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Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade Price: 3300

2x Blades of Alacrity
Robe of the Magi
Diffusal Blade Recipe Scroll

22/26 Agility
6/10 Intelligence
Passive: Feedback
Causes your attacks to burn 20 (36 when upgraded) mana and deal bonus physical damage equal to the amount of mana burned. Orb effect.
Active: Purge
Purges a target unit, removing buffs, slowing, and dealing 99999 damage if it is a summoned unit. Non-hero units will be paused for the first 3 seconds instead of slowed. Slow lasts 4 seconds. 8 seconds cooldown. 600 cast range.
Note: Can be upgraded once by buying the recipe again. 8 charges. Charges are refreshed to 8 when it is upgraded.


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272 By Ne0aly 2011-08-06

Causes your attacks to burn 20 (36 when upgraded) mana and deal bonus physical damage equal to the amount of mana burned.

271 By Erfani 2011-08-06

anyone know what the damage per mana point burned is? Is it 1 extra damage for each point of mana burned or more?

270 By Erfani 2011-08-06

you can cast pugre on enemies only and when you are using your charges, you can buy the recipe to get the full 8 charges again; but the good thing is you also upgrade it lvl 2 when you have the original; with any number of charges:D

269 By sewingmachine 2011-06-02

damn,only now i know you can target purge on yourself and allies.wish they put it on the this is my new favorite item!

268 By STGDS 2011-02-20

dazzle rapidge item

267 By STGDS 2011-02-20

yes illsuions mana burn, thats why you see nessaj or pl or slithich, etc... with this, and its the same principal with manta :)

266 By AllLeftBroken 2011-01-10

Ranged ones don't IIRC.

265 By DotALOL97 2011-01-07

Illusions have manaburn too.

264 By noobzter101 2011-01-02

do illusions do manaburn too? or is it just the original hero who manaburns the enemy?

263 By STGDS 2010-11-24

RE : bacteria007:
i just b it, they usually get this item when they have illusions, unless if i have an AOE stunner, i use that and the illusions *poof*

262 By microice 2010-11-06

try it on razor

261 By acetrainerzx 2010-11-04

Say goodbye to Ursa with this

260 By Zxcvbnm11592 2010-11-02

Yeah, it's reduced by armor.

259 By AllLeftBroken 2010-11-02

So does that means the bonus dmg is reduced by armor or not?And getting ghost scepter just counter this is kinda...lame,not to mention you cant hit the enemy back as well.

258 By Cydonia 2010-10-30

@256, I believe the amount of mana burn translates into bonus physical damage, excluding armour.
@257 Since it requires physical hits to burn mana, I suggest you get Ghost Scepter to prevent the enemy hitting you.

257 By bacteria007 2010-10-30

what is it's counter; in other words, if my enemy use it, what should i buy to save my mana?!

256 By minifilo 2010-10-20

how much physical dmg does it do when you mana burn?

255 By royalpain111 2010-10-10

@251 yeap it's possible

254 By Gazoo 2010-10-04

in pubs that is

253 By Gazoo 2010-10-04

one of the most underrated items by none-pros. It's just so rare to see those game changing purges on your allied silenced bane or cycloned carry

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