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Mantle of Intelligence

Mantle of Intelligence Price: 150

3 Intelligence


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14 By silentzero 2010-06-28

1 point of int = 13 mana

13 By Brian_bg 2010-06-27

provides int if all your slots are full early game ... 4 branches, 1 mantle and 1 set tangos :)

12 By Vodec 2010-06-27

how much mana per point of int

11 By whung12 2010-01-25

3 branches > 1 mantle of intelligence

10 By varunshenoyg 2009-09-08

Not so great as bottle or null talisman but agreed nonetheless!

9 By Myrmidon) 2009-09-08

Great for int characters or mana dependent heroes early game

8 By daxisonlyme 2009-04-19

Allows dividing by 0

7 By Conscree 2009-04-03

Yea, the best item for noobs. Buy six of these and you owns!!!

6 By Rohkey 2008-09-01

best item in game

5 By ahillip 2007-05-16

thank you

4 By flamedevilpj 2007-05-16

it can be used by all hero

3 By ahillip 2007-05-16

can it be use by Zues?

2 By vi_pre_ash 2007-04-27

use this to make null talis

1 By icyjovial 2007-03-06

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