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Perseverance Price: 1750

Ring of Health
Void Stone

10 Damage
5 HP Regeneration
125% Mana Regeneration
Note : Can be disassembled.


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117 By Chesse438 2011-04-28

can perseverance be stacked???

116 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-15

Wish There was A lesser Preservarance, Combining a Sobimask and a RoR. Giving 3hp/s, 75% mana regen. Although i like this for any Int/str based heroes. Else just some fragile Agi casters/melee.

115 By goodyguy 2010-08-28

114 By tidalchaos14 2010-06-28

hey did you try this to techies 5 perseverance and boots of travel you have damage,fast hp regen, and fast mana regen... and your job is to plant some bombs in the whole map and later at late game your perseverances will become linken,bloodstone, and others

113 By r431 2010-04-15

Pandaren Brewmaster needs this.

Perseverance for HP and Mana Regen.

And to take it further, since he has natural Critical, a bit of splashes are welcome... (upgrade it to Battle Fury)

112 By sanchapistol 2010-03-13

i had a friend playing kunka that buyed a bottle and 5 pers on a pub then he raped and built 2 bfs 1 linkens 1 blood and jff a refresher it was kinda of awesome

111 By ASTUPIDNOOB 2010-03-13

bottle for mirana

if ur rly bad/inexperienced with runegrabbing or ur planning on afk-farming in one lane, i guess pers.

never arcane for her tho

110 By Phoenix197 2010-03-13

This or arcane ring for mirana?

109 By carnage07 2010-02-02

yes it was
@107 that just shows how awesome this item is :)

108 By power2dafatppl 2010-02-01

@107 Bloodstone wasnt on the list

107 By Jack-Off 2009-12-09

who thinks this item is a component to too much recipes? for a recipe itself???? like for bfury, linkens, bloodstone, refresher. hav i left any out?

106 By varunshenoyg 2009-11-12

Cant the courier crow disassemble it?

105 By DaMan2000 2009-11-11

No, the click dissemble is still disabled as of now

104 By thunderpantz 2009-10-03

can also build into soul booster great item for almost anyone

103 By anthdx 2009-09-27

funny ghost..really funny..

102 By bobbob247 2009-09-26

I think Ghost is talking about click to disassemble, which may or may not be back in the game.

101 By anthdx 2009-09-26


100 By Ghost 2009-09-26

I'm clicking but nothing happens.
Do I do it here or in game?

99 By dota 0223 2009-09-14

perseverance claymore and boardsword make battle fury

98 By Zaggiertjukkur 2009-09-12

this is my fav item

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