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Bloodstone Price: 5050

Soul Booster

500 HP
400 Mana
9 HP Regeneration
200% Mana Regeneration

Passive: Bloodpact
- Gains 1 charge each time an enemy hero dies in 1600 AoE or when you get a kill
- Each charge gives 1 mana regeneration per second
- When the bearer dies, this loses one third its charges (rounded down) but restores 400 + 30 per charge HP to allied units in 1675 range
- While dead, the bearer gains 1800/1800 AoE vision at the location of death, and gains experience in 1000 AoE
- Gold lost on death is reduced by 25 per charge
- Respawn time is reduced by 4 seconds per charge
- Bloodpact only functions for the highest priority Bloodstone in the inventory.

Note: Starts with 6 charges


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286 By willisverynice 2012-12-14

@bowegar, you do not need to get the kill, you either need to get the kill or be in a 1600 radius of the person that died, you don't even need to get the assist.

@Sapta, yes mana regen and hp regen both stack

@DotaPudgeZ, not considered a good sf item, also bloodstone doesn't require kills for stacks.

@Zorb effect, "highest priority slot" just means the one that was added to the inventory most recently.

285 By WildTiger 2011-07-07

must buy this item

284 By sewingmachine 2011-02-11

u cant sell this item.

283 By antinoob 2010-12-27

for icarus. because he needs more hp and more mana.

282 By Kaizen_ 2010-10-28

on oldest versions, evry charge you had, it gave you a % on hp regen

281 By Hajijaji 2010-07-30

um what's the nerf?

280 By silentzero 2010-07-17


279 By WolyThoctar 2010-07-17

Is there a charge limit on the Bloodstone?

278 By Noo=b 2010-06-24

enemies cant see the mark right?

277 By Senor Rafa 2010-06-16


276 By GawDzilla23 2010-06-15

In most games nowadays bloodstone is rarely used it doesn't give any damage and no stats at all

275 By [ZOMG_NEGROES] 2010-06-12

After the nerf on BS, it is no longer a viable rush on storm. Linkens is 1000000000 times better.

274 By Feuertanz 2010-06-12


there are better item's for harbinger...

harbinger needs more int and not only mana - go for guinsoo/shiva, and don't waste your money for bloodstone. your dmg will be enough

273 By Sgt.Waffles 2010-05-20

this item is good really on any hero who needs HP and mana in one item ... also if your carving up and getting heaps of kills and assists racking up these charges is lulz

272 By infernape 2010-05-06

heroes that should consider bloodstone:
undying, storm, enchantress, tormented soul, necrolyte, tinker.
if you want ur medusa to be tank/support, u can get bloodstone too.

271 By scarletcrimson 2010-03-28

only good for raijin and not even for him maybe... this item is a pure waste imo get hex instead it is much better and useful for both you and your team in a battle

270 By Runescepter 2010-03-23

Is this good for the Witch Doctor?

269 By cis0421 2010-03-22

Is this good for Harbinger?

268 By kurtan119 2010-02-25

nice for tank Necrolyte!!!
Bloodstone, Heart, Dagon5, Ulti upgrade, BoT, Divine Rapier Rules Unstoppable!!!!

267 By sieth 2010-02-11

great item for raijin,leshrac and medusa.

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