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Ring of Health

Ring of Health Price: 875

5 HP Regeneration


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32 By tasik 2010-08-03

r u idiots???

RoH: 5 HP for 875gold =1HP per 175gold

RoR: 2 HP for 350gold =1HP per 175gold

31 By WolyThoctar 2010-07-17

Ring of regen, 350.
2 x 350 = 700 gold, not 550/750...

30 By kiminmaster 2010-06-02

Wtf u guys talking abouT?

29 By kasskade 2010-06-02

I now I'm stupid but I can't find it

28 By kasskade 2010-06-02

I now I'm stupid but I can't find it

27 By Myrmidon) 2009-09-08

thou shall not passsss

26 By Tornado 2 2009-07-27

I just took your precious and killed you

25 By MAATTAAN 2009-07-17

mmmy preccciousssss

24 By lightwiz 2009-04-26

Buy it and be lord of your own ring

23 By biftek 2009-03-15

22 By Rasui 2009-02-12

One Ring to pwn them all
sorry just had to say it XD

21 By ABYAY 2009-02-07


375 x 2 = 750 ._. It's still a saving, but Ring of Health can be used for Perseverance, which 2 Rings of Regen can not.

Anyway, this is a top-notch lane staying item. It's my first goal on Rooftrellen, and it makes me very hard to remove from the lane. Living Armor + this = 12 armor + 9 HP/sec. You could use 2 rings of regen, but only if you go for Hood of Defiance or Vladimir's Offering.

20 By bhsharif31 2008-06-14

um its cheaper to buy 2 ring of regens for 550 instead of buying 1 ring of health for 875 that do the same thing. thats a saving of 325.

still nice to have.

19 By ivangudjon 2008-04-25

I meant up, gosh

18 By ivangudjon 2008-04-25

At the north of the sentinels base? You know that north is down...

17 By cebuffs 2008-04-22

@edric lol

16 By mattmano 2008-04-21

increases your lane staying capabilities!!!

15 By edric2288 2008-03-06

good to stick ur small dick in

14 By SuperiorGwapo 2008-02-08

Now I finally found a ring for my beloved wife.

13 By raptors 2008-01-20

very useless

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