04-23

Power Treads (early) Boots Of travel (Late or Mid Game)
Maelstrom to Mjolnir
Sange & Yasha or Basher
Butterfly Or Assault Cuirrass
Heart Of Tarasque

486 By KNiteman 2012-05-09

AC is a much better item on Alchemist, yes it more expensive but I prefer to contribute to the team and AC + Rad help with that. You are a tank, play him as 1, AC helps with you shit armor, having Rad forces them the enemy to target you and you have the abilities to soak up damage.

485 By Pedo_Pandah 2012-05-09

Deso negates armour of buildings and units, better for pushing then radi due to less resistance on tower, acid on enemy hero that has been hit with deso also good.

484 By KNiteman 2012-05-08

I like the synergy of deso with acid, but its just not such a great item on him. Rad gives you the same raw damage and more, its a better item for your team and pushing.

483 By Pedo_Pandah 2012-05-07

sorry about another post but typing on phone doesnt work very well. Vlads or Heart. if you have ac deso heart ulti in acid spray. not many can stop you

482 By Pedo_Pandah 2012-05-07

SnY better then AC? Hmm I would think in most cases AC benefits more. My favourite build involes AC Deso Vlads negating amour in acid and on buildings is great due to me usually pushing solo. Normally i farm Phase, Vguard (or straight AC if enemies have hardly any nukes) Vlads

481 By KNiteman 2012-03-10

He should be nerfed slightly just to buff him. Base armor of 3/4. Str 19 + 2.65 | Agi 13 + 1.4 | Int 19 + 2.65

480 By ks.kill 2011-08-03

PT (str)
Vladimir / vangurd / hood / helm / Madness
Cranium basher
Ac / Heart / Shiva
Item build follow situation versus what hero

479 By FredtheCactus 2011-06-20

In this order
Soul ring
STR treads
Upgrade pers to BFury
Upgrade hyperstone to AC
Sell soul ring and get heart

478 By Pro-con 2011-05-20

My build:
- QB
- Soul Ring
- PT(Str)
- AoM
- Radiance(If you can farm it)
- SnY
- Radiance(If you don't have it)
- Basher/Crit/Deso

477 By Pro-con 2011-05-20

@475 Wand is unneeded... Vanguard delays but is alright. Basher... Hmm, maybe with a better build... Satanic is better if you don't plan on getting any other orbs... SnY is better than AC...

Must get:
- QB
- Soul Ring
- AoM
- Radiance

Soul ring is the best mana item for him. I start off with QB and soul ring recipe go side lane and get sobi and RoReg. Lvl 6 sacrifice - acid - Rage. No mp or hp problems = best!!

476 By mawhpawh 2011-04-08

You can't really test if BF is needed or not...

An viable item IMO for those who are not capable of rushing Radiance fast enough.

But for those who are, Radiance>BF easily

475 By Soro 2011-04-08

Battlefury isnt needed. Tried and tested.
My staple build is:
Quelling blade to start
Soul Ring(optional, i tried it and it didnt REALLY help that much but maybe because i had a cm on my team)
Radiance (around 25 minutes)
Basher(option but extremely sexy)
Sell vanguard and get reaver.
Satanic/Heart(I prefer heart)
Game should be over by now but items to consider: Satanic/Buriza/Butterfly/Heart/Hex

474 By Pro-con 2011-03-19

Hand of midas...

473 By darkcastle 2011-03-19

If u able to get this in the game , u are freaking good ..

472 By killerbeez13 2011-02-11

someone make a strat for him, we need an update! xD

471 By surfboard 2011-01-02

@469 and soul ring

470 By Good Fella 9791 2010-12-26

469 By ragnadiktus 2010-12-08

@459 : The ton of mana comes from his Chemical (R)age. He regens 3/7.5/12 mana aside from his base mana regen.:D

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