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Crystalis Price: 2150

Blades of Attack
Crystalis Recipe Scroll

35 Damage
Passive: Critical Strike
20% chance to deal 1.75x normal damage on an attack.


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91 By Robby656 2011-11-13

Use this on Rexxar,Beast Master

90 By BlackCommandoXI 2011-04-23

Crits and bash stack on melee heros. On range the last one to occur will take priority.

89 By STGDS 2010-11-24

Yes. crits and bash stack, i tried it on void when i had my mask of madness, rapier, bf, yasha, treads p.s. this item can reallllllly rape late game on riki

88 By Nabla 2010-08-30


buriza gives 81 dmg!
your 14% are wrong, its 28%.
i calculated it, too.
buriza becomes better than crystalis, when you have a basedamage ( your D) of 36.5
so its always better

87 By nobody960814 2010-07-15

@83 yes.

@82 they stack, but with diminishing returns. iirc, having 2 crystalises will give 19% chance to crit for 1.75x. it is IMPOSSIBLE to crit twice on a single attack. if 1 crit activates, the rest will not. the last acquired crit item/skill will be checked first.

eg: mortred who gets a buriza after maxing out coup de grace. she'll have a 20% chance to crit for 2.4x, and a 12% chance to crit for 4x. basically having 2 crits will reduce the frequency of one of them.

86 By MessUpClarity 2010-07-15

@83 yea. crits and bash are 2 diff things

85 By infinitestory 2010-07-15

@84: Actually, I believe the correct calculation is:
(D + 75)*(.8*1 + .2*2.4)/5800 (buriza)
(D + 70)*(.9*.9*1 + (1 - .9*.9)*1.75)/4300 (2 crys)
This does give that 2 crystalis is *approximately* 20% more effective for the gold for damage.
Additionally, disregarding cost, Buriza's damage increase over 2x crystalis is 16.0 + 0.138*D, or about 14% and 16 damage. Not sure if that's worth the 1500 straight up, although in lategame the free item slot also becomes important.
hoping my math is right

84 By LenKim 2010-05-08

(base damage before item = D)

Buriza added dmg/gold = [.24*(D + 75) + 75]/5800
Two Crystalis's added dmg/gold = [.1425*(D + 70) + 70]/4400

2 Crystalis is better than 1 Buriza in terms of effective.

83 By draugmoth 2010-04-24

does crit stack with bash?

82 By varunshenoyg 2009-12-07

No two critical item/skills stack

81 By rolands 2009-12-06

does this stack with juggs crit abilty if so that is a must have

80 By Seras54 2009-09-24

great because it builds into buriza

79 By SirPhilippe 2009-09-24


the crit formula is for 2 crystalis :

10% to crit THEN 1 more 10%

So you can have 2 crit (1st dmg and the 2nd is just visual)

78 By benarthas95 2009-09-21

this is a not-too-shabby item.
pretty fun for ppl with high aspd. u will be shocked at how often the 10% chance kicks in.

77 By dota 0223 2009-09-15

buy crystails for lr very pro

76 By DeAtHhUnTeR 2009-06-10

#72 Crit doesnt stack with any other crit.
For example, mortred, yurnero, leoric's (and more) crit doesn't stack with either crystalis or buriza.

75 By ug21 2009-05-11

The damage stacks normally.

35 + 35 = 70...and so on.

The critical doesn't.

The percentage of a critical for two crystalis is:

1 - (1 - 0.1)*(1 - 0.1)
= 19%

74 By jovica 2009-03-28

so let me get this clear if i haave 2 of them it wil give 70 damage and a 20 cahnce3 to crit

73 By KasperKristensen 2009-03-02

Does this item realy stack?
if i does - 70dmg 20% to crit?

72 By w00w 2009-03-02

do its stack with burizia ?

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