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Mystic Staff

Mystic Staff Price: 2700

25 Intelligence


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29 By irson 2011-10-14

This item increases my IQ by 25

28 By chen836 2011-10-14

Wow, just by holding this I'm feeling 25 points more smarter already.

27 By chen836 2011-09-18

Yes, Venomancer and Pitlord are INT types but for some reason one is in the Strength tavern and one is in the Agility tavern. I wonder why?

26 By MessUpClarity 2010-05-23

Venomancer and Pit Lord are INT heroes?

25 By varunshenoyg 2009-07-27

Wow cant believe this old item has just 31 comments! Btw this is good even on heroes who get shiva/Guinsoo but not INT types like Pitlord, Venomancer etc

24 By Tornado 2 2009-07-27


23 By gerald_pogi 2009-04-30


22 By hofaitai 2008-11-12

now this thing is used for Aghanim's sceptar and Sheep stick.
It still costs 2700...reasonable for what it gives, Mana, Mana regen and attk for intel heroes..its alot but not always lifesasving. Love rushing this.. 2 of them on destroyer.. everyone left

21 By jemual 2008-06-06

Guinsoo is also includes this item. Get 6 of this and Harbringer will own xD

20 By Cranium_Basher 2008-05-23

OMG lamer, Nortrom is INT type and his skill gives him bonus damage for each point INT he has

19 By lammakilla 2008-05-23

Duhhh... Its a must to mass this for harbinger's sanity eclipse as it increases the dmg of his ulti. You can see from the details that the dmg it deals is the diff in intel.. so you'll make dumb heroes eat dirt from this skill ++ 75% mana burnt. Anyway, I dun see a link for massing this for nortrum. He's an agil type and none of his skills associate with mass adding intel..

18 By Duhhh 2008-05-02

omg spammer.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

how is massing these for harbringer or nortrum?

17 By paperlife 2008-03-06

good for ZEUS

16 By Divine_Raper 2008-02-17

aghanims, guinsoo, shivas guard and orchid malevolence i think

15 By franz777 2008-02-09

wtf SuperiorGwapo?
wat are the 2 other items were this is needed???

14 By SuperiorGwapo 2008-02-08

Ahhhh.... Kani pangpalami sa iyot. Astang lami-a na ani sa bilat uy! Sa kalami dili na ka gusto muondang og iyot.
Ang makasabot lang intawn ani kay ang kanang mga bisayang dako.

13 By Divine_Raper 2008-01-29

2700? i thought it was 2900...

12 By AXCELACCEL 2007-11-13

at last 3 recipes that requires mystic staff

11 By carlusdarienus 2007-11-12

Mystic Staff costs 2700 Gold

10 By stevejjm 2007-11-10

now it costs 2700 gold...

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