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Armlet of Mordiggian

Armlet of Mordiggian Price: 2600

Helm of Iron Will
Gloves of Haste
Blades of Attack
Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe Scroll

9 Damage
15 Attack Speed
5 Armor
8 HP Regeneration

Active: Unholy Strength
- Provides bonus 31 damage, 10 attack speed, 25 strength while active
- Drains 40 HP per second
- Activating has a 2 second cooldown
- Cannot die from HP drain or HP loss upon deactivation

Note: Can only carry one


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427 By sr_kakashi 2012-01-10

weehh this is best item for sven

426 By DeXaToR 2011-06-25

get this item for naix . .followed my hot . . imao no need to turn it off

425 By AnDroiD14 2011-04-12

if you turn it off will you lose 475 hp plus 175 hp that lost for being active for 5 sec??

424 By Always4wake 2011-04-05

Oh I get it, thanks dude

423 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-04-05

the % sign doesn't matter. And when you turn it on, you get 10 additional attack speed, making it a total of 25.

422 By Always4wake 2011-04-05

What would give a faster attack speed?

the 15% or the 10 attack speed in unholy strength?

421 By Feuertanz 2011-01-31

why should this be an orb?

no, it's not an orb.

420 By victorpogi 2011-01-28

is this orb effect?

419 By Fugly1337 2010-12-28

so beasty with tuskar ulti
the damage it pulls out is rapage

418 By CaptainZero 2010-11-04

If only they didn't have the recipe part, you could get it immediately create this on the top and bottom lanes.

417 By Zxcvbnm11592 2010-11-03

Don't get on wisp, he's not particularly beefy as it is. Get on str dps heroes that can regen fast, using lifesteal or something. That's why this is core on n'aix and leoric.

416 By GuriPSYCO 2010-11-03

I am not sure, but it seems to don't be a good idea on wisp. His overcharge already drain health, and it is percentage damage (ouch!). My core on alchemist, tough: with the regen on his ulti, the damage is none.

415 By Mortredx4 2010-10-18

Nice with alchemist

414 By Reigarde 2010-10-04

Is weaver still able to abuse this bug ? oO
What about wisp ?

413 By nooblet_pwner 2010-10-03

oh no, here comes raged nai--NOM NOM NOM...

412 By Masked_Lord 2010-10-03

Item for huskar. . .No hero that's better using this item. .Combo with inner vitality,degen from AoM will be harmless coz IV is primary attribute based regen(str, huskar)then additional 25str improves your regen.,activate when u're already in red hp with inner vitality applied before. . .Absolutely great. !

411 By CheFuWongy 2010-10-03

Awesome ^.^

410 By Zxcvbnm11592 2010-10-03

yeah, with a heart and more than 1750 hp you can regen the damage out of combat.

409 By CheFuWongy 2010-10-03

So if you were to get like loads of hp regen items and then switch this on, could your health instead just slowly regen? o.o

408 By bobbob247 2010-10-03

It not even pure damage, it's negative regeneration.

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