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Stout Shield

Stout Shield Price: 250

Passive: Damage Block
60% chance to block 20 damage if the wielder is melee (10 if ranged).


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87 By AbC x 2010-11-13

@86 enlighten me with your last sentence
You wont get extra damage block with buying 2 stout shield or vanguard.

86 By xc2857 2010-11-13

Probably one of the most cost effective ways to increase your survivability. If you know a game changing battle is coming up and you have a couple of open item slots fill them up with this item. You won't regret the results. After all an extra 250 gold spent now can mean an extra rax or something like that.

85 By Damdidam 2010-11-12

@83 omg look at my post.... if u rly think paying another for 250 for 24%chance to block then you cant be helped.

84 By silentzero 2010-11-11

la la la

83 By Esmael 2010-11-11

buying 2 shields is not waste cuz its gives more chance on blocking o.0

82 By Damdidam 2010-11-11

@ 81 : at all players pls dont listen to him. stop giving wrong information!
2 stout shields work like this
1 stout shield:
60% to block 20 damage
40% to block 0 damage

2 stout shields:
84% to block 20 damage
16% to block 0 damage

most of the time its jsut wasted money to buy 2 stout shields or 2 vanguards though they are often seen on pub axes.

81 By lootbot 2010-04-11

2 stout shield gives around the same dmg block as a vanguard

1 stout shield:
60% to block 20 damage
40% to block 0 damage

2 stout shields
36% to block 40 damage
48% to block 20 damage
16% to block 0 damage

its not a bad idea to stack 2 of them since its so cheap, sell them later and you only lose 250 gold

80 By sleepHead 2010-04-04

@72 look at the library guide

79 By Burloloys 2010-04-04

one of the BEST 1st item for me!

78 By tsouts 2010-02-07

77 By varunshenoyg 2010-01-17

@batriider: We can see your spam comments everywhere- Shut it!

@75:- Dont bother, the two items work best for different classes of heroes

76 By batriider 2010-01-16

75 By hidden_trojan 2009-12-17

how about 1 Vanguard and 1 poor man's shield?

74 By Seras54 2009-10-20

Just use one vanguard, you'll get the same effect
seriously, creeps will hardly ever hurt you

73 By Pro_DoTa_GameR 2009-10-20

did stack 5 stout shield?
did stack 2 vanuard 2 poor man's shield and 2 stout shields??
xD xD
no creepdamage taken

72 By masy94 2009-10-20

can someone give info on how this item stacks with another stout shield

71 By terrorblade100 2009-10-14


70 By bobbob247 2009-09-01

@66: The item just changed from 40% for 30 damage to 60% for 20. A block from this used to give 0 damage from creeps. 2 stouts was a 64% chance to ignore creep damage.

69 By paladin0037 2009-08-22

40% chance to block 30 dmg ? i taught it was 60% chance to block 20

68 By paladin0037 2009-08-22

pls teach me how to calculate

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