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Oblivion Staff

Oblivion Staff Price: 1675

Quarter Staff
Robe of the Magi
Sobi Mask

6 Intelligence
10 Attack Speed
15 Damage
75% Mana Regeneration


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44 By cozyboy10 2011-02-19

43 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-15

Best for Alleria. Best Int item for her. Buy 3, make Orchid. Soul burn with FF!!

42 By SonicX7 2010-07-06

I need item 3 times to get Orchid Malevolence. My favorite character is Kael.

41 By alon95 2010-02-28

@39 of course

40 By Conscree 2010-02-28


lol, doesn't help with discussion at all

39 By Rei94 2010-01-07

does oblivion staff stack?

38 By Jinzakk007 2009-12-28

Oblivion Staff
make into an Orchid for Oblivion
Soul Burn and Decrepify
that's make a sense

37 By STGDS 2009-11-04

3 of these to make orchid by mid game are legendary for zues

36 By MAATTAAN 2009-09-27

35 By varunshenoyg 2009-09-07

I am sure you do, but how does that help this item discussion?

34 By MAATTAAN 2009-09-07

I use this for dildo

33 By captain_tesca 2009-05-02

this is one of those nice starting items.. gives you alot of what you are asking for...

32 By merv189 2009-04-26

lol for invoker, its a good item. i usually farm for 3 quarter staffs, then complete orchid. it help a lot in farming, high atkspd, and dmg, but not that good for spamming spells. if u try my build, get void stone first then get ur 3 quarter staffs.

thanks and have fun!

31 By Hotwasabi123 2009-03-26

...... i think this is good for early game only except if you plan to have orchid...^^

30 By guineapiggies646 2009-03-05

Is this good for Dk or mirana i'm practising wid 'em...also wid ice maiden

29 By lupeman#2 2009-02-22

hey, he hasnt posted on this one

28 By Zera77 2008-12-20

27 By SnapCrakllPop 2008-10-08

Nice early game item for heroes that rely on casting their skills. Like techies or tinker.

26 By Expo 2008-10-08

great for lots of heroes and nice build for some int heroes once u turn it into orchid

25 By Maca 2008-08-12

yeah good for orchid on techies

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