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Ethereal Blade

Ethereal Blade Price: 4900

Ghost Scepter

40 Agility
10 Strength
10 Intelligence

Active: Ether Blast
- Ether Blast converts you and target unit into ethereal form
- Ethereal units take 40% extra magic damage and cannot attack or be attacked
- Target unit, if an enemy, is slowed by 80% for 3 seconds and dealt 75 + 2x your primary attribute as magical damage
- Manacost: 150
- Cooldown: 30 seconds
- Cast range: 800
- Shares cooldown with Ghost Scepter

Note: Can be disassembled


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226 By Zxcvbnm11592 2012-07-14

Not really, it'll be (1-0.25)*(1+0.4)

= 0.75 * 1.4

= 1.05

So basically 1.05 * (75 + 2*Agi) = The exact damage you do when the enemy has no Planeswalker's Cloak/Hood of Defiance/Magic Resistance increasing skill.

225 By KNiteman 2012-07-14

Its actually 15% if you consider base magic resistance...

224 By Hyperion1O1 2012-07-14

40% ampli on magic damage and the %age isn't based on agi.

Also, 99% of playdota members are retards.

223 By Bloodshed002 2012-07-14

Can u explain the amplified?
is it 40% or it base on agi also?

222 By Hyperion1O1 2012-07-14

Yes, EB still has it. No point in removing that effect or else it would be called Blade only.

221 By Bloodshed002 2012-07-13

Still 40% magic amplified? or not?

220 By Bloodshed002 2012-07-13

Etheral blade still have magic amplified??

219 By Pedo_Pandah 2012-05-18

Ethereal blade has its uses, add it to someone like say, sniper and it can be very dangerous. If you dont need it anymore / enemy can take you out too fast when you use it, break it down and make bfly (providing most don't have a mkb) and you have a ghost scepter. "no, justno." Yeah.... hf with that

218 By neimi 2012-04-27

no, just no.
never actually. a butterfly would increae your dps tenfolds more than EB(not to mention increase ur EHP) you waste 4.9k gold for an above average nuke(about 450 dmg)? invest abount 1k more to get a butter.

217 By ripguns21 2012-04-27

So, after the EB discussion on BH hero section, I always had this idea. If you have a Rikimaru with BKB/Manta + Diffusal, it would be a great item to have on him. Think about it, you smoke the enemy, nuke him with EB, purge him so the Ethereal Form gets removed from him, then activate BKB/Manta to remove your own Ethereal Form and keep wacking away. I know it's a complicating proccess but with his outstanding AGI and Growth, I think the nuke is kinda worth it.

216 By donfanto 2011-08-10

@215 its 40 % i think

215 By undutchable 2011-06-18

I was using this item for Viper Strike. Increases the ulti (5 second and 3 second would be with etheral) and makes the unit almost stopped with. Since ulti is 80% slow.
Lets say 360ms -> 72 with ulti
75ms -> 28 + etheral

Ulti dmg is 145x5=725. I dont know the percentage of etheral effect but it could be around 1200....

214 By Shin Imagine 2011-05-13

vs rocks hard with this

213 By fG.mitico 2011-05-06


212 By cercerus 2011-04-24

It is made for rikimaru; increases backstab dmg (more than butterfly) and helps you excape true sight carriers

211 By shivas_vanguard 2011-03-19

there was a cocky morph in a pub game where i was zeus, did the ethereal and adaptive, but i activated blademail then bam! we just both exploded

210 By Shuyi000 2011-03-14

SF,Luna, Morphing are the best heroes for this item hands down

209 By RAC1ST 2011-03-09

this item is omgwtf on morphling

208 By sewingmachine 2011-02-11

luxury item for slark.hit hit hit,which means +agi +agi +agi for him n bam! ur dead.

207 By Stifler_29 2011-02-08

best for ORB WALKERS... hahaha

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