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Satanic Price: 6150

Helm of the Dominator
Messerschmidt's Reaver
Satanic Recipe Scroll

25 Strength
20 Damage
5 Armor
Passive: Lifesteal
25% lifesteal on attacks. Orb effect.
Active: Unholy Rage
Adds 175% lifesteal. Lasts 3.5 seconds. 35 seconds cooldown.


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274 By silentzero 2010-11-17


273 By furykiller 2010-11-16

Can this buff be purged?

272 By Stealth_Lord 2010-07-25

Yes. Same with troll who is in ranged mode (I believe)

271 By jaimedgx 2010-07-25

does Skadi + Satanic stack with Terrorblade in metamorphosis mode?

270 By irson 2010-07-22

yeah, you can only get one. just like Power Treads

269 By Nabla 2010-07-22

you can get one orb effect and one buff-placer.
satanic is an orb effect so it stacks with skadi ranged, which is only a buff-placer.
skadi melee is orb effect AND buffplacer. it wont stack

268 By silentzero 2010-07-22

you can only get one

267 By Count kraken 2010-07-22

Means you can get two right?

266 By GawDzilla23 2010-07-22

You cannot get more than 2 orb effec for one hero

That's about it

265 By Count kraken 2010-07-22

I don't understand orb effect some one explain it pls

264 By kiminmaster 2010-07-13

Yes 200% when u activate it...

263 By Hajijaji 2010-07-13

me have le question.
so it adds 175% like 25% of satanic's lifesteal + unholy rage?

262 By K-u-n-g-e-N 2010-06-05

261 By Arch_Vince 2010-05-24

@255: So you'd rather waste your 'Main' skill, which makes you one of the hardest hitting heroes in game, to go heal yourself? WTf? Get a salve.. LOL

260 By kiminmaster 2010-05-24

Fury swipes is the best perhaps most godly orb in the game...replacing it as a healing mechanisn is rather stupid idea..

259 By silentzero 2010-05-24

or you could just get vlads that can synergies with it, cheaper too

not to mention how much Satanic costs,

258 By xvahid 2010-05-24

What if you disregard the increased damage caused by the Fury swipes? Just activate Unholy Rage and Overpower and enjoy 175% lifesteal for 6 consecutive attacks. You could use it on neutrals as a healing mechanism. how is that sound?

257 By r431 2010-05-24

@255: That's stupid. because Ursa got his own orb.

256 By kiminmaster 2010-05-24

Fury swipes is orb effect.

255 By xvahid 2010-05-24

how about this on a low hp Ursa with overpower enabled?

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