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Quarterstaff Price: 900

10 Damage
10 Attack Speed


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31 By Annmaria 2011-02-05

cant believe somebody actually bought 4 of these to see if its combine..:p

30 By STGDS 2011-01-04

my friend had 5 of these and treads in a game of HON, did nothing against heroes

29 By Nabla 2010-08-17

This Item is used to make: Oblivion Staff ---> Refresher Orb or Orchid Malevolence,
Force Staff, Butterfly, Lothars Edge

It gives: [0.011 Dmg + 0.011 IAS] per Gold

28 By loveSB 2009-08-15

Add Eaglehorn ...Butter we loved!

27 By DaMan2000 2009-08-09

if you buy 4 it does nothing

26 By chris_g_star 2009-05-23

when u build 4 of this....does it morph into 1 whole staff or sumting?

25 By soviet union 2009-05-07

wow not bad.use with juggernaut gd rite?

24 By iledankarl08 2009-03-06

5 of this + treads is quite nice

23 By SirPhilippe 2009-02-20

@ dupnitzabg

Hmmm not really clever because you will be around +50dmg, 50% ias and a random buff....
Bad for the name of Elemental STaff =/

22 By ABYAY 2009-02-17


It's just not updated. It is indeed 900.

21 By Dark_3 2008-10-09

It's 1150!!!


I thought it's only 900?!!

20 By user404 2008-09-21

lol yeah lupeman hasn't commented on this indeed (let's hope lupewoman doesn't comment on this either XD )

19 By TheGunslinger 2008-09-21

The price is 900 not 1150. SOmeone fix this.

18 By transylvania 2008-07-07

I see lupeman has not commented on this item hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha.

3 of these, sobi masks and a robe of magi can make an orchid.

17 By Dark_3 2008-06-27

it makes one part of the butterfly!!!

16 By dupnitzabg 2008-05-21

@ kool1045 item like that yet, but I did submit an idea the other day called the "Elemental Staff" which combines 4'll see when and if it gets accepted...

15 By Cranium_Basher 2008-05-21

I certainly hope you are kiddin about this

14 By kool1045 2008-05-21

it say's when u buy 4 of this item will make an ordinary it true?
i tried it doesnt do anything.

13 By dynamiczny 2008-02-11

The price is 900, not 1150. Pls update.

12 By sumoneoverthere 2008-02-03

They ought to make an item that when you buy 4 quarterstaves, it creates a Staff or something... haha, just something to think about.

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