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Necronomicon Price: 2700

Belt of Giant Strength
Staff of Wizardry
Necronomicon Recipe Scroll

15/21/24 Intelligence
8/12/16 Strength

Active: Demonic Summoning
- Summons a Necronomicon Warrior and a Necronomicon Archer to fight for you, their strength and abilities are dependant on the Necronomicon's level
- Lasts 35 seconds
- 50 manacost
- 80 seconds cooldown

Note: Buy recipe to upgrade (3 levels).

Summoned Units:
Necronomicon Warrior
- 400/600/800 HP
- Melee Damage: 21/41/61
- Mana Break: burns 25/50/75 mana per hit, 60% burned mana dealt as damage
- Spell Resistance: 40% against spell damage
- Last Will: 400/500/600 pure damage dealt to the killing unit on death

Necronomicon Archer
- 400/600/800 HP
- Ranged (350) Damage: 31/61/91
- Mana Burn: burns 125/175/225 mana on target, 20 seconds cooldown, 600 cast range
- Endurance Aura: 3%/6%/9% movement and attack speed bonus, 400 AoE
- Spell Resistance: 40% against spell damage


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236 By Feuertanz 2012-02-22

mmh ... i think i will try this on AA ...

235 By android_245 2012-01-17

6.73 changes:
- Archer's Mana burn cast range increased from 250 to 600
- Archer's attack damage increased from 31/61/91 to 40/80/120
- Warrior's attack damage increased from 21/41/61 to 25/50/75

Added stats for summoned units.

234 By micha67 2012-01-05

i dont like the mini human that burn mana. fuck this item.

233 By kaguilar199 2011-11-05

I Never Used this thing on my Life...

232 By chen836 2011-09-15

No info about the Necromonicon Summons?

231 By dvd-video 2011-04-24

Dont remember buying this...ever. :3

230 By 1208 2011-04-24

229 By 1208 2011-04-24


228 By atipic 2011-04-20

great against leoric

227 By spirithrum 2011-04-16

mana burn is scary because it also burns you some hp...

226 By spirithrum 2011-04-16

one of my favorite items in DotA!!
and also one of the oldest...

225 By Damdidam 2010-11-12

i wish they would add informations of stats and skills of the little demons...

224 By hagrid952 2010-10-22

the massive mana burning from the creeps is dangerous... not to mention their aoe heroes would think a 2nd time about casting their spells (last wills?) creating 10 minions that mana burns is also scary.

223 By RAC1ST 2010-10-22

why get this item for everyone when you could just get Sylla brood enigma rexxar then veno or kotl or warlock or krob or visage or furion or invoker... i mean there are like 10 + good pushers with a variety of skills that can still win you team clashes. im not saying necro isnt good but getting more than one really is a waste

222 By Reigarde 2010-09-26

wow oO sounds like a pretty packed item if you kno how to use it well .

221 By bobbob247 2010-09-25

Book is limited to 2 per team in many leagues for a reason.

220 By GawDzilla23 2010-09-25

In teamfights, aoe's would be common, so te chance one of the minions dying is high, and last will really hurts.

So this is actually a semi-counter to aoe lineups.

219 By AllLeftBroken 2010-09-25

Yeah true:)My bad,I forgot about the last will thingy:D

218 By silentzero 2010-09-25

Um yeah like ever heard of bans?

10 demons can get raped yes, sacrifice the ones with the last will and you just earned a kill with no effort at all. Use AoE spells and kill them and die which means 1-2 less hero to defend or let them push. Eitherway it's a lose-lose situation.

Why is this strategy not used much? 2700 gold per hero. Which means carries delay their core items, supports/gankers need to farm a bit meaning it's a do or die thing.

217 By AllLeftBroken 2010-09-25

Look at the other posts,necrobook isn't really good as a pushing item,and the 10 demons will get raped in no time by AoE spells

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