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Yasha Price: 2050

Blade of Alacrity
Boots of Elvenskin
Yasha Recipe Scroll (600)

16 Agility
15 Attack Speed
10% Movement Speed
Note: Movement speed bonus doesn't stack with Yasha, Sange and Yasha, or Manta Style.


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65 By Erfani 2011-09-19

clinx with threads and has maxspeed too; when windwalking you dont need yasha lol

64 By Erfani 2011-09-19

clinx with threads and has maxspeed too; when windwalking you dont need yasha lol

63 By SATHE 2011-04-12

i have started making yasha i.e. manta on every agi hero......yes even meelee

62 By maaaggee 2011-04-12

bara with jango+bot+yeasha+euls = max movement speed

61 By PI-Dimension 2010-03-11

lol max movement speed is 522...

60 By mohd497 2010-02-24

59 By pLoki 2010-02-09

@55: 502 imba MS on windwalk, while you are not able to attack without breaking your WW? hehe you are wrong: Balanar with only Phase Boots and HitN lvl 4 can acchieve 625 (or so...) MS at night. I didn't took Yasha into consideration but it must evolve his imba MS even more imba.

58 By [ZOMG_NEGROES] 2010-01-29

they're power TREADS not threads idiot

57 By stalker_86 2010-01-29

wrong info down there

56 By stalker_86 2010-01-29

that would be with a power threads on..

55 By stalker_86 2010-01-29

get this on clinks and u would move around with a imba 502 ms on wind walk

54 By STGDS 2009-11-04

love this with riki!!!

53 By surfboard 2009-10-23

52 By Googooboyy 2009-10-19

Definitely a top item to get for any Agi hero.

So you want max movement speed?

Get these:
Books of Televisions (BoT)
Simon N Yasmin (SnY) or Moods of Monkeys (MoM)
Eeyool's Scepter (Euls)


You could save time n aim for a haste rune, or get Dark Seer, Slardar or any hero that can get max speed boost. Tada~!

51 By dota-gamer 2009-09-14

nice for any agi hero that not need sny but need some agi,ias and damage boost.get this before you save your money for luxury items.
More damage=More kills
More kills=More money
More money=Luxury items

50 By MAATTAAN 2009-09-07

good if you wanna chase down them noobies

49 By AuroraX 2009-08-23

SnY does it stack with yasha alone

48 By shenny 2009-07-28

A DUH it wont stack it should say so......... unless ur 1 is old vesion

47 By varunshenoyg 2009-07-20

Now thats a really dumb comment, if I do say so myself!

46 By _CRIMINAL_ 2009-07-20

this item won't stack with iron wood branch

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