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Demnok Lannik - Warlock

Demnok Lannik - Warlock
Demnok Lannik - Warlock
Range: 600 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: INT
Str: 18 + 2.5 | Agi: 10 + 1.0 | Int: 24 + 2.7
Damage: 46 - 56 | HP: 492 | Mana: 312
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.97
Attack Speed: 0.65 | Armor: 2
Former cultist of the Blacksun, Lannik was among the first of many orcs enslaved by the wretched demons when the Legion's taint befell the lands of Kalimdor - a dire affliction that grew stronger over the years. Mannoroth's sudden and unexpected demise severed this Warlock's ties to demonology, and the absence of its corrupting influenced caused his body to wither onto the verge of death. In exchange for life beyond the grave, he bound a pact with the Lich King. A master of demons and destructive spellwork, this warlock delights in tormenting creatures of the Light, extinguishing them like candles until none are left alive.
Fatal Bonds Fatal Bonds (F)
Bonds several enemy units together, causing 20% of the damage dealt to any of them to be partially felt by the others. Lasts 25 seconds.
Level 1 - Bonds 3 units together.
Level 2 - Bonds 4 units together.
Level 3 - Bonds 5 units together.
Level 4 - Bonds 6 units together.
• Damage type: HP removal
• Damage will not disable abilities or items like Kelen's Dagger which requires player based damage.
Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 25 seconds

Shadow Word Shadow Word (W)
A single word causes powerful magics to envelop the target. Creates a healing mechanism on a friendly target or damages an unfriendly one. Does not dispel on attack. Lasts 8 seconds
Level 1 - Heals or damages 10 hit points per second.
Level 2 - Heals or damages 20 hit points per second.
Level 3 - Heals or damages 30 hit points per second.
Level 4 - Heals or damages 40 hit points per second.
• Damage type: magical
• A hero affected by Shadow Word may be denied once it falls below 25% of its maximum health.
• Casting range: 500
Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Upheaval Upheaval (E)
Stirs up inert magic in a target area, channeling the force into a powerful slowing current that grows more powerful with every passing second it's channeled. Can channel up to 10 seconds and up to 84% slow.
Level 1 - Slows by 7% per second, slow lasts 3 seconds.
Level 2 - Slows by 14% per second, slow lasts 3 seconds.
Level 3 - Slows by 21% per second, slow lasts 3 seconds.
Level 4 - Slows by 28% per second, slow lasts 3 seconds.
• Slow amount is calculating with duration of channel, not with how long enemy was in area of effect.
• Casting range: 700
• Area of Effect: 650
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Rain of Chaos Rain of Chaos (R)
Calls an Infernal down from the sky, dealing 100 damage and stunning nearby enemies for 1 second. The infernal lasts 60 seconds, takes reduced damage from spells, has Permanent Immolation and a chance to Pulverize an area on attack.
Level 1 - Summons an Infernal with average attack and 320 movement speed.
Level 2 - Summons an Infernal with powerful attack and 340 movement speed.
Level 3 - Summons an Infernal with deadly attack and 360 movement speed.
Mana Cost: 200/250/300
Cooldown: 165 seconds
• Damage type: magical
• Magic immune units will be stunned.
• Destroys trees in its AoE.
• Casting range: 1200
• Area of Effect: 600
• Aghanim's Scepter calls down 2 golems which land 0.3 seconds apart. HP and attack are 75% of normal. Bounty is 50% of normal.

Flaming Fists

Description: Gives Infernal a 40% chance that an attack will deal 75/115/150 bonus damage to nearby units.
Area of Effect: 300(Full damage AoE)/350(Half damage AoE)
• Damage type: magical

Permanent Immolation

Description: Burns Infernal's nearby enemy units for 20/30/40 damage per second.
Area of Effect: 250
• Damage type: magical
• Immolation from different Infernals will stack.

Resistant Skin

Description: Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the Infernal immune to certain spells.
• Regarding damage and duration from different spells (like Cyclone and Frost Bite) will consider this unit a hero.
• Cannot be transmuted.
• Cannot be dominated.
• N'aix cannot use Infest on Infernal.

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261 By nakyup 2010-08-10

dont even fucking bother to get aghanim on him it halves your infernal's strength which cant do shit in late game. 750hp with almost 100 dmg?? kidding me?? Better not get that stupid scepter. I would rather get refresher without it

260 By Sundew 2010-08-10

True, it's not a completely worthless item. It helps make sure that Diffusal's purge doesn't just spit in your ultimate's face (or at least not as quickly), and with proper micromanagement they can be used more effectively than the normal version.

However, Refresher is still far better, since arguably one of the best parts of Warlock's ult is the massive AoE stun.

259 By silentzero 2010-08-10

but they are useful in pushes, as the Permanent immolations AoE is increased (assuming that you position them apart) and that flaming fists would have more chance to proc

258 By nakyup 2010-08-10

dont even fucking bother to get aghanim on him it halves your infernal's strength which cant do shit in late game. 750hp with almost 100 dmg?? kidding me?? Better not get that stupid scepter. I would rather get refresher without it

257 By jukebox 2010-08-09

This hero real worth is showing in the team clash. Just hide in the forest, summon yer infernals and slow. Nothing could be more annoying than 85& slow.

256 By redapple1973 2010-08-08

1 of the best supports.. better w/ meka

255 By BGizzel 2010-08-08

until the Aganim on him i used, 4 circlets and 2 mana clarity in the beging, playing with word and stats.

after boots of speed (500) i was starting for refresher, but once i forgot the itemes for refresher and i built 3 oblivions staf--> Orchid, then refresher. In that game i realized it`s a very good item too for warlock, because, fatal bonds, orchid a hero infernal, atack and...u know what.

Now i think the properly build its Aganim, Orchid, Refresher, Travel, Shiva, Skady

254 By Reigarde 2010-08-03

people always dont use warlock properly .. fatal bonds + 4 infernos are a godamn, shitting pain in the ass . imagine they hit 5 units with their bash which deals them damage in an aoe + the extra damage from fatal bonds . some people dont know how painful warlock and his infernos are ..

253 By Hajijaji 2010-08-03

4 mthr f*ng infernals.....nice pshng strategy 1 infernal advances and 3 pound on the tower...

252 By Nabla 2010-07-28

purge problem solved with aghanims....

251 By King-Garfu 2010-07-28

Aghanim's + Refresher = 4 Infernals = Really annoying.

250 By Nabla 2010-07-25

its a nice support hero,
but his ulti has to be buffed
this purge dispell thing is to mighty against him
you feed the lancer carry with your ulti?

249 By [ZOMG_NEGROES] 2010-07-25

If his ult actually had a good stun duration, refresher would be good on him.

248 By kiminmaster 2010-07-25


247 By Ephemeral96 2010-07-25

@245 No hero is useless..... And by the way if u summon an infernal and refresh and then summon again so there will be 2??

246 By AngelofKaos 2010-07-12


Learn to use it, and read 241. Every hero's awesome on it's own.

245 By tasik 2010-07-12

the worst hero of all

244 By King-Garfu 2010-06-13

Stop posting your video on every damn hero -.-

I like your description. 100% agreed.

243 By K-u-n-g-e-N 2010-06-05


242 By silentzero 2010-05-13

wards if playing serious games

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