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Magic Wand

Magic Wand Price: 509

Magic Stick
3x Ironwood Branch
Magic Wand Recipe Scroll

3 All Atributes

Active: Energy Charge
- Restores 15 HP and mana for each charge.

Note: Gains 1 charge every time an enemy unit casts an ability in a 1200 AoE that is not in the fog of war
Maximum of 15 charges
Certain abilities, such as arrow abilities (Frost Arrow, Poison Attack) and item abilities, will not add a charge
Does not lose charges when upgrading from Magic Stick


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196 By AngelofKaos 2011-08-17

I underestimated you, oh glorious magic wand. You saved my ass countless times. You truly are a must on early game.

@195 Shadow Demon, nevermore, Zeus, all heroes that need spell spamming to pwn.

195 By kaguilar199 2011-03-26

tgood with laning against the shadow demon..

194 By Damdidam 2010-10-17

hmm the nerf of this item is gonan change the whole league item build :/

193 By hagrid952 2010-10-12

I didnt see it b4.. now i cant charge it up from the satyr camps =/

192 By hagrid952 2010-10-12

noooooo...... this changes the whole game.
and they reduced the range of the spell detection

191 By hobbesdang 2010-10-12

@182, yup, they took out a major component of this item, which is spell detection.... man now all i can count on is warding the forest >.> why must they change the best starter items in the game =/

190 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-16

Just run as soon as you get a Charge. @below. No more bad This wand can detect bad jokes too..

189 By Zxcvbnm11592 2010-09-16


yup, read 182's comment based on kotl/techies and the like. I have been saved from many many Elune's Arrows thanks to this item.

188 By elfelebusterismoflo 2010-09-16

can u get a charge when when enemy is in the fog?

187 By Nabla 2010-09-10

this item can get 15 charges, it heals for 225 hp and 225 mana, when its full

imo a magic stick and circlet and branch is much better than magic wand

186 By hagrid952 2010-09-09

Actually, you will be healed 150 hp and mana.

185 By codeman91 2010-09-09

So how does this item work exactly--if there is say 10 charges on it will you be healed for 150 hp?

184 By King-Garfu 2010-08-19

I don't usually get it as a laning item. Tangoes and salves are probably better if you're laning, clarities and Magic Wand/Stick when roaming.

Refering to Sundew's comment (182).
Not only that, if you watched DoTA videos on Youtube, you'd see the sheer amount of saves Magic Wand/Stick gives. Most of them clinging on to ~50hp.

Epic item indeed

183 By robie1133 2010-08-19

is this good as starting item

182 By Sundew 2010-08-11

Honestly, this is one of the best items in the game. It provides spell detection vs. invisible units/KotL/Techies/others, and charges rack up very quickly allowing you to get that burst hp/mp regen you will inevitably need. Add on the fact that you've probably got at least 2 GG branches hanging around from your starting items, and it's cheap, too.

Next time you watch a pro game replay, count how many players get it--I guarantee you at least half the players will get it, if not more.

181 By hagrid952 2010-08-11

Best item for early to mid games whether there are spammers or not, cuz when u gank, it'll charge up alot

180 By reynold9 2010-07-31

this is good for a lane with a lot of spammers eg 1)bristle back 2)zeus 3)the new int heroes in 6.68b they got way to much starting mana

179 By silentzero 2010-07-31

how can this be better? the other stats are negligible? so it's better to replace this item with bracers? really now

178 By tasik 2010-07-31

better than bracer/null/wraith for the same price.

177 By JACKTHERIPPERX 2010-05-23

Buy it on every hero. Unless theres 5 DPS heroes on the other team, in which case you win either way.

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