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Shiva`s Guard

Shiva`s Guard Price: 4700

Plate Mail
Mystic Staff
Shiva's Guard

30 Intelligence
15 Armor
Passive: Freezing Aura
Gives -25 Attack Speed to enemies. 1000 AoE.
Active: Arctic Blast
Emits a freezing wave around the caster. Enemies hit by the wave take 200 magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 40% for 4 seconds. The wave extends at a speed of 300 to a max size of 744. 100 manacost. 30 second cooldown.
Note: Can be disassembled.


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251 By j2687 2011-04-09

why use it on axe?

250 By heartfil 2011-01-13


249 By heartfil 2011-01-13


248 By || Chaos || 2010-03-02

find it useful on dps who need chase and are squishy =) clinkz being one. blast -> ww -> gg

247 By nooblet_pwner 2010-02-18

pretty good on axe, gives what he needs- mana + armor

246 By thuter 2010-02-18

This is such a great item for Intel heroes, it gives protection (armor and dps reduction), a really nice and cheap AoE, and 30 intelligence combined in one item.

245 By safeer 2010-02-18

k thanx....

244 By Kimin00 2010-02-13

@243 its totally gud for sandking since its doesnt cancel epicepter..u can use while epiceptering
@238 have u ever play dota be4?

243 By safeer 2010-02-13

is it gud sand king...

242 By ruxxel 2010-02-08

is it compatible for krobelus?

241 By novicayo_jager 2010-02-02

awesome on sven, also on magnus... :D

240 By Mortredx4 2010-01-31

239 By ZeRo_BlAdE 2010-01-25


Yes the recipe is 600 bucks alone.

238 By zafton. 2010-01-23

plate mail + mystic staff=1400 + 2700=4100

y is d price written 4700??
does it require a recipe???

237 By Jinzakk007 2009-12-24

use on aiushta
even with that 1 str gain

236 By gordon1 2009-10-30


235 By mrgamesman 2009-09-14

Emits a frigid blast, slowing enemy movement speeds by 40% for 4 seconds and dealing 200 damage, this has a AOE of 750 around the caster
100mana cost
30sec cooldown

234 By bloodmidnight 2009-09-14

whats artic blast do???

233 By ->F3lix<-/ 2009-08-18

Shiva is sooooooo coool of an item...Synergizes well with lots of heroes...

232 By Franzoor 2009-08-13

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