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Linken`s Sphere

Linken`s Sphere Price: 5175

Ultimate Orb
Linken`s Sphere Recipe Scroll

10 Damge
6 HP Regeneration
150% Mana Regeneration
15 All Attributes

Passive: Spell Block
- Blocks most targeted spells once every 20 seconds
- Not triggered by Medallion of Courage of Urn of Shadows


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297 By MaeAdikSaDota 2011-06-13


296 By The Guardian Angel 2011-05-09

If too many Targeted Skills and Disables, its Good. The regen and stats don't go to waste.

295 By surfboard 2011-05-09

to some but wind runner doesn't need this.. you should buy phase boots mekansm then orchid on windrunner.. then guinsoo/mkb etc. depending on what you want

294 By ino_cleo 2011-05-08

is this helpful to int characters ? a whole lot of players say this is good for alleria .. she's my only character and im just startin out

293 By RangedHeroProb 2011-03-30


292 By Always4wake 2011-03-30

@291, so it means the spell goes through even with the linkens?

291 By irson 2011-03-24

It means that it doesn't trigger Linken's cooldown

290 By mirage_knight 2011-03-24

is it works twice if we have twin?

289 By Always4wake 2011-03-20

I have read the playdota Linken's Sphere Guide.

What does "no interaction" mean?

288 By Always4wake 2011-03-20

I have read the playdota Linken's Sphere Guide.

What does "no interaction" mean?

287 By terrorbunny 2011-02-26

286 By jabata123 2011-01-09


285 By silentzero 2010-09-01

You need some improvement

284 By Nabla 2010-09-01

it was sarcasm
all of those powerful disabling ultimates are blocked

283 By silentzero 2010-09-01

click the link please

282 By Nabla 2010-09-01

like rooft ulti? pudge ulti? atropos ulti?
silthice ulti?

281 By GawDzilla23 2010-07-15

Spells that aren't blocked are mainly positioning spells or powerful disabling ultimates

280 By silentzero 2010-07-15

279 By Runesave 2010-07-15

can you give the link of all spells that are blocked by Linken's Sphere?

Thanks in advance!

278 By aaronli163 2010-07-03

orchid of malevolence

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