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Ring of Protection

Ring of Protection Price: 175

2 Armor


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29 By Nabla 2010-08-17

This Item is used to make:

Ring of Basilius-->Vladimirs Offering

It Gives 0.0114 Armor per Gold

28 By Nikolas21 2009-12-19

That cheap 'n' small item is needed for some very useful recipes like:Arcane ring and Vladimir;s Offering.

27 By killerz1191 2009-07-09

its armor not regen

26 By Trixion 2009-06-21

i like the color of the new icon

25 By Turiojaz 2009-06-13

Really has a nice new icon ...

24 By RaikaLuvsMe1 2009-06-12

Is just had a new icon, big deal.

23 By varunshenoyg 2009-06-11

New icon ppl!

22 By lupeman#2 2009-04-17

apparently heroes like going for the fingers, so wear one of these

21 By Altoul 2009-03-11

First 2009 comment for ring of portection

20 By blitzkrieg19 2008-11-19

it is useful!! you need regen!! /heh

19 By bone klinkz18 2008-10-20

just buy 2 branch

18 By 19sobongz96 2008-08-23

Great for its price give +2 armor

17 By bhsharif31 2008-06-14

for 175 its very over powered. great for starters.

16 By cebuffs 2008-04-21

this is useless early game because you only have about 400-700 hp

armor helps if you have more hp

15 By mv20vm 2007-12-23

Recently, I'm buying 3 of this then tangoe. If I have gold left, branches!!

14 By AJ07 2007-11-27

@lupeman: yeah, u dont know much about armor. When you dont have much, +1 armor is worth more in terms of dmg reduction than when you have a lot of armor. The dmg reduc is not purely incremental

13 By Firesky 2007-10-06

2 armor when used on tiny brings his 0 armor 2% reduction to 2 armor 12% reduction so id say 5% per armor point and stackage goes down per level.

12 By lupeman 2007-09-01

u do realise the 2armour only gives like 5% damage reduction. thats useless at early game.
average damage at early game, 50. 5% of that is only 2 damage reduction at most.

11 By Ringil 2007-08-31

beazel the weapons dealer

10 By bangmonsta 2007-08-31

Where the hell do you buy this? I must be blind cuz I'm not seeing it in the town shops or the secret shop

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