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Demon Edge

Demon Edge Price: 2400

46 Damage


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29 By Nabla 2010-07-29

oh i forgot to say i scale in 1000 gold to make the numbers moderate big^^

ironwood has a Damage per Gold ratio of


28 By Nabla 2010-07-29

this item has a Damage per Gold Ratio of


27 By Kimin00 2010-02-14

@27 little damage? The price reduce and before its only provides 36 damage..

26 By brytonlaw 2010-01-19

true its more cost effective, but u can't get demon edge in the end :p
in the end i think branch outweighs it, besides don't ppl only buy it for recipes :P

25 By Sarutobi[sasc] 2009-11-03

Upon being recently updated, You'll be pleased to know each point of damage will cost you 52 gold, so its more cost effective than ironwood branch in the damage sense (thought ironwood is still the best item in the game)

24 By pkfighter343 2009-07-10


23 By ug21 2009-04-29


You get it from da Secret Shop.

22 By Pr!nce 2009-04-24

How do i get it?..i cant get from NPC's that sell items?? what do i do guys?

21 By Arghiamsoangry 2009-04-21

You sure about that iledankae? If you buy this with Sacred Relic you can get a divine rapier. 200 damage, drops at death though. So make sure you have some armour on before getting the Divine Rapier

20 By iledankarl08 2009-03-06

expensive item with little damage -_-

19 By kennethtan 2008-10-26

expensive item with little damage -.- get this oni if u wan to get betetr items like mkb

18 By elipah 2008-03-26

seriously this is a seriously lame weapon. The only thing good about it is it is a part of better weapons.

17 By OceanPwntage 2007-11-04

MUST FOR MKB/any pplz who have dmg increasing skills/atkspd increasing skills

Example: magnataur,ogremagi(bloodlust)

16 By reddevil9090 2007-09-16

U can make Demon double edge with 2 of them. Its a one of the best items in the game.

15 By Ahmad_DotA 2007-08-24

yeah rooftrellen is right....its not expensive for just 36 damage...its expensive because its is part of many recipes...and i use it for MKB

14 By rooftrellen 2007-08-24

Demon Edge really isn't worth the money on its own. It's the fact that it can be upgraded to many great weapons that makes it worth 2600 gold.

13 By cafein 2007-08-21

many demonic lvl4 item needs this.

12 By Gumukum 2007-07-16

I'd rather get a stat bonus for my damage. Mjollnir>Radiance

11 By N1ghTmareS 2007-07-05

its only a part of the powerfuls weponz

10 By rama 2007-05-16

so expensive

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