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Maelstrom Price: 2700

Mithril Hammer
Gloves of Haste
Maelstrom Recipe Scroll

24 Damage
25 Attack Speed
Passive: Chain Lighting
25% chance to release a Chain Lightning on attack. Hits 4 units. 120 damage to each. 500 bounce range. Orb effect.


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120 By The Ronin 2011-09-15

Why the chain lightning does not trigger for most of the time. It's chance is %25 but it even hardly happens in for 1 time in 10 hits. Is this because I use it with bloodseeker? Anyone knows?

119 By charlesconstantine 2011-07-02

max atk.speed*

118 By charlesconstantine 2011-07-02

max atk.speed*

117 By charlesconstantine 2011-07-02

How about Windrunner? With max speed you could 1v1 someone at a lane after stunning and kill surrounding creeps at the same time too.

116 By The Guardian Angel 2010-11-27

It worked well with Venge the last time i tried. It isnt particularly suitable for anyone just as a Luxury or a Pushing mechanism.

115 By AllLeftBroken 2010-11-17

@113*sigh* You really don't understand what he's talking about,don't you?Pls make some research before claiming anyone as a noob.Besides,just because of his attacks that looks like chain lighting,make it great on razor?I'm not saying it sucks on razor,but your reason...

@114 I'm not really saying core,i'm saying BEST ORB.Since not every hero has an orb for a core.

114 By nooblet_pwner 2010-11-07

mjol isnt really core on any hero except perhaps razor. however, it can be gotten on many heroes as it is a great pushing/antipushing item. clears creeps like mad.

113 By HunterKing 2010-11-07

@111 razor. His attacks already looks like chain lightning, plus I always get it since I make him dps.

@110 *sigh* ur so dumb. Read at least the last couple comments before posting. Noob.

112 By imcaleblee 2010-11-07

isit true that if i buy lifesteal and maelstorm when i chain lightning there will be no lifesteal... so actually i can buy both mom and maelstorm for sniper?

111 By AllLeftBroken 2010-10-26

Since nobody answered my question,here is it again,on which hero this orb is the best orb for that particular hero?I am not saying about suitability,cause there are quite a few heroes which would be good with this orb.My question is,on which hero would this be the best orb on?

110 By Nabla 2010-09-26

ill explain it to those who dont know it.

mealstrom wont override snipers stuns, thats right.
but as soon as snipers stuns proc (any ranged bash same) it is a semibuffplacer.
mealstrom will have no chance to proc on ministun.
so mealstrom flash output will be hard decresed by 55%---> only 45% of dmg

so its not worth its price on sniper.

you can read this in mods QnA when you dont believe me.

109 By Reigarde 2010-09-26

I'm not sure whether what I say would hold but .. Maelstrom's an orb effect .

And if Maelstrom cancel's his passive stun, it would mean lifesteal would cancel it too oO

But I'm not sure whether either will cancel his stun, since his stun is neither a buff placer nor orb effect .

108 By Nabla 2010-09-26

@ chooky it will overide his passive stuns as they are buffplacer. Try it yourself, they arn't compatible.

107 By Chooky707 2010-09-25

@Nabla: It doesn't overide his passive stuns as they arn't an orb. Try it yourself, they are compatible.

106 By Nabla 2010-09-13

bad choice on sniper, it will override his passive stuns.

105 By GuriPSYCO 2010-09-13

i use maelstrom on sniper if there's no pushing hero. it offers a good attack speed, as well as a good dmg. And the later Mjollnir provides the shield, wich make anyone think twice bfore attack.

104 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-13

Dont get it on Windrunner. Her cores are better worth rushing. Like Orchid, Dominator, Travels, Aghanims and buriza.

103 By AllLeftBroken 2010-09-12

which hero is this orb suitable for?

102 By jeuel 2010-08-29

There are better orbs. People usually get this 'cause it looks cool :D

101 By Nabla 2010-08-29

@99 what about high attaclspeed heroes like windrunner

@94 mealstrom on kunkka sucks so the question is kinda pointless

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