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Point Booster

Point Booster Price: 1200

200 HP
150 Mana


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16 By Nikolas21 2010-02-17

Well I do think that Point Booster is good on Kardel...

15 By roffel 2010-02-17

Such a great item to buy for supporters in the mid/late game. Gives you hp and mana to a cheap price that only takes up one slot, so worth it =)

14 By Cydonia 2010-02-17

point booster isnt really good on sniper, nor is it really good on any other hero. it is usaully purchased as a component to a recipe.

13 By Vita.NovA 2010-02-17

on sniper, it has no point



12 By Nikolas21 2010-02-17

I just saw a video in youtube, for Dwarven Sniper. Is that item really good on'im?

11 By Skyre 2009-04-11

A good item

10 By PisoiKing 2008-07-16

@amrendra.itbhu2006 one of them is just north of roshan and the other is a bit to the right between the two protectors if up lane at sentinels

9 By cebuffs 2008-04-21

imba between the 3 boosters

8 By Madman525 2008-04-18

7 By amrendra.itbhu2006 2008-03-04

but where is secret shop..srry i m noob.

6 By dahar 2007-08-21

5 By yurnero22 2007-08-12

4yurnero and skadi

4 By p0p0x 2007-06-30

good item

3 By vi_pre_ash 2007-04-26

best item hahahahaha

2 By eyefury 2007-04-24

if you want to buy a soulbooster, get this item first. provides a good boost to both hp and mana.

1 By rhodge 2007-03-28

good for hero with low hp at early game.,.,.

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