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Bracer Price: 525

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
Circlet of Nobility
Bracer Recipe Scroll

6 Strength
3 Agility
3 Intelligence
3 Damage


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41 By banewolf 2010-09-10

can someone post the shortcut to buy this?

40 By Sgt.Waffles 2010-05-20

wow some people are a bit slow ... a recipie is genrally what you need to make something. so yes you do what the recipie says, you get the items, then you buy the recipie and voila ... magic. (you can buy the recipie first but it wont combine until all of its required items are present in your inventory)

39 By Metallix 2010-05-19

38 By ahujet 2009-11-15

Because you need gaunlets, and circlet, and then buy recipe..

37 By jroy2197 2009-11-01

Why when i buy it it turns into a recipe scroll?

36 By jroy2197 2009-11-01

Why when i buy it it turns into a recipe scroll?

35 By varunshenoyg 2009-09-27

Go to the Gateway of Relics shop and purchase the recipe scroll

34 By vlO_olV 2009-09-27

Sorry I'm noob but how do you get the recipe scrolls?

33 By benarthas95 2009-09-20

this is an excellent item.
slightly more expensive that its agi and int counterparts,but nontheless more versatile.
agi,int,str heroes will enjoy having 1 or 2 of these for that HP kick.

32 By MAATTAAN 2009-09-07

good for str, agi and int. Plus you get to keep it for probably the whole game

31 By varunshenoyg 2009-07-31

Sena the Accessories shop: The girl next to the fountain!

A bracer is good for any STR hero throughout the game unless u got more cash for better items..

30 By kewasin 2009-07-30

from which shop do we get gauntlets of orge strength

29 By iscreamgirl 2009-06-27

do you think bracer is good for sk? like 2 bracers for the whole game

28 By Witch Doc 2009-03-21

instead of this use 2 ironwood then gauntlets of ogre strength/slippers of agility/mantle of intelligence same attributes as bracer, wraith band and null talisman and much cheaper

27 By Shaved2DEATH 2009-01-26

CtotheHarlie:to ans your question,you get bracer/null/wraith at early game...right?which is more important?hp to survive(you normally get 2 of this,which is 228 hp, enough to save your butt from 1 nuking spell),mana to spamm your pathetic spell which suck in early game or the .8 armor which is kind of worthless in early game?just think about it.they made it this way.

26 By CtotheHarlie 2008-12-24

hm... how come bracer is a lot more expensive than a wraith band or a null talisman?

25 By Havoc06Diablo 2008-08-03

its good in early game bec,,dwarven has a low hp,,but its better to use life steal item like dominator,,,,it depends,,,,,

24 By totocome1 2008-06-10

do u think vanguard or bracers is batter for dwarven sniper?

23 By kikoylol 2008-04-23

this is only useful in early game and str heroes

22 By lapilli08 2008-01-31

i new in the game..
may i know where to get this recipe scrolls?...

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