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Hyperstone Price: 2100

55 Attack Speed


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123 By Erfani 2011-06-21

Best fking item of the game, mmmkay

122 By chorva89 2011-03-22

whatever u say guys..
icefrog failure not mine...

i'll just enjoy this game

121 By The Guardian Angel 2011-03-20

ICE FROG!! Arrgh.. what have you done!!

120 By ->F3lix<-/ 2011-03-20

I have never seen a bigger bunch of retarded morons in my life...they are the same, just that Icefrog forgot to add the %(or got lazy, or he thought people are smart enough to realize that those are the same, sadly back in those days they were...)

119 By mawhpawh 2011-03-20

You dont get it.
It's the same.
Look at Neimi's post. Whatever Neimi says is correct. Freaking DotaMechGuru

118 By chorva89 2011-03-20

+ & % are not the same...

ur aspd is 100
100 + (55%) = 155(coz 55% of 100 is 55)
100 + 55 is = also to 155

but if ur aspd is 50
50 + (55%) = 77.5(coz 55% of 50 is 27.5)
50 + 55 = 105..

get it??

117 By neimi 2011-03-08

i hope icefrog changes all attackspeed number to be the same so that all those mentally gifted users here at DS finally get that flat and % are the same.
and tiny gets this cause his ulti costs attackspeed. and even if your mentally retarded and believe that there is a difference. why give tiny as the example. his ulti clearly stats %.
i swear this is idiocy at its best ladies and gents.

116 By nixterrorblade 2011-03-08

dota mathematicians... pfff..

115 By TrustedOnYou 2011-02-21

55 attack speed and 55% attack speed isn't same .. =.=
cos if tiny get it..
plus 55% attack speed.. got what goddamn use? =.=

114 By bobbob247 2011-01-16

BAT=1.7 for most heroes.

113 By Zxcvbnm11592 2011-01-16

Guys, actually 55 attack speed and 55% attack speed IS THE SAME DAMN THING. Any attack speed you have is added regularly, and divided by 100. This is your total IAS. Then calculate your attack speed based on the formula 111 gave.

If you get 4 gloves of haste on tiny, which is 60% Aspd, or 1 hyperstone, which is 55 Aspd, you'll notice that the gloves tiny hits faster. Not by much, a few milliseconds maybe, but still faster.

112 By RtSStK 2011-01-15

it is 55 attk speed not 55%
if its 55% WTH TINY GET THIS FOR?!

111 By koko15 2010-02-06

@nooblet_pwner (110)
Actually it is based on percent. Hyperstone adds 55% IAS because the calculation of ASPD is based on percent. So, Hyperstone adds 0.55 IAS, and any other items that add ASPD stacks additively with it (1 ASPD/1 AGI = 0.01 IAS). To calculate ASPD:
(1 + total IAS)/BAT = ATK/Game secs
BAT/(1 + total IAS) = Game secs/ATK
BAT (Based Attack Time) is the time in seconds between attacks w/o IAS.
Go try and calculate...

110 By nooblet_pwner 2010-02-06

55 atk speed isnt 55% atk speed...
lets use full grown tiny as an example...55% would not make much difference in attack speed, yet when he gets hyperstone his atk speed is close to average again.

109 By venoviper 2010-02-06

good one for heroes like slark, drow range, clinkz, SB.

108 By MiniGaY 2010-02-06


it is 55 %

107 By 0nimusha 2010-02-06

good 4 most of dps heroes i think, ,

106 By nectasy 2010-02-05

is 55 attack speed same as 55% attack speed, and which one is better?

105 By rasmusmortensen 2010-01-28

awesomest item in Dota :D

104 By A7mad_Axe 2009-12-01

it stack !!!@!@!@!@

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