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Aghanim`s Scepter

Aghanim`s Scepter Price: 4200

Point Booster
1 each of Ogre Axe, Blade of Alacrity and Staff of Wizardry
Aghanim's Scepter Recipe Scroll

10 All Attributes
200 HP
150 Mana
Passive: Ultimate Upgrade
Upgrades the ultimate of Earthshaker, Pandaren Brewmaster, Stone Giant, Clockwerk Goblin, Sacred Warrior, Sand King, Spiritbreaker, Axe, Doom Bringer, Lord of Avernus, Night Stalker, Butcher, Undying, Juggernaut, Moon Rider, Faceless Void, Lightning Revenant, Vengeful Spirit, Venomancer, Netherdrake, Crystal Maiden, Enchantress, Faerie Dragon, Holy Knight, Prophet, Lord of Olympia, Slayer, Windrunner, Goblin Techies, Invoker, Shadow Priest, Shadow Shaman, Tormented Soul, Twin Head Dragon, Witch Doctor, Bane Elemental, Demon Witch, Lich, Necrolyte, Oblivion, Obsidian Destroyer, Queen of Pain, and Warlock.


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453 By papsicoolxi 2012-12-18


Sven ~ God Strenght should get more oomph, about +50% to 100% more.

Enigma ~ Black Hole causes more damage and additional cast range.

Magnus ~ Reverse Polairty +1 Second for stun, slightly bigger AOE? and slightly lowered cooldown.

Silencer ~ Global Silence +1 second, slightly lowered cooldown, DISARMs during the first/last half of the duration.

Leviathan ~ Ravage increases release rate/speed of spines, +50~100 damage, +1 second duration, better cd.

452 By faubebbe 2012-12-14

plz ignore my last post, i was talking abt Orchid Malevolence in the wrong thread, my bad

451 By faubebbe 2012-12-14

it says here 1 each of Ogre Axe, my map asks for Oblivion Staff.. mistake here or bug in my map?

450 By d1r3.ev1L 2011-08-08

For phoenix? Slow and burn damage increase. Or hp of that glowin ball to inc.

449 By d1r3.ev1L 2011-08-08

Aghanim on gyro!! m/

448 By dotalolx 2011-08-08

I meant that as a suggestion

447 By dotalolx 2011-08-08

aghanim's on bloodseeker? rupture would be freaking imba!

446 By jelizer_05 2011-08-07

aghanims is also effective for gyrocopter

445 By Rightkillthaz 2011-05-19

Well said, sir.

444 By Ne0aly 2011-05-19

Your suggestions would have stood a chance of becoming implemented if icefrog had his meta pub orientated and the recovery of an old symptom called imbalance. It can also be seen that you barely know what you're actually talking about.

443 By The Guardian Angel 2011-05-19

Yeah but The upgrade is active all the time. Not necessarily While using your Ulti. He's the Only exception in the game!

442 By mawhpawh 2011-05-19

Dude, Night Stalker is there ^

441 By weierstrass 2011-05-19

@felix... balanar doesnt improve ulti

440 By RangedHeroProb 2011-04-09

Even Balanar

439 By ->F3lix<-/ 2011-04-09

agha only improves ultimates, lets keep it that way

438 By weierstrass 2011-04-09


I know that's why in my suggestion, i made it double backstab damage

437 By ->F3lix<-/ 2011-04-08


0 sec fadetime riki will be invisible even when attacking, casting spells and stuff, so a big no

436 By carnage07 2011-04-08

What the.. So essentially you make a level 6 ultimate as strong as a level 16 ultimate, with more attacks required? -_-

435 By weierstrass 2011-04-08

@irson ahmmm adjustment will be made in damage.... ahmmm damage will times 1.5 so that in 4 seconds supernova will still deal 600 damage...

434 By irson 2011-04-08


I disagree with Phoenix's upgrade. I mean, Aghanims reduce Supernova duration to 4 seconds? you're just nerfing his ulti instead of upgrading it. so you just nerfing 600 dps area to 400 dps area?

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