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Poor Man's Shield

Poor Man Price: 550

Stout Shield
2 Slippers of Agility

6 Agility
Passive: Damage Block
100% chance to block 20 hero damage if wielder is melee (10 if ranged). 60% chance to block 20 non-hero damage if wielder is melee (10 if ranged).


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134 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-09-07

Because of the quite high armor difference. 5 armor is a lot, The 20 damage difference is reduce to 12 because of the increased armor. GG.

133 By chen836 2011-09-07

So the difference in dmg was 12 so supposedly poor man's shield won't stack so that means only one should have triggered and together with the 5 armour the -dummy should have dealt exactly 20 damage in difference but how come is it only 12 and varying up to 16(CW dealt 50-54dmg) on the second bs.

132 By chen836 2011-09-07

Somebody please explain, I did a test in single player with 2 blood seekers both level one without the skill point used, on one I bought 6 poor man's shields which gives 5 armour and one hundred percent chance to block 100 dmg and put him up against the -dummy level 10 Centuar Warchieftan with no items 78-80 attack dmg, I let him hit me twice without fighting back and he dealt 38 damage twice, on the other i did the same thing but with a chainmail which also gives 5 armour and he dealt 50 dmg.

131 By Feuertanz 2011-02-08

wh, not dagger ffs, i meant PMS.

130 By Feuertanz 2011-02-08

Dagger + Vanguard. What happens?

70% chance to block 40dmg + 100% chance to block 20 + 60% block 20?

so 2-3 different blocking chances at once?

129 By Masked_Lord 2010-10-05

128: Ya, this still works on jahrakal,just like QB...

113: PMS does not stack with levi's kraken shell,only latest dmg block will be considered coz both KS and PMS is a 100%chance item. . .If they stack well then levi will be very imba,28+20=48dmg block?.Are u kidding?.

128 By KevinMaster 2010-10-05

yes that's correct, but I don't know if the exploit still works though

127 By Herowine 2010-10-05

So if you get this when troll is in melee mode when he changes to ranged he still gets PMS melee?

126 By hidiousboy 2010-10-05

I have always wondered what PMS stands for, so i searched it in google. Try it.
@123 the word is chance not change

125 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-08

Good early for Mort and void. :)

124 By GawDzilla23 2010-06-15

Wraith bands are much better pms loses it's effectiveness once you hit lvl6

123 By wong234 2010-06-11

If skip the word hero it actually mean block 20 damage. So poor man shield is actually 100% change to block 20 damage from hero and 60% change to block 20 damage from non-hero unit.

122 By Janis 2010-05-26

Am I the only one who lols whn someone id game says that hes going after PMS ?

121 By kk.ace 2010-05-08

@118 bfury...?

120 By mcMarcin 2010-05-07

119 By shivas_vanguard 2010-03-25

@118 they might stack (sorry for the wrong comment ) but diminishingly rather, making it often useless

118 By shivas_vanguard 2010-03-24

@114 dude no two same items stack

117 By shivas_vanguard 2010-03-23

@116 thanks... but does it apply vice versa??

116 By Vertify 2010-03-23

You mean like Jah'rakal?
Works with QB, so probably?
Though you must pick it up when melee, so that when you switch to range, you'll still get the benefits as if you were melee.

115 By shivas_vanguard 2010-03-22

how about heroes which can switch melee to range and vice versa?? does the block depend on their nature or to what they morph into??

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