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Dagon Price: 2705

Null Talisman
Staff of Wizardry
Dagon Recipe Scroll

13/15/17/19/21 Intelligence
3 All Attributes
9 Damage

Active: Energy Burst
- Deals 400/500/600/700/800 damage to a target unit
- Manacost: 180/160/140/120/100
- Cooldown: 35/30/25/20/15 seconds
- Cast range: 600/650/700/750/800

Note: Buy recipe to upgrade Dagon (up to 5 levels)


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288 By KNiteman 2013-04-17

Dagon early game is a devastating item especially with heroes that have spells to support their quick kill abilities like Puck, NA, Zues.

287 By DeaL / Noftrahtcehe 2013-04-16

it even beats the heck out of them Lina and Lion
if any, this is one great buy for a greedy KotL

286 By DeaL / Noftrahtcehe 2013-04-16

woah, 15 cd and only 100mp cost for an 800dmg target nuke is no joke.

285 By KNiteman 2013-04-15

@284, actually if that were to happen it would be done in league since ATM Dagon is a great item on certain permapicked nukers like Puck but upgrading beyond Lvl 1 is still impractical.

284 By RangedHeroProb 2013-04-14

I want to see 9 level of Dagon or even 10 lvl on the next version. 1200-1300 damage ftw! But it will cost >13000 gold. The other benefit would be very short cd, very small manacost, long cast range, moar int. Obviously no one would upgrade that much or even get this item in tourney/league but its amazing for fun.

283 By The Ronin 2011-09-30

2 dagon? Are you joking? Does 2 active items even work together? Even scroll of town portal and Boots of Travel does not work together: When you use one of them, the other one should be reloaded in cooldown. (rolading in cooldown? is that a correct grammar I don't know. Please enlighten me if you understand what I try mean )

282 By police 2011-09-29

2 Dagon's versus a Leveling up a Dagon? You're missing the lowered cooldown and casting cost if you don't level up.

281 By RafiqAhmad 2011-08-14


280 By RafiqAhmad 2011-08-14

lich ulti + dagon +refresher +dagon + ulti = ?

279 By Black Smoke 2011-05-19

It is better to get 2 dagon instead of upgrading 1.

278 By sewingmachine 2011-02-25

shadow demon would love dagon.

disrupt>soul catcher>ulti>dagon>dead.

277 By STGDS 2011-02-25

272? wtf???? this item was made for lion! and 273??? yes its a great KS item, but would you want to ks when you could let your carries get the gold? and what do you mean by pudge, just didnt make sense :S

276 By ahtrap77 2011-01-21

A good accessory nuke

275 By Arch_Vince 2011-01-16

@274: He was obviously kidding when he said that..

@273: Pudge with BKB or Pipe > the toughest Lion/Lina in town.

274 By Masked_Lord 2011-01-16

@267: all of your dagon get cool down after you use 1 of them. . .

273 By RtSStK 2011-01-15


lina sceptre dagon and lion scptre dagon>the toughest pudge in town

272 By Arch_Vince 2011-01-04

Fun for pubs. A big NO for league games though..

271 By sandallw 2011-01-04

i love dagon very much...

270 By enriksabakvaro 2011-01-04

The angry lightning

269 By STGDS 2011-01-04

@268, more damage from lvl 1 dagon and ult than an ult with scep, just fyi :)

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