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Eaglehorn Price: 3300

25 Agility


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44 By Damdidam 2010-10-23

most. and mystic staff is so cheap coz in late game there arent many heroes that need more mana. and most of the heroes who use spells dontt farm for ex. items anyways.
i hope it helped and sry for 2 posts but theres a limit of 500 characters :/

43 By Damdidam 2010-10-23

@ 36: i thought so too, when i started playing dota.
you have to think like this: since reaver mystic and eagle are very expensive they are expected to be gotten late game and by those heroes who farmed. usually the heroes who farm the most and shin ein late game are agi heroes. and they need atk speed so this item got to be more ex.
now take bracers: they are like wraiths and nulls but still more ex. thats why early game the most important thing is survivability and thats what bracers give th

42 By The Guardian Angel 2010-09-11

Rush this on drow after treads and lothars. owns.

41 By MessUpClarity 2010-05-23

Price is pretty alright, it's really good later in the game especially when converted to butterfly. Quite okay because you pay more for better quality.

40 By varunshenoyg 2010-01-27

@Irily: English please!

39 By lrily 2010-01-27

putang inang eaglehorn!mgtagalog nlng mga pilipino dito tngna.. english ng english mga sala naman ang grammar.ahahah!

38 By D0ntB3L0w 2009-12-22

for me its not over priced...
1st of all...
25 agi!?!?!?
(if ur primary is agi)
25 damage..
25% attack speed
and like.. 3 armour!
ull be a monster.. lol....
this is a very pwnzor item at late game.. and if ur fucking good... mid game...
daaaamn! its fucking w3w!

37 By DaMan2000 2009-08-09

eaglehorn is stronger by comparison because it is more useful for late game

36 By killerz1191 2009-03-21

must eaglehorn be more ex than reaver or mystic staff? i mean they add the same amount of stats for each category...

35 By Witch Doc 2009-03-15

using mortred on 1v1 I always get this, boots, circlet of nobility, just a suggestion

34 By fatburner112 2009-02-23

very good on INT or STR heroes

buy it on rylai and you will be GL

33 By jovica 2009-02-14


would you buy a reaver or mystic alone too?

32 By kliment 2009-02-14

wheres the secert shop??

31 By hofaitai 2008-11-12

btw reborn 7 , i get eagle horn itself for around 20 minutes before finishing my other items. i rush it first, get alot of kills yet killed a few times (no items cept for eagle horn at 16 mins... then i go farm for what ppl get early game)

30 By hofaitai 2008-11-12

agility offers alot in combat.. it is what makes your crit/maim chance increase alot (attack speed) and makes you a little stronger as a tank (armor).
if you think about that, if it costs cheaper, then agi heroes will surely own a little earlier in game... it lets them hit harder while being harder to hit and tank more damage.. THAT IS TOO STRONG FOR A LOW PRICE.. please think about what it gives you before complaining because farming is hard

29 By Reborn7 2008-08-28

2800 to 3000 would be good. I agree that it's pricy considering the only benefit that it gives is +25 agi. 25 agi is great for well, agi heroes because it boosts their damage, armor, attack speed, well almost everything but still this is pricy. People only buy this because it is part of the recipes for Mjolnir and Butterfly. Other than that, no one would buy this alone.

28 By krorp 2008-07-08

This is freakin' expensive.

27 By lrily 2008-05-27

25agi(=25dmg for agi heroes)+25%atk speed+3.4 def.(7 agi=1 def)!!!! the best iten for agi heroes!!!!!!

26 By lrily 2008-05-27

25 agi+25%attack speed+3.4defense(7 agi=1 defense! the best!!!!

25 By evNx 2008-05-10

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